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Maryland: General Assembly Overrides Governor’s Veto, Protecting Public Schools from DeVos Agenda


Maryland: General Assembly Overrides Governor’s Veto, Protecting Public Schools from DeVos Agenda

Diane Ravitch

Yesterday the Maryland General Assembly voted to override Governor Larry Hogan’s veto of a bill meant to protect public schools against the privatization agenda of Betsy DeVos.

Maryland has a rightwing Republican Governor, Larry Hogan, who has appointed a pro-privatization state board of education.

But Maryland also has a legislature controlled by Democrats. They hold a veto-proof majority.


Thank You Maryland General Assembly. A model for the rest of our country.

As a resident of Maryland, and as someone who benefitted from the public school system here, I am grateful for those in our General Assembly that opposed Betsy DeVos and her attempt to profit from the dismantling of our public school system.

And Governor Hogan, enjoy the rest of your first and last term.


Hogan made his money in real estate and remains the president of Change Maryland from which he probably makes hundreds of thousands of "uncoded" funds or receives "under-the-table" or "back-room" bundles. He also attended Catholic (private) schools from K to 12 so has no concept of what public education is all about. He would be the perfect stoolie for Ms. Devoid (of brains) and could potentially make all kinds of $$$$$$$$$$$ brokering real estate (building and land) deals from the closures of public schools.

I applaud the Maryland General Assembly for their role in preserving and protecting Maryland's public education system.


Good job. This needs to happen all over the country. Resistance and determination works. Such good news.


DeVoss: ignorance empowered and unleashed. Pure evil. The government just increased her security detail, the only cabinet member to have such protection, in her case in light of all the threats directed toward her. She deserves what she gets. We deserve to be rid of her despicable ilk. Kudos to Maryland Democrats. The fight is underway.


See what Mass. did about voting DOWN expansion of charter schools.




It will never happen in the deep South, but after they secede, we can continue on with the voting. The blue Northern states do not support deviousl.


Hey, here in MA we send the tea party governor Baker a loud message: No expansion of charter schools. This was on the ballot last November. He is still angry, but I think this is his last go around also.


As did Maryland, my home state.


Our Republican governor here in Maryland actually did something environmentally smart. He just supported a Ban on Fracking.

He's not all bad, even if he tried to allow public schools to be taken over by DeVos's money making scheme. The General Assembly Shor that down this week.



That's a start.


Well the ban support is great, and surprising.