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Mass Protest Vowed If Demand for Public Release of Mueller Report Not Met

Mass Protest Vowed If Demand for Public Release of Mueller Report Not Met

Jon Queally, staff writer

Democratic lawmakers are demanding the full contents of the report submitted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller to the Department of Justice on Friday be released to the public and progressive groups are vowing massive protests if the DOJ or the Trump administration do anything to hinder its disclosure.

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Count me in.

And extended family totaling at least 20.


Another manufactured distraction to avoid facing issues that the 99% actually care about.


Even if the mass protests worked to remove Trump, we all know Pence will pardon him!

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I must be in a permanent state of disillusionment. I have yet to see what specific election-related crime Russia committed, much less what evidence there is for said crime, before one can talk about possible collusion by anybody (collusion over nothing illegal is not a crime). Why has Mueller and the mindless media trolls that foment over nothing been allowed to run with a collusion claim in the absence of a defined crime?? I have never seen anything like this, and for 2 years this nonsense carries on!!


“I must be in a permanent state of disillusionment.” No argument here.
“I have never seen anything like this” Must be a young guy then as we saw it all with Nixon and those of us who can think know how that turned out.

Why in the world would a nobody like you have seen anything when the Mueller report hasn’t been released?
The crime would be election tampering and campaign violations. Can’t you even figure that out?

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Oh, and pray tell with the country so divided what 99% could possibly agree on to care about? Racism, bigotry, white supremacists, climate change denial, environmental destruction, fossil fuel toadying, war baiting? The list of things the deplorables support don’t even get off the ground with the sane 75% of the country.

Trump has already been implicated by Cohen in election tampering is it just too far a stretch for your feeble mind to consider that it might have played out internationally?

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If Trump is able to keep the Mueller Report’s findings from the People it will prove that he is a witch. If so, Burn Him.


As usual, the People get Nothing. Had that feeling since the Coney/ Clinton show, so I’m not surprised about Mueller/ Trump. Trump paid all of them well enuf to know he’d be in the clear. Now one guy, that Trump picked has all of the info… Real or Not. Now Trump can relax as he knows it’s all in good hands and can play Golf with peace of mind. The rest of us are stuck chasing our tails trying to figure out what to do next. Reminds me of reading a book and knowing the ending before you get there…

But to make it right, we need more Witches: McConnell, Ryan, Cheney, Rumsfeld, G-Dubya, Ghouliani… u can fill in the rest with anyone else who will Burn well…


In this Country, they don’t know how to do a mass protest. They turn it into a Variety Entertainment Show. Bring on the dancing Bears, Clowns and the guy who spins Plates on Sticks.


Guitman, I agree with the book part. It gets that way for a while then the news and cable people string out one thing or another until we forget that we pretty well know how this ends.
Pardons galore, we just don’t know exactly how many, and if Trump ends up being one of them.
Trump’s activity’s in the Mueller report and the additional court proceedings against him will play out perhaps for years with his lawyers wearing paths on the courthouse floors.
In the meantime our news and cable gurus will keep us entertained with the “what if’s”.

Attorney General Barr reportedly won’t share Mueller report findings with Congress on Saturday - CNBC:

Now we find out if the protest threat was just a threat, or if millions will hit the streets.

And it’s time that the House goes full bore on investigating this bunch of hooligans.

Also refer to my comment no. 11

Hi against_the_wind… I like what Bill Binney said—that the wikileaks stuff came from within the US—it did not come from afar—but from within. And I too would like to see what was going on with the Hillary emails----
Reading what happened to Kennedy would be great too-----when are we supposed to be able to see that in the year 2300?


Methinks you’re counting chickens before eggs have hatched. Though it appears to me likely that no further indictments will be made, it makes me wonder, what specific laws you think were violated? And to date, what evidence of such a violation has been presented?


Mueller’s investigation has been for many a solitary beacon of hope; hoping it would rescue all from the terrible reign of Trump.

Yet I’ve long suspected that all those partisans in the mainstream mass media and among their followers who’ve written and tweeted incessantly as if the investigation itself was proof positive that Russia was responsible for Hillary’s loss., were in for a major disappointment.

And of course, even if they could prove some impeachable illegal tit-for-tat between Trump and Russia, the leaders of the impeachment movement never provided any convincing argument (to me) for why it would be strategically wise. I mean, I get that removing that ugly man in a humiliating way would present enormous if temporary psychic satisfaction. But with the line of succession clear, and the “opposition” Party’s strategy clearly focused on running mainly against Trump instead of against the systemic rot, what is really to be gained besides that moment’s glee?

And I really marvel at the disclosure that some want to organize mass protest merely for the public release of a report that in all likelihood will not produce anything more damning than what has already been disclosed? A mass demonstration for what?

How about instead that MoveOn and other orgs start organizing truely massive protest, and even more effective direct actions (economic ones) against private capital’s control over elections and policy - under both parties; against the accelerating of climate change by bipartisan -effected fossil fuel-friendly policies? And against the ever-growing U.S. Imperial war machine and interventions around the globe including most recently in Venezuela?

Now that’s the kind of mass protest I’d gladly join. Hey, I’d get on the front lines and help to organize it!

But please, let’s all stop merely knee-jerking without thought to whatever Rachel Madcow and other neoliberal talking heads throw into the echo-chambers, in their fervent revanchist desire to restore the former status quo.


Agreed, but to trust Pelosi is futile! She’s in bed with the entire bunch… on both sides… What an Orgy she’s having!

From what I’m reading on other Blogs, some people are mad, some are confused as to why we can’t read the report, and others expect us to have it because we paid for it. This will be one of the biggest distraction events ever! Wait… as the lies slowly start coming out… Not counting on millions to do anything but Type.

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