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Mass Death By Public Policy: We Are All Grieving

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/07/12/mass-death-public-policy-we-are-all-grieving


Here In Canada 80+ percent of all COVID deaths have happened in Nursing Homes. While I did not vote for Justin Trudeau he at least admitted that Canada had failed its seniors. The NDP is now pushing legislation that would see Nursing home care fall under the auspices of a national health care act rather then remain exclusively under Provincial jurisdiction.

For decades groups in Canada have expressed concern over our nursing homes and in particular those that are privately owned and run as for profit ventures. The Military went into some of these homes to help with the crisis and wrote a scathing report on the state of the same indicating they were understaffed , unclean , and breeding grounds for diseases.

While it remains to be seen as to whether or not there will be changes to the laws governing nursing homes and long term care facilities here in Canada, I am much more hopeful that this will happen then I would be for peoples in the USA seeing such changes. Trudeau at least is accepting blame. Trump brays like a jackhass as to how brilliant he was in handling this crisis.


I cannot believe the latest bombast from Herr Trump now claiming he has saved millions of lives. As far as he is concerned the 300+ million Americans not yet dead due to COVID owe their lives to his prompt and “perfect” actions.

Meanwhile a number of those US States that reopened are now reversing course , shutting down businesses again even as the stimulus packages initiated by the Government to help businesses and workers near the end of their durations. Those yahoos that all ignored social distance warnings and refused to wear masks because “It harmless and a fraud” have caused a second shutdown the consequences which might well be worse than the first as all of those small businesses that managed to make it through the first months are now shut down again.

This is still considered the First wave. While the virus has only had its one wave to this point in time , its consequences are magnified by the endless waves of nincompoopery that come from the White House and from the Cult of Trump. In military terms that idiocy could be deemed a “force multiplier”.

I really feel for you folk down there. Good luck.


Thanks . We need more than luck . We need leaders not politicians. (from AZ)


The last pic , I would like to play a game of my youth , kick the can , and by the way Oscar the grouch would never allow the orange pustule in his house ,!

“Genocide by default”? No—it’s outright murder, and every fuckup in the current administration, the majority of Congress, the corporate ghouls who force their employees back to work without any physical or legal protections, and the goobers who insist on not taking precautions, because it’s their “right”—all are no less than mass murderers.


On Sunday, Florida broke the national record for the largest single-day increase in coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic,

Could the covidiot-in-diapers please, please, please be the next one???