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Maryland Coalition Urges Democrats to 'Stand With Majority of Americans' by Supporting Medicare for All in 2020 Platform

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/10/maryland-coalition-urges-democrats-stand-majority-americans-supporting-medicare-all


Face it progressive delegates, your 700 out of 4000+, you sealed the deal when you promised to “vote blue no matter who”. Hell the author of the EIM4A in the house, wouldn’t even recommend her own bill when she was the co-chair of the healthcare taskforce, in the Biden/Sanders taskforce negotiations.
Most of you mean well, but your so-called progressive leaders cut you off at the knees.


Maryland my Maryland.

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HOw about just NOT completely ignoring your BASE and supporting what your BASE wants ?! For PHUCK SAKE! Oh…yeah… the REAL base doesn’t want you to change a damn thing

As Poll Shows Nearly 90% Democratic Support, Biden Told Hostility to Medicare for All 'No Longer Tenable Position for You’

"Hey, ⁦Joe Biden, ⁩ as a Democrat running for president in a pandemic, this looks like a popular idea."

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“It’s GATS beer, GATS beer, where ever you go.”

Good question and not such a stretch. I’d support that.
My guess is that I doubt it. The 3rd Way Wall Street crowd would never have that. We don’t make those decisions, Wall Street Does.

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The DNC serially “stands with the majority”…of CORPORATIONS, not the majority of Americans.


Bernie does have the second largest number of delegates, so yeah, The DNC will have to fuck Bernie “again” to prevent a “Progressive Socialist Independent Jew” from being the next President.


USE THE WORD “SINGLE PAYER” Because expanding Medicare without leaving the GATS trade agreement first would be walking into a trap!

We promised the most profitable financial, hospital and other committed services services sectors - including health insurance sector possible to foreign insurance companies and banks and hospital providers, and many others, including education, They are the providers who are supposed to serve the poor in the future after privatization. Globalization is their real healthcare and education plan.

So to get out of this trap we need to leave GATS, the President has to task his or her USTR to leave the GATS agreement, settling any claims (Other countries may ask us to compensate them for profits and jobs they were allegedly promised, we dont know, maybe they would be ashamed to have participated in such a dirty deal, we just dont know)

But we have to announce we are leaving, via the proper channels and then leave. like in a divorce or probate.
Bernie was not being helpful by pretending it was still 1990, before GATS. Thats not right, we signed away the right to do almost everything in his platform way back in the mid 1990s.

If Bernie couldnt and wouldnt tell us the truith about GATS, to protect others of his kind, he’s very unlikely to be the candidate or president we need. We have to face reality, not what he isselling. That reality is that he’s been a tactic to frustrate restoral of democracy, not a way to fix it.

We deserve an explanation, why did he hide the GATS, and all it implies?

Without facts that prove differently and there really are none I can think of, we can only conclude he would just be an extension of the ugliness we’ve already endured as his main goal seems to be shielding the country from the truth about the previous Administrations selling us out with the WTO GATS agreement and other FTAS, which trade away ourt jobs and futures, instead pretending these constraints dont exist, preventing us from attacking the problem at its cause, when we should be pursuing GATS Article 21.

Which is like a divorce. (the last 5 administrations were hiding this scheme) and their real goals and their lasting effect, preventing any progress forever until we buy our way out of this mess, something we soon will be forced to pay a kings ransom first at a time when the country will be reeling from huge job losses…

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