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'Mass Invasion': Russian Islands in State of Emergency as Hotter Planet Drives Polar Bears to Hunger


'Mass Invasion': Russian Islands in State of Emergency as Hotter Planet Drives Polar Bears to Hunger

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As human activity continues to drive the climate crisis that is causing rapid ice loss at both poles and in other cold regions, destroying the habitats of animals who live there, Russian islands in the Novaya Zemlya archipelago have declared a state of emergency in response to a "mass invasion" of dozens of starving polar bears who have been "chasing people and entering residential buildings."


From the article:

“Attempts to scare the hungry bears away with vehicle patrols and dogs have failed.”

Why don’t they just build a wall?
(sarcasm alert)


As one whose career involved research and education in environmental matters I was doubly vilified by the “right” wing as being an alarmist environmentalist. Seeing the prognostications that so many of those in my profession made come true does not swell my heart nor head with pride. Instead, I feel a deep sense of remorse to be the prisoner of a species trapped seemingly forever by the seven deadly sins–sins that not only kill the soul but also the sustenance of all life on earth. Sure seems like a Monday, all right.


I want to thank the staff of Commondreams for being one of the few that are reporting what is happening to our little blue ball in space. Hopefully you are setting the example of what true reporting on the human condition is to others.


Those Polar bears were perfectly fine until all this “fake news” on Global warming, ecosystem and habitat destruction and the like started to be published by Scientists who are in the employ of the Chinese and trying to take away American jobs. We need more visionary leaders like Justin Trudeau and Rachel Notely who wish to expand tarsand oil consumption by 300 percent in order to help the bears assimilate into the new economy. Those bears are not adding much to GDP growth in any case and a lifestyle change for the bears in order so they can help produce wealth and jobs!

Perhaps a royalty can be paid to the bears for the use of their habitat for the extraction of resources. The bears can then use these royalty payments to buy Monsanto’s latest new product “Factory grown seals”.

The power of Capitalism can solve all!


Thanks for the laugh. It’s not funny i know but we can still keep some humour in these “interesting” times.


More climate refugees.


Ah - the segway I was looking for… from weaponization of the economy, to weaponization of the weather starting in Viet Nam, to designating all of life either the lance blade or the trash heap.

This pinnacle of civilization has been plundered, privatized and perverted with whatever the % is that remain deluded wannabes had best snap out of it real right quick, ćause their priorities, pay and pensions done got raided long, long time ago.

Bust out and join the regeneration nation (not copyrighted)!


I read somewhere that there is a polar bear jail in Canada. Fifty inmates, maybe.


Yep, it in Churchill Manitoba on the Hudsons Bay. They have a whole lot of Polar bears there.


Can we import about 50 of these hungry bears and release them all at once in Capitol Building when it’s in full session?


Excellent idea, but eating the cr@p that is housed there would probably just hasten their demise.


Even the Polar Bears hate Putin.


Bears don’t like eating Garbage…


As the old saying goes, insist on your right to arm bears.


This is so sad to see, it breaks my heart! What we are doing to Gaia and her children is unconscionable.


Life produces life. The greater the bio-diversity of an ecosystem , the greater the species differentiation that comes about as a consequence. In the desire to monetize all of nature so as to generate wealth and profits species diversity plummets . Mono-culture agriculture makes this even worse. The economic system being used by homo-sapiens is fundamentally destructive. The greater part of the economic system used is not of necessity. The fuel that drives the engine of Capitalism and the thing called “wealth generation” is in fact death.


…and ar tbis oiint. There is/ are no solutions…non…zero…nada…
zilch…we now.reap what we have sown.


Give us a royalty, or give us death.
Greed to the last man, and bear, and insect, and-------erg of fossil fuel.


At first the photo looked like the T&P fur farm (T for Trump and P for joint venture partner Putin)