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Mass Shooting Leaves 50 Dead, Many Wounded at Orlando Gay Club

Mass Shooting Leaves 50 Dead, Many Wounded at Orlando Gay Club

- Common Dreams staff

A shooting rampage at an Orlando, Florida nightclub early Sunday left "approximately 20" people dead, including the gunman, and 42 injured, authorities said.

When guns and ammo are easier to access than mental health services, this is what you get.


Im not sure what the problem is. The gunman just standing his ground.


The FBI is involved. While investigators are exploring all angles, they
"have suggestions the individual has leanings towards (Islamic
terrorism), but right now we can’t say definitely

from cnn.com. Gotta throw in that Islamic word to make sure people are scared witless. This was at a gay bar folks! Homophobia anyone?


Sigh. I feel beat up just reading about this disgusting shit. Just think how horrendous it must be for those directly involved.


“Let’s Make America Hate Again…”


Don’t pray. Religion is one of the main problems causing incidents of hate like this.


This is unbelievably tragic. But as we have learned we won’t really get the truth.
Since when does the swat team storm a place with multiple hostages? They probably set it off themselves. It’s a perfect cover story to interrupt the fact that Hillary is stealing the election with the help of the media.
Wasn’t Bernie scheduled to speak on multiple channels today?
So sad America has come to this.


Your comment reminds me of Attica where the autopsies showed police bullets. Impossible from this information so far to know whether the police bothered with caution or whether caution was possible, especially if the shooter was about to shoot more or blow up a bomb or if waiting too long would have caused more wounded to die who otherwise might have gotten help. Although, in this case, the gunner seems to have been prepared, I haven’t read with what yet. We can guess (only a guess at this writing) that assault weapons were brought in by the killer and the rate of fire may have killed many when held down into the crowd. Not that semi-auto’s can’t also kill large numbers in a crowd. I suspect that they couldn’t get out of the way fast enough and were bunched together. Still, compared to the number of shooters in Paris into crowds versus one shooter in Orlando shooting into a crowd, the numbers seem large but I was surprised that the numbers of shooters in Paris didn’t inflict even worse damage.


Correct and at a press conference the police spokesperson hailed the police heroes that saved lives by storming the club, guns blazing. He made zero mention of the many many civilians that were shown on TV carrying the injured to safety, plugging up gun shot wounds with cloth and comforting those lying incapacitated on the ground.


They know that we’re not too keen on the Prime Directive. Upright apes with gadgets and deadly weapons.

Not the ideal interstellar vacation spot.


How convenient for Hillary !!
. Sanders is set to make the rounds on mainstream media today but we will have nonstop 24/7 coverage while all other news & issues will be ignored.Hillary is the benificery of this tradgety


Another victory for the NRA.


Won’t Trump be the beneficiary of this incident? The attacker was a Muslim Afghan-USAn.


We here in Pittsburgh had an annual gay pride parade and concert yesterday. During the festivities two cars crashed into each other and smashed into a bus stop located on the middle of the festivities, injuring at least six, a few critically. It looked as though it was a simple matter of just another Pittsburgh drunk with car keys. But now I’m not so sure.
It looks like the pre civil rights era all over again. Only this time it’s gays being hunted down by bigots (although, our police seem to be doing a fine job of carrying on the tradition of lynching black people just fine)
Well, conservatives have always wanted to go back to the 1950’s. Here we are.


Sometimes I think that’s what climate destruction is all about. It’s nature’s way of getting rid of the plague that humans have become.


Yes. Brings up all sorts of questions. Moral of course but lots of tactical questions if only because they are easiest to tabulate. Certainly the whole thing must have been murky going in, especially in the middle of the night and they would have gone in with a lot of wrong assumptions before making contact. Even after, in assessing, a lot of those tactical decisions will be up for grabs. One article now says there were several (5, 6, 9?) SWAT members who shot the assailant. You have to wonder how quickly they ID’s his location, made sure it was only him, and where they were shooting, how carefully and how did they come in. Some of those decisions will be as unknowable after as they were at the time.


Orlando Shooting at Night Club Pulse (FULL VIDEO) - YouTube

This just in from Marco Rubio via cnn.com

Rubio said it’s not yet clear what the
shooter’s motivations were, but that if radical Islamic beliefs were
behind the shooting, “common sense tells you he specifically targeted
the gay community because of the views that exist in the radical Islamic
community with regard to the gay community.”

This coming from a politician who is all in with the anti-gay right wing so called Christian hate mongers. Can a more hypocritical statement be uttered from the mouth of a right winger?


Despite the nature of the venue, and the context of the recent Gay Days festival, the corporate media decided to feature the usual stable of talking-head chatterers that kept pushing their own flavor of “terrorism” as the narrative.

On ABC’s Sunday morning noise fest with George Stepontopofus, blather from an ABC reporter and Peter King Repuglicon NY, chair of the House Committee on “Homeland Security” went something like:

"It’s too early to know anything for sure, but, ISIS blah blah ISIS blah blah homegrown blah blah terrorist blah blah

…but we don’t know anything for sure, but ISIS blah blah terrorists blah blah ISIS blah blah lone wolf blah blah."

The fact that more people here are killed by white, Christian men than “Islamic terrorists” is either unknown to these people or is willfully ignored in order to be able to continually fuel the phony corporate media/political narrative.