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Martin Shkreli: My Person of the Year


Martin Shkreli: My Person of the Year

Donald Kaul

It’s time — past time, really — to name the person of the year. (TIME Magazine does it. Why not me?)

There were many worthy candidates in 2015: the Pope, the Donald, and Luke Skywalker, to name just a few. But only one symbolized the spirit of the year.

I speak, of course, of Martin Shkreli.

For those of you with short-term memory problems, he’s the weasel/drug honcho who bought the rights to a life-saving drug that had been on the market for years, and immediately raised its $13.50-a-pill price to $750 — a 5,000 percent hike.


Wooh there Don. The Time Magazine readers poll last month (not official) selected Bernie Sanders with 10.6%, followed by Malala Yousafzal at 5.4% and the Pope at 3.9%. How soon they forget. The list should read:

"There were many worthy candidates in 2015: Bernie Sanders, Malala Yousafzal, the Pope, the Donald, etc.".


Martin is a free man, out on $5 million bail. Chump change to Mr Shkreli. Rich people do not go to jail in this country. That is just the way it is.


Mr. Kaul has it right. In our demented times, the "person of the year" is sure to be: a lying, amoral, conniving, vicious confidence man, who has no heart, no soul, no conscience, no dignity. Martin Shkreli is that person. Shkreli is neoliberal man to a tee. He is arrogant, smug, superficial, ruthless, sociopathic. If I had a son like Shkreli I would be mortally ashamed of the wretch. He speaks for everything that is bad in human nature--rather like those pumped-up nothings who loved being called "master" in the plantation South. Ruling class people are often insipid, contemptible mediocrities. It's the greatest of ideological tricks for ordinary people to be taken in by the idea that our rulers are invariably civil, intelligent, decent persons. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Because terrible social systems tend to elevate terrible people into positions of wealth and power.

I completely agree with Mr. Kaul that Shkreli is a poster-boy for the Republican Party. The Republican Party is full of vicious, stupid people, mediocrities who sadistically impose themselves on the rest of us.


Look at that face. So, this little shit stain is 32 years old. That means he is one of those that I call - "Reagan's Children". No empathy, no shame, and no sense of decency. Selfishness and greed. There will be more.


Very well said. Kudos.


I object to people insulting weasels by comparing them with the filth that consists of the modern-day greedies.


Delighted to see Donald Kaul here at CD!
Donald wrote the syndicated "Over the Coffee" column with the Des Moines Register in the 60s-70s, and with The Progressive Populist, 1995- present, so I've been enjoying his commentaries for 50 years.
Always informative and refreshing perspectives!


I doubt if he put up the full amount-more likely he scrounged up $500,000 from somewhere. 10% up front is normally required for bail. Not an insignificant amount, but doable for a guy like that. Might have had it in the fridge or under a filthy mattress.


We haven't seen the last of him yet. He'll make a comeback, they always do. Gaming the system is what they do best, and can only do since they have no moral compass, and use everyone else's success to make their own. He is now part of that incredible Palin/Trump/Carson/Cruz/Rubio Self-Fan Club.