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Mass Shootings Dubbed the 'Dark Side of American Exceptionalism'

Mass Shootings Dubbed the 'Dark Side of American Exceptionalism'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A memorial for victims of the 1999 Columbine High School shooting. (Photo: David Keyzer/flickr/cc)

Mass shootings are a perennial crisis in the U.S., unmatched in numbers anywhere else in the world—and it's a problem that may grow worse over time without addressing underlying issues, according to a new study unveiled on Sunday.

Our “American (exceptional)” society is BOMBARDED with messages that the (primarily) male youth should embrace the death-cult murderous ways of WAR. Next we have these pansy-wansy discussions about how things went wrong. How Effing stupid are We?


“How effing stupid are we?”

Well, “we” are so stupid we keep electing and re-electing Democrats and Republicans to public office, and the hacks running both of those parties are religiously dedicated to denying that their political stupidity is the primary cause of the problem. Apparently, for that denial, “we” keep electing and re-electing them. Even now, with all her stupidities filling the screens and pages of tabloids across the nation, Hillary, one of the stupidest of those bipartisans, is still the most popular candidate for president next year. Apparently our political stupidity is what makes America exceptional.


In an economy that excludes its weakest members, social deviance is an expected outcome. Most just do drugs and commit petty crimes, but some exact revenge. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and we have a growing number of desperate Americans.


And the solution is?

So what’s the ‘bright’ side of delusional American exceptionalism?


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It’s a problem of our species. Ever since we decided that we were superior to nature and all other beings (justifying all kinds of horrid acts) it became easy to accept other ideas such as…

Men are superior to women.

“White” people are superior to people of other hues.

The US is superior to all other nations.

One religion is superior to all others.

“Believers” are superior to non-believers.

Capitalism is superior to Socialism.

I doubt that most humans today are capable of the kind of humility that is needed to address such issues.


I agree, but Bernie Sanders is taking a giant step in the right direction with the political revolution he is mobilizing.

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Combine the highest rate of mental illness in the world with over 300 million guns. What do you expect would happen ?

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I think a more helpful study would have been on “mass killings” . While a majority are commited with firearms, a very sizable minority are committed by other means, arson being the most deadly but various other ways… like that guy who killed twenty odd people with a front end loader. I think there needs to be better follow up and reporting of people that have obvious aggresive mental health issues by schools and society in general. Most show signs long before they act.

When Amerika’s foreign policy has been based on aggressive wars around the world, and has been based on violence from Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan and the CIA’s violent overthrow of too many to name, democratically elected governments, how can you expect the U.S. domestic policy to be anything but violent?

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The US has been at war for 222 years of its 240 year existence. Killing is the American Way.


I might agree, except that his voting record is very different from his political rhetoric.

Counterpunch.org has posted some very illuminating pieces about BS recently…

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This sh*t started well before The Donald. I’ll not go back to the end of time, but will recognize that “The Duke” and the insouciant, “innocent” Audie Murphy, et al. led the fray. Let’s not fight among ourselves as they would have wont, but instead join ranks and think, plan, and win.

I think a lot of us are pissed at the wind (nothing more needs to be said about that…)… Let’s not snipe among ourselves…

So politically stupid that someone like the fascist, sybarite Trump is leading in the Repugnant polls and just had around 20,000 Trumpiteers ( Mickey Mouse had his Musketeers and seems like an apt comparison!) . At his latest political rally in Alabama.

Money, “the devil’s dung” as Pope Francis calls it, is a major reason for conflicts between individuals, groups and nations. Guns are one “offshoot” of the urge to possess and defend it.

Setting limits to wealth by popular vote could leave enough money for “everyone’s need, not for everyone’s greed”, as Gandhi said.

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Why do you say “we” keep “electing and re-electing these hacks” when they get “elected” by default with a fraction of a total vote of 36%?

Don’t blame me or “we” for Republican voter suppression.

There is no other way to explain the American obsession with guns then to own up to the fact that the NRA has effectively bought their way into our political system. Any sensible government confronted with such a slaughter of its citizens would have long ago amended the second amendment and enacted laws to prevent the purchase of guns without adhering to strict qualifications. Apologists always claim to have been raised in homes with many guns and never have had any problems. This is a bogus rationale. The only accurate statement is “in a society with more guns there are more deaths by guns”. No more bullshit.