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'Mass Starvation Plan': Trump USDA to Push Work Requirements for Food Stamps That Congress Left Off Farm Bill


'Mass Starvation Plan': Trump USDA to Push Work Requirements for Food Stamps That Congress Left Off Farm Bill

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

After Congress passed the $867 billion Farm Bill last week without the House's "cruel" and "shameful" provisions to tighten work requirements for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)—often called food stamps—the Trump administration is pushing to impose such restrictions through changes at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).


‘Let them eat cake’. Is it time for pitchforks and guillotines already…??


Watch for the rhetoric like the ‘dignity of work’ or ‘we value hard work’. This language covers up the truth behind what it is like digging holes for minimum wage as a full time gig. Tell me - where is the dignity referred to here?
These people work very hard. I know through experience, yet there appears to be great indignity in having this wonderful ‘opportunity’ to live in poverty while meeting the requirements of this twisted propaganda. Then, if they are ‘lucky’, they will go ‘home’ to a place they can’t afford, having performed their ‘duty’. They will not have the money for healthy foods. Nor money for meds and dental.
Illness and old age - no matter - these people mysteriously become ‘lazy’ and disposable pieces of meat, cast aside by a pathological, extremist economic ideology imposed on them by the wealthy powerful sickos.
Time for most people to examine what dignity really means and how work and the economy should serve society rather than society being enslaved under an undemocratic, coercive, punitive economy.
Let’s get Trump and all his ‘people’ out in the ditches digging for a couple of years. I see a big change in the economic order after their experience, just as we would if we ran pipelines and compressor stations through their back yards.


Once again (and I speak as one who has considered whether she should apply for SNAP), we don’t have the actual rule yet, and there will have to be a period of public comment. That will include the administrators in all the states, making very specific comments on the specifics of the rule. And if it comes anywhere near the language that Congress took out of the farm bill, it will be a setup for being ruled unconstitutional.

djt may think he can govern by fiat, and so may Sonny P., but there are professionals at the FDA who know better. Let’s use the system to beat the idiots.


“Make America Great Again” requires that slavery be restored to the dominant position it once held. After all the Countries “founding fathers” fully embraced it. As to mass starvation, it worked against those First Nations peoples did it not? If Jefferson was fully on board with Genocide , and US Grant (He even had US in his name!) saw no problems with starving those pesky Tribes to death by killing all the Buffalo how could any “red blooded American” question THOSE “Great men”.?

The reality is that this mindset not a new thing. It up to the peoples of Conscience who understand the REAL History of the United States of America, to ensure they do NOT go there again. There no “progressing” back in this regard.


Billions for wealthy agri business, reduction in food for poor, WCGW. Trillions and trillions siphoned off of Americas collective wealth and resources by the conservative ruling power elite since WW2 through tax cuts for the wealthy, socializing the cost while privatizing the profit, tax evasion and loop holes for the rich, borrowing against the middle class by the rich then leaving the debt for us to pay, war profiteering, allowing corporations to have more rights then citizens with none of the responsibilities. Conservatism is killing America.


Because work is how The Donald got his money. Wait! That’s in a parallel universe. Let’s move the restrictions to that same universe, and, come to think of it, let’s send The D with them.


Dotard sez, “Look! A squirrel!”


Not quite yet (the pitchforks & guillotines). Remembering history, in the 30’s it was really bad 25% unemployment and NO social programs at all. You had the Russian revolution happening in 1917 and there were Socialist & Communist parties GROWING in the US. My guess is that it’s gonna take at least that much to bring about massive change again.


Hey, with :Paul Ryan “retiring” will he be getting food stamps AGAIN or will his govt pension be enough to support him and his family? OR, will he go to work for that great organization the Heritage foundation and get paid a measly 400K?


Merry Christmas hungry Americans! Hey, Kibbles and Bits is high protein low fat and is very, very tasty with flavors available in chicken, liver, and beef. Should provide more than enough energy for those lazy entitlement seeking bums to put in a good ten hour day picking up the elite’s trash. After all, people need the dignity of working for their keep. Trust me, they will thank me for this opportunity I am forcing on them. -DJT.


The elite thieves are planning to create slave labor for wall marts and company. We have to protest this inhuman act like our lives depends on it. More billions of unaccounted for money for the pentagon and Lockheed Martin etc large share holders and less and less for those who need it. Those who propose such cruel rules should be hanged.


Sure we can eat them, we can eat the billionaires too


Yuck! Billionaires??? Far too rich for my taste!


More from the same kind of right wing “Christian” evangelicals who also think the death penalty is so great. They also think Trump is great. Who are these people and why do they claim the legacy of Jesus while denying his true teachings? Just some thoughts for this Christmas holiday.


No - I think they should be made to work on farms that grow food for the people. Hanging is a waste of all of that manual labor that Trump and his ilk could be providing. Let’s stop killing. I know that’s an un-American thought but we need to evolve.


$400K - are you kidding. that wouldn’t feed their horses.


They are the modern day Sadducees and Pharisees who crucified Jesus.


Hell Ya! - You nailed it.


Or pay the real estate taxes on his “estate”, uh I mean modest home. And, what about the chauffeur?

Edit to add: What he’s gonna make would take care of you & I for the rest of our lives by the way we live.