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'Mass Murder': New Report Says Air Pollution From Fossil Fuel Combustion Causing 4.5 Million Deaths Each Year

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/12/mass-murder-new-report-says-air-pollution-fossil-fuel-combustion-causing-45-million

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Any time you turn on internal combustion engine, you’re sending hundreds of manmade poisons into the air we all breathe, along with C02. Leaf blowers, jet skis, boats, airplanes, ATVs, RV’s, NASCAR, monster trucks, military machines, weed whackers and all other petroleum toys–time for people to boycott them and shame those who use and manufacture them.
There is no 100% clean or sustainable energy source. But fossil fuels are the worst. Too bad the entire world economy is based on petroleum, its derivatives, and other fossil materials.
We’re doomed!

We need to receive a couple of dozen of those face masks with our power bills. The profiteers have been killing us for quite some time. A century or more. The slow kill works much better than the obvious war kills we promote too.
But we don’t care enough, or we would stop it. The same with trump, the power grab by the DOJ yesterday, and climate change-the global killer.

But ideological deaths only happen under socialism, not capitalism! /s

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I live in an area where the AQI is constantly over 100, sometimes 200, and on occasion more than 400. You would no more go outside without a mask than you would without your pants. Letting children outside to play verges on child abuse. People check their emails or social media first thing in the morning, I open my air quality app.

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“The fossil fuel industry is committing mass murder and the Trump administration is helping them get away with it,” said Greenpeace USA climate campaign director J

Actually its Greenpeace that is behind the past and continuing mass murder with most of efforts centered around blocking nuclear - lotsa Big Oil dark money donations for that campaign.

Greenpeace’s support of Germany’s experiment with renewable’s has proven a total failure with $2T invested over a dozen years, murdering 100K citizens with air pollution, reducing GHG’s not a iota.

France went to carbon free nuke electricity and heat decades ago in a little over 10 years, at no net cost over fossils, saving millions of lives from air pollution. Only thing missing at the time were EV’s and 25 cent a liter nuke synfuel - we have them now.

Greenpeace, |green party, no nukers - never found one that gave a rat’s behind for the dead.

Are you an employee of or unpaid/paid shill for the nuclear energy industry? Sounds like it.
Nuclear energy looks nice…if you’re blind.
Then when you examine its water usage, the cost of constructing and managing nuclear facilities, the potential for catastrophic disaster, and that nuclear waste is toxic for thousands of years, you realize that it’s not nice. Unless you’re a paid shill.

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