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Massachusetts Dems Call for Pre-Election Probe of State Party's Role in Smear Campaign Against US House Candidate Alex Morse

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/18/massachusetts-dems-call-pre-election-probe-state-partys-role-smear-campaign-against

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They absolutely behaved unethically.
The d-party resorts to ratfucking to protect corporate sock puppets.
End of story.


Articles in The Intercept lay out the unethical behavior and some who did it pretty clearly.


There is no way the Mass Dem Party should investigate this. What’s needed is an independent investigation by a third party, not in any way involved in this scandal of trying to smear a progressive gay candidate. If you read the 3 articles in the Intercept you will see that the Mass Dem Party had a hand in this. So glad I am not a Dem. (Or a Repug.)


Mass Dem party should know that conspiring with kids was risky. Kids love to get in trouble.
Good debate except for a few flubs by Alex he did a great job. He should keep an eye on integrity of the vote count, it could be close.

Not to worry, I have no doubt they’ll assign this investigation to Debbie Wassermann-Schultz who will get right on it.


The latest (the third) Intercept investigative report (also linked in the CD piece) shows how this corruption by DP “leadership” and associated lawyer operative tried to sabotage the candidacy of Alex Morse challenging the establishment/corporate tool Richard Neal. It shows how this DP scandal is unfolding, with a letter signed by more than 50 state committee members.against corrupt partisan state leaders - interesting and hopefully spell the end of Neal - and the corrupt “leaders”.



Neal will win in a landslide and nothing will happen to any of the lowlifes involved. How many rigged primaries from the Dems do you people need to see before they are longer even an option ( repubs long been on the list )?


a race to the bottom between the damn dems and the republithugs as to which of these parties will win the most unethical award in history. ugly all around.


I’m so lucky to have the virus to worry about instead of this political garbage.

If you go looking through any single guy’s dates you’ll probably find some dates that felt uncomfortable for some reason. That’s why they ditched the guy. If they had felt perfectly comfortable they probably would have gotten married to the guy and that (usually I hope) would have been the end of the guy’s dating.

The difference here is that Alex Morse is gay and not straight. So the Democratic Party dug deep and found some of Alex Morse’s former dates, and they found at least one that was uncomfortable with him. Sounds like too much private investigator work. The College Democrats didn’t have any money to hire the investigator, that’s for sure. Then the conspirators had some city council member or other call for Morse’s resignation on cue. It’s easy enough to find some politician who really doesn’t like gay guys.

I take this as an indication that Alex Morse is about to win, so the people with money would try anything with a chance of working, what the heck.


He’s just following in Clinton’s footsteps… Use a position of power to entice the young and star-struck into sex.

While we flush the Republican shit down the crapper let’s remember to throw the Establishment Democratic trash in the dumpster.


Some of the young College Democrats sat at, and apparently on, the knees of Donald The Trump. It’s an New England tradition, I’m told.
As to this still unfolding story, which had the MDP and Con. Neal’s fingerprints clearly on it, justice delayed is justiced denied. An after-the-primary inquiry is a non starter.
After the primary would simply be too late for Mayor Morse.


Jez, I wonder where the MA state Dems got the idea to run a smear campaign against a progressive contender? Such a novel never before conceived of idea and certainly something the National Party would never engage in. Wasserman and Perez will get right on this little scandle and put this kind of thing to an end.


Hopefully this shit blows up in the face of the Neal campaign. What a cesspool of duplicity and corruption is the USA…


A little known fact in the Alex Morse UMASS smear job, is that the President of UMASS who now orders an attorney investigation of Morse, is also employed by Blue Cross Heath Insurance Co. as the director.
UMASS President Meehan is hiring an Attorney to investigate what? There is no allegation that Morse violated the UMASS policy that prohibits a professor from having sexual relations with one of his or her own students. The attorney hiring is the continuing of a smear job by elite democrats doing their best to make sure the very democratic ideal of universal coverage does not happen. Neal was slammed last night in the debate by Morse for taking money from corporate interests and then doing what is best for them and not the people. UMASS president Meehan gets paid over $600,000 a year to head UMASS to make it a better learning institution. He does not get paid that amount to weaponize the University in ways that it can be used to stop the people of America from having universal health care. His move to now hire an Attorney to continue investigating Morse, is really the President of UMASS doing what it takes to continue smearing Alex Morris. It is no coincidence that both Attorney Jim Roosevelt and UMASS president Marty Meehan, are both deeply tied to the health insurance industry and don’t want Morse, a n advocate for universal healthy care , to defeat Richie Neal, a Congress well paid by the insurance industry to make sure congress passes no bills that usher in single payer. Stop the BS. Morse does not deserve this, He is a hard working leader who wants the best for America. These hacks want what puts money in their pockets and could careless about the people. I now call for Governor Baker to investigate the role of UMASS President Meehan in this smearing, and to fire him when it is proved that, yes, he is involved. It is a real sick thing to use UMASS in such a horrible way. Meehan has violated his duty to serve the best interest of UMASS , and he needs to go. I urge voters who don’t l what Meehan is doing to call their Reps and demand the firing of Meehan from his position as president of UMASS. Thank You, Ed Ryan


God I hope not (that Neal wins in a landslide, etc), but good question if he does after all this.

They made an issue about him dating ppl attending college - he became a mayor in his early twenties. It’s very normal to date ppl attending college if you’re in that age group. What was he supposed to do? Only date ppl who aren’t going to go to college? Or go out with older men, instead? This is absurd. Plus no one even came forward, I read. It was like, “We heard that someone (we don’t know who) said something (we don’t know what they said either) - but they were uncomfortable.”

He never went out with anyone he taught or violated university policy… Though the UMASS prez we now hear, demanding an investigation of a teacher who hasn’t done anything, also is the director of Blue Cross, misusing his 600k per yr position at the university to stop Americans from achieving Medicare for All.

Now that is who should really be investigated. And for their financial ties to the other candidate who we all know is just swimming in insurance and pharma monies.


Meehan was also a corporate Dem in the House for MA-05 in the 90s up thru 2007. He voted for the invasion of Iraq (and to send UMASS students - or those unable to afford attending UMASS off to die for oil or have their genitals blown off for the same noble purpose. Fittingly now with Blue Cross killing pple that way, instead).

But these two must have some history together if Neal has been in Congress for a while, and just a few districts over.