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Mass Media, the Wetiko Virus and the Future of Humanity


Mass Media, the Wetiko Virus and the Future of Humanity

Tanja Andrejasic Wechsler

The Cree Indians of North America, and many First Nations, have a concept called wetiko, a cannibalistic mind-virus that creates an unnatural desire to continually consume human flesh and gives its host an 'icy heart.' Martin Kirk and Alnoor Ladha describe the wetiko nature of modern capitalism:


It can’t be seen. It’s consequences provide a sort of high contrast negative image. It can be likened to a psychic black hole of infinite hunger. A voracious emptiness that cannot be filled. The rich were humans that have had their humanity subsumed and contaminated with the wétiko. Judge by the results. A dying Earth. Mountains of lives destroyed and no end in sight. By an entity, condition, illness, possessing humans that can still only eat food one mouthful at a time, wear one set of clothes at a time, live in one house at a time.
You can say psychopathy if you want, if you are a scientism fundamentalist who needs the false illusion of an impartial clarity. But that won’t help you. Because civilized humans don’t know what to do about psychopaths. The Cree knew. First Nations people knew. It was hard. But you would be forgiven for bringing peace back to your families. Jack Forbes wrote a pretty good book on it. There are others. But this “civilization” is already too far gone and not redeemable as it is.


There is a lot of mumbo-jumbo here (BTW, what happened to Siouxrose? hope she is OK). The behavior of capitalist media can be explained far more simply. In a privately-owned, commercial profit-driven media, the source of revenue is advertising, and advertisers are their customers. The product the media sells is a compliant viewing/listening populace.

This point bears repeating - we are not the customers of the media, we are the product to be packaged and sold to others.

“Advertising” has evolved to where it must be conceived far more broadly than 30 second or one-minute “spots”. The most successful media integrate seamlessly through all programming product placements, and most importantly plot memes and depicted social and economic relations to assure a compliant populace that is:

  1. Free of troublemakers

  2. Serves the interests of capitalism as passive wage-slaves and/or consumers of the specific forms of plastic crap that are most lucrative.

Watch and critically deconstruct ANY drama or comedy or news program on TV and this becomes dead-obvious.

That is all you need to know. No new-agey - white mumbo-jumbo misappropriation of indigenous traditions such as this article are needed.


“Let us bring back the matriarchal values of…”
Let us junk the Capitalist economic system which created this entire mess in the first place.


Sorry to disappoint, but “white misappropriation if (sic) indigenous traditions mumbo-jumbo” is so well documented as to be redundant to fully address the above claim in this space. Far from being “new-agey”, the long-term genocidal strategy of “reservations” is closer to having bought a ticket for its continuation than being ‘reserved’ for peoples removed from ancestral territories for precisely the purposes cited in the article.

Perhaps your citing of the above was a ploy to goose readers into addressing the subject, in which case I should thank you. And, in such case, in the long term ‘what is good for the goose’ is worth a long, insightful and serious ‘gander’.


Tanja is in the right venue to take on Madison Avenue (capitalism’s propaganda ministry) and keep these issues front and center.


If you want to see an indigenous USAn roll their eyes, just start talking to them about “Hopi prophesies” and the like. The traditions are not mumbo-jumbo, the way bourgeois white people use them is mumbo jumbo. I have edited my last sentence to make this more clear.


I can see your point, and much as I took your comment as a ‘goose’, what is not specifically stated in the article is that in English (and possibly in most European languages) there is no conceptual equivalent of ‘wetiko’. That said, the litany that provides the profile to her claim seems to me to be worth grappling with.
Someone once observed that the successful predator enters into a heightened state of attunement with its prey in order to achieve its objective. That would seem to describe a marketing/advertising based ‘culture’ to a tee.


“With the beginning of the Enlightenment and Cartesian dualism, which
split mind and body and embraced a rigid form of rationalism with
religious fervor, we began to believe that our human intelligence made
us superior beings and granted us the innate right to use “cheap nature”
to our own advantage”

The article contains ideas worth thinking about. I would suggest, however, that the ‘right’ to use nature by us ‘superior’ beings started a whole lot longer ago than the Enlightenment. The Old Testament is still exerting its influence and it brought forward ideas and concepts of even older, patriarchal civilizations. This is what has brought us to where we are now.

This mind/body divide has been around a long time too and can be seen in numerous ascetic forms of ancient and modern mysticism which renounce the ‘real’ world for that of the spirit, which either is, or is easily confused with, the mind. But whatever you want to call it, these concepts of a division don’t take into account the evolution of the physical human that requires ‘real’ substance and sustenance in order to survive and to function as an integral part of the web of life.

These kinds of voracious appetites are a never ending search in the wrong direction. By embracing the non-real, such as money, and valuing it over the real, nature, whatever it was that might have prompted the idea of humans as something special is now being lost and subsumed into the technological, financialized, war-driven societies we are captive of. Ironic, or what?


Nice. More please!


“Or what.”
Capitalism is the culmination of everything wrong with the way man/womankind developed over the past twenty thousand years.
Once we reject capitalism, as individuals and as a collective, we can get back to the garden.


Agreed. That is not what 4 is saying.


Most of us realize that too much of a good thing is bad. Who exempted capitalism?


Nice again


No, but it’s what 4 should have said.


Wetiko is a gene set that is sub human, but still human as part of the evolution from more primitive forms. Wetiko originates as an adjacent, normally latent psychological tendency towards self destruction through a myriad of indulgences, phobias, fixations and obsessions,without integrity to human survival and evolution.

Epigenetics and social engineering have invoked the wetiko genes and they are now producing cells, brain cells, and they do not fit any past model. Our unconscious existence may easily include dream state sharing. The “hundredth monkey” is real and there has been a massive conspiracy to remove it from humanities knowledge base. The wetiko hiding itself?

Drug addiction and current trends of chemical concoctions are killing users in two years. This follows the flow of heroin from the middle east. An enabling wetiko action from corruption at high levels.

The only solution is mental health care that works directly with the unconscious mind to source normal human genes for activation by providing re focus upon newly ordered thought patterns with matching activity that engages widespread epigentic recovery with normal genes over time.


Pertinent. Accurate. An excellent article which sums mankind’s complete disconnection from source.