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'Masks for All': Bernie Sanders Calls on Federal Government to Provide Face Coverings for Everyone in the Country

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/17/masks-all-bernie-sanders-calls-federal-government-provide-face-coverings-everyone

Bernie is the Best.


Here in Canada, Ontario, Alberta and Quebec all have witnessed spikes in COVID cases , this after they started a limited reopening of the economy.

While this totaled +435 cases right across Canada when compared to the 73338 across the USA it does show how easily it can get out of control again. They can’t be complacent here. +438 might seem a small number but as is the case with the USA it can explode if nothing done.

Masks help and while I agree they can be purchased , It in the best interests of Governments to ensure they readily accessible.


Bernie backed HRC in 2016 and is now backing Biden in 2020, so from my perspective is one of the best Progressive, con men I have ever seen. Bernie I would argue, is a IINO ( INDEPENDENT IN NAME ONLY )


We should re-engineer the masks.

Masks and face shields should be optimized for four purposes: they need to stop an asymptomatic carrier from spewing spittle droplets onto other people’s faces in a six foot range, they should protect the wearer a bit from incoming spittle if they can, they should capture as high a percentage of outbound aerosolized virus particles as seems prudent for the cost, and the same for inbound aerosolized virus particles. At the same time breathing should be easy and it shouldn’t fog up the wearer’s glasses.

Covid-free people in their 80s probably need a backpack system with a fan, a good filter and a cloth or plastic air bladder. The fan forces incoming air through the filter. The air bladder stores air at a tiny positive pressure for when the wearer takes their next breath in. Air being exhaled goes out some exhaust vent so that the wearer isn’t breathing the same air in and out of their lungs on two successive breaths.

If today’s gubmit distributed masks, the contract for doing so would go to a Trump crony and those masks would cost taxpayers $100 plus dollars each to make, another $100 plus each to distribute. The fabric they are made of would not prevent transmission and the bands would break within a week, probably much sooner. The red states would get a quantity exceeding 4x their population, shipped overnight air freight, while blue states would get a quantity that is a fraction of their population, shipped USPS book rate after the USPS is further hobbled by the GOP.


Sad, but devastatingly accurate. You speak truth.

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Here in my small village in “socialist” Spain they are posted into our mailboxes in sealed packets of 3. And readily available in the town hall at reception. And as of last wednesday it is mandatory to wear them at all times in public as we are experiencing new outbreaks. (Like other countries.)


My understanding is that the virus is mutating and that the mutations lead to it being even more easily transmissible. I am also reading that “herd immunity” might well be never achieved as the anti-bodies developed in the human body to fight off the virus disappear in a few weeks meaning reinfection just as likely. This suggests a vaccine might not be all that useful.

So while the overall mortality rate drops , the infection rate climbs.

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To “provide” face coverings? Does he really think people aren’t wearing masks because they can’t afford them?

I believe the virus has already mutated more than 30 times. (In the early days)
And according to what i have read about “flu” vaccines they are at best only 50% effective. Now Barcelona is seeing more cases:

Barcelona residents were urged to stay at home and to not gather in groups of more than 10 as regional authorities aim to curb a rise in coronavirus cases, without imposing a mandatory lockdown.

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One advantage of the government getting involved is that it can enforce an actual specification. Given stories like ~https://www.wthr.com/article/news/investigations/13-investigates/13-investigates-anti-mask-protestors-turn-to-mesh-yarn-crochet-masks-covid-coronavirus/531-5350260c-d6b1-4bd8-857e-860fe84e0f52 it makes me think easily recognizable approved masks aren’t such a bad idea.

Personally, I had a few left over N95 masks for sanding from the hardware store and I use those when going into stores, but if I’m outside exercising (bike riding mostly), I’m not sure I’m required to do anything (I’m in CA) but I wear a bandanna that I pull up if I get within 20 ft of a pedestrian. I tried biking once wearing the N95 the whole time and I did have a hard time breathing.

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I can see how you can come to this conclusion.

I too felt betrayed in 2016 after the time and funds I invested in his campaign came crashing down by the Democratic National Committee and their Queen.

As humans we can either choose to see someone as human, temporarily flawed, or permanently flawed.

After much consideration, I see Bernie as just another human being.

That’s me. For the most part I am an optimist. Been that way all my life. It’s the way my folks raised me.

There are only a handful of career politicians I can even come close to trusting, and Bernie is one.

He’s not a perfect human, but then Shanti, are you?

I’m not.

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No, the only perfect living humans I have been told is the Pope, who claims he is infallible and the one that calls himself: " a stable genius!"

Mask up; be a helper, everyone!


The Pope is human just like you and I.

The “stable genius” comment from the one that made it is anything but that. “That,” was one of the over 20,000 lies he has made.

Conclusion : Nobody is perfect.

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Actually, I think some people are having trouble getting masks – at least in part because of cost. I like the packets in the mailbox in Spain idea.

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Chris Wallace asked the current white house occupant about face masks. The occupant told Chris that people should have the freedom to not wear a mask. Chris failed to ask: So people should have the freedom to infect others is what you’re saying?

“We” probably wouldn’t be having this “war on face coverings” in the US if the current white house occupant – from the beginning – had worn a face covering and advocated for same. But unfortunately, he and his regime don’t let science get in their way, nor do they possess the intelligence, foresight, or maturity to wear a face covering or follow social-distancing guidelines. Dysfunctional and divisive is part of their agenda.

Playing the Perfect Card has nothing to do with it, other than trying to excuse BS of his attempt at corralling people into the corrupt, right-wing “Democratic” Party every 4 years while he pretends to be an independent “progressive.” Then on cue he endorses the pre-determined, predictable right-wing, pro-establishment, corporate nominee. A complete oxymoron since a genuine progressive would not support a right-wing party which most of the time enables the other right-wing party. I guess one could say that BS is one of the least rotten of a rotten bunch.

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Yes Bernie, masks4ALL.