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Mask-Mocking Donald Trump Tests Positive for Covid-19

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/02/mask-mocking-donald-trump-tests-positive-covid-19


" Mask Mocking Donald " Now that’s hilarious !
That’s one of the best titles i’ve seen in a long time .




“Trumpty Dumpty sat on a wall.”

Somebody, somwhere had a big fall.

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men

Couldn’t make America great again.


“Trump TWEETED that he and Melania tests positive…” ? A Trump Tweet plus three bucks buys a cup of coffee.

But hey, most murkins still believe Saint Ron was shot in 1981.

More BS from the greatest propaganda machine the world has ever seen. The GOP makes Goebbels more green with envy with each passing day…envious, but proud that the GOP has refined his workso well.

And who knows, maybe this is the golden opportunity to insert Christian Ayatollah Pence in the Oval Office concurrent with Christian Ayatollah Barrett at the SCOTUS ?


Dr Cole supported Obama on Libya, but not on Syria or Yemen.


We’ll know if/when the guests attending his big fundraiser at his golf club in NJ yesterday start testing positive for the Herman Cain virus. Hope Hicks tested positive the day before after very close contact with Trump, who decided to go to NJ and press the flesh anyway.


Cain’s revenge-----Karma------hard at work


Thanks for your conspiracy theory. Where’s your proof other than your gut feeling. Are you the progressive version of Alex Jones who mass produces conspiracy theories by the truckload?



Trump’s Covid contact: Who the president met before his diagnosis.

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A mask reduces the quantity of viral material spewing out of peoples mouths significantly, and its not about preventing it entirely, its about reducing the viral load, also dilution is very helpful. The nest way to dilute air is ventilation. This is going to mean businesses need to ventilate more to be safe, a lot more. It will mean being cold or spending more on heat. They should crank the heat up and ventilate like nuts. By all means, leave windows open. Even if its freezing outside.


This virus mutates------it could be very different as we enter the winter-----and it is already starting to spike if the reporting is correct.


Thats the way it usually works, especially when a population is largely naive to it.
There are a number of strains. They are tracking a great many of them.

But the immunity people get from exposure or a vaccine may not be enough to protect people for long, or or it may even make subsequent exposure to slightly different viruses more pathogenic.

So called antibody dependent enhancement.

A small but significant number of people have gotten COVID-19 twice.


He may not get symptoms, and then again he may. We’ll likely see within a fairly short window of time, but there have been a very few cases where people were infected very long times after exposure.

Honestly, I dont wish a life threatening disease on anybody. Not even very very stupid people.

Excluding the very real risk of reinfection with a different strain, the risk diminishes rapidly of infection but doesnt become zero I’d expect for longer than most people would think.

One man in China started living in the house of an uncle who had died of COVID-19 (I dont remember if it was in the house or elsewhere) more than a month before and the house had been sealed up all that time. And still, he got it.

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No such study. In fact the author of the study openly stated that the outcomes and conclusions were deliberately misinterpreted.


The main reason for wearing masks is to prevent water droplets from being expelled when sneezing/coughing and the mask catches these droplets.


Let’s call it what it is. It’s the trump virus.


Nope. No such study. You are a liar.

The political hack here has a name that starts with Pils. You cite a made-up study and ignore the fact that mask-wearing countries have vastly fewer deaths than idiot countries like Trumplandia.


Attention CD: I will not read the Isaac piece that appears above Cole’s piece in today’s CD:

(“J Isaac: Whatever Removes Donald Trump—a Miserable Bastard—From Public Life Is Good”)

I won’t click on his stuff anymore, or argue with him, because more ‘hits’ translates into “the guy’s popular, run more stuff by 'im!”

There are writers, who make lesser-of-two-evil-type arguments, who I have enough intellectual respect for to read and disagree with.

With his long-winded, repetitious, often left-shaming arguments, Isaac is not one of those writers.

cc: CD editor

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The issue I have with Mr Cole is on Libya where he suggested that the toppling of Qaddaffi was less an intervention then it was a revolution , which is absolute nonsense as Wikileaks showed.

The West was involved in Libya BEFORE the uprising started and were acting to fuel the same by importing fundamentalist fighters into the region and arming and training them. Mr Cole condemned any on the left that were opposed to NATO intervening.

He also stated that the outcome in Libya was better then the outcome in Syria . In other words he would prefer to see Syria a failed state like Libya. While he claims himself as Anti-imperialist he still supports Western Imperialism , just in a different form.


What Dr Cole actually supports is replacing the region’s brutal dictators.
What he should be aware of, yet often chooses to minimize, is the rule of unintended consequences.

Qaddafi bad, Qaddafi replacement worse.
Assad bad, Assad replacement worse.
That’s how things often work.

And sadly, by MidEast standards, Qaddafi and Assad aren’t entirely bad.

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