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Mass Media: Raise Your Expectations for Your Country


Mass Media: Raise Your Expectations for Your Country

Ralph Nader

The mass media, with usual exceptions, have allowed themselves to be pulled down to the level of the political circus. If the Republican Party’s early primary campaigns for the presidential nomination had an elephant and a clown car, Ringling Brothers would be in trouble. It is hard for the Republican presidential candidates to resist temptation, defined by hyping an entertainment circus led by the chief circus barker – Donald Trump of gambling casino fame.


One of the best candidates is missing from this year's election campaign, and that is Ralph Nader.
I could go on about the dumbing down of the media and American culture in general, and the sorry state of the journalism schools. It used to be called "reporting" but nowadays it resembles more Public Relations and Advertising. Perhaps it is because we live in a society where asking questions that matter is being discouraged. Henry Giroux helped sum it up in this article: http://www.counterpunch.org/2015/09/18/donald-trump-and-the-ghosts-of-totalitarianism/

One seems to draw scrutiny to oneself by asking too many questions.
Those with a natural curiosity and inquisitiveness are drawn to journalism, but today they have to compete with those wannabe celebrities who earned their training wheels as beauty queens and reality TV-show wannabes.


Two words: Brian Williams. His background was in entertainment, he even stated publicly that his dream job was entertainment as opposed to news delivery, and he clearly saw his influential position as a major news network anchor as nothing more than a stepping stone to personal "glory". Why should we be surprised by his disgraceful behavior?
Yet this man has been given a job on MSNBC, reporting the news! And no-one is batting an eye.
It appears to me that we are reaping the "rewards" of for-profit journalism. When the goal is revenue and not actual, you know, facts, all you get is infotainment.


Marketing surveys show that stations can sell more insurance ads by showing Kim Kardashians ass than reporting what we are all inured to.


For years, I've had the opinion that the two things we need to fix most here in the USA are (1) the election system; and (2) the media.

Everything else will follow . . .


This is a very superficial analysis since it purposely leaves out JUST how controlled mass media is, and how important it is in a war-state to fully propagandize all segments of media. Bread and circuses (Kim Kardashian and celebrity gossip) are just distractions. The more sinister truth is that ALL content is controlled, conformed to the rubric of Official Narratives, and otherwise strictly monitored.

How about the spying campaigns that get the dirt on people who might be able to expose what elites don't want exposed.

How about the fact that 6 gigantic media consortiums own all cable and regular TV and news programs along with radio networks, major newspapers and book publishing houses.

How about Bernays' insights on how to use unconscious desires to sell product with the selling of war AS product (Andrew Card) part of the package?

How about P.R. experts, focus groups, message saturation direct from think tanks, lockstep media narratives (as often pointed out by Robert Parry), and lots of lies (Goebbels) told often.

You make it seem like media is just acting as it does to make a profit or to dumb down citizens. But there is FAR more to the story, and it's very much about low level forms of mind control added to what Chomsky wisely described as the manufacture of consent.

What other screen names have you used to suddenly emerge as a "regular"? That is the modus operandi. That way, the same handful that sit at their I.T keyboards can't be easily noticed. It's important that the conformity around Talking Points they posit APPEAR as a naturally occurring consensus of opinions. As if.


Add private banks becoming nationalized and the rescinding of Citizens United and you're onto something. Oh, and cutting the MIC budget by 88%.


Did you just now clock in at your station? We've been monitoring all day waiting for you to grab the bait!

So, am I the white hat or are you the white hat?


ralph! Ralph! RALPH! werent you paying attention to all of the media consolidations of the 1980s and 1990s ? you are right in your comments but once again you are missing the bigger picture.these people write what they are told to write.reporting and journalism are DEAD in this country , with the rare exceptions found outside of the lamestream snooze media. you are someone people will listen to but you are sabotaging your own credibility and usefulness with these half-the-story editorials.


Here's a question that should be asked of all of them:

"On the 10 dollar bill are the words "We the People...." And I'm sure you have heard the expression "Of the People, By the People, For the People."

What do those words mean to you and how would you summarize their importance?