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Maryland Ban Shows Fracking is Not a Partisan Issue

Maryland Ban Shows Fracking is Not a Partisan Issue

Wenonah Hauter

A quick overview of the Trump administration’s pro-fossil fuel agenda and its roster of climate-denying oil and gas cronies in cabinet seats could lead anyone to believe that matters of energy policy are more partisan than ever. And indeed, it’s clear that at the national level, the Republican Party as a whole is still largely committed to an antiquated and thoroughly dangerous plan to keep the country hooked on fossil fuels indefinitely.

No surprise that Democratic Governors are also in bed with Fracking.
Duopoly Coin has two sides, Dems are one.

While we should expose the hypocrisy of poseurs like Brown, lauding pols of any party who may align with us on a certain issue, even one as acute as this, while ignoring their malfeasance and malevolence in other areas, leaves us isolated in our silos, diminished in our ability to make progress on any of our demands for a just society.

You can’t paint the big picture without a broad brush.

I wasn’t as aware of J.Brown’s failures in this regard as I was my own Gov. “Frackenlooper”; who has been an active partner with the oil & gas industry and equally active opponent of citizens’ wishes. Yet mainstream media often include his name when pondering 2020 candidates.
I would oppose him even more strongly than I did Clinton; and it’s doubtful in my mind that he’d get more than a minority of Coloradans to support him in a Presidential run.

It’s nice to know that some states have their citizens’ backs on this issue; and presumably also because they’re beginning to understand the folly of promoting fossil fuel extraction when climatic instability is rapidly increasing.

Stand for nothing corporate Democrats getting coopted on yet another isssue.

They’ll never learn.