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'Massachusetts Is Not Happy': Warren Condemns Trump for Outbidding States, Seizing Key Medical Supplies

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/31/massachusetts-not-happy-warren-condemns-trump-outbidding-states-seizing-key-medical

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Wealthy Massachusetts? Where are you from Mississippi?


It is not all that surprising that the incompetent Trump is outbidding states for needed medical equipment since Trump did not prepare the country to deal with the emergency but for the government to seize two of their shipments is really kind of despicable and dangerous. Is he just being petty and spiteful like the spoiled brat he has always been or is he consciously being malevolent and malicious? Is he just being the normal jerk he always is or is he choosing to ‘harm’ Americans for their having supported her?


You blame Warren for doing her job? That’s absurd. Trump should have made the country much better prepared but instead, the governors have to try and get medical supplies by competing bids and you blame her for representing her state? That is her job as a Senator from Massachusetts.


Where you been Liz? You went out to get cigarettes before Super Tuesday and we haven’t seen you since.
Nobody cares what you have to say Liz. When the time came to be counted, you were nowhere to be found. Now you want to shout suggestions from the cheap seats?
Up yours Liz. It’s a good thing nobody voted for you, as you have proven to be a feckless, hopeless, spineless, toady. We don’t know where you went for the first big month of the Covid19 crisis, but you need to go back, and STFU.


Last I heard, she was still an active Senator, doing her job.


The president’s refusal to make sure Massachusetts and other states obtain the medical supplies they need as the death toll from the coronavirus climbs, Warren said, is “a dereliction of responsibility.”

Liz, get your state to order the GE plant in Massachusetts, the one which recently terminated workers and the one in recent memory that was responsible for not protecting its work force which handled all its cancerous, toxic chemicals (I lost a friend and colleague to GE over cancer) to start manufacturing some needed supplies to combat this virus across the US America.


Does it matter trying to guess what the motives are for this amoral cretin? The effects will be the same: sickness and death. He is every bit responsible for the situation the entire nation is in regardless of his motives whatever they might be.

She might be able to force GE to start producing needed supplies for the whole country and put a lot of people to work.


My guess is he’s just paying off his Republican corporate buddies who produce ventilators… a sort of supply and demand drugland economics ultimately benefiting the kingpin.


See that kind of thing I have a hard time believing is what’s happening. Maybe it does but I find it far easier to look at Trump waffles and flip flops back and forth during this crisis made worse but his obvious incompetence. He looks pretty stupid and inept and it really does show. Between his golfing so much, his frequent vacations and his constant twitter feed, doesn’t it strike people that he really isn’t running the country but is the Republican corporate point man and mouthpiece more than he is a leader?


I don’t think this is a personal attack on Warren… in any case I think American workers should get used to being treated like jetsam. Don’t they provide the best care for Coronavirus to those who can afford excellent insurance. I saw they are putting up tents in NY Central Park for the workers, immigrants and poor.


Seriously, this tread sounds like a group of spoiled school children. Is that all you think of when it comes to the redirection of life saving medical equipment by the federal government. No offense but stop to consider when you can’t identify consequences, it gets stuck in limbo. Aka why you lose out on most of this stuff.

Ok, I’m also pretty sick of the M4A zealots too.

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I didn’t take it as such if you are referring to the post about him paying off his buddies who make ventilators? That is the post that I was responding to.

  1. Trump’s running a Global Empire.
  2. Commerce is necessary in Empire to pay for the military.
    So an American leader either supports or is himself/ herself a “corporate point man”.

Massachusetts is a common wealth with enough expertise and cash to set up and operate state owned production facilities for commonwealth needs.


It’s clear to me that every state in the nation must assemble their own militias to stand up for that state’s rights.

The original colonies did it against the British Empire.

Now it is our responsibility to stand up to the corrupt empire we’ve allowed this Duopoly to build.


The Free Market Libertarian\Feudal Lordly wet dreamers echo my own Free & Fair Elections wet dreamers. We’ve all been seduced like the French with egalitarianism and cutting through aristocratic cartelier and debt rentier cronyism, yet our remedies leave the inequities in place and add a dollop of genocidal sadism.

Fergit about where the creator of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and aborted Chief of an indispensable federal bureau with regulatory enforcement teeth like Prof Candidate Senator Warren was after Super Tuesday in Primarylandia. It was U.S. the electorate who shoulda been recruiting her for our top-o-the-reform ticket after she showed this level of preparation and prosecutorial skill in the months before our Symptom-In-Chief ass-u-med the presidential position:

Our nation is too far down the road of double helixing back from our extended bout of Cold War E-CON propaganda Blowback pertaining to the Robber Baron-ism we were seeking to foist upon our Cult o’ Personality Commie polemical rivals in the Post War UN-Imperial Follies. We cannot just have the presidential candidates submit resumes to the Corporate Caliphate and have their algorithmic staffing agency fill the office!

We need to go out there and find the best persons and then have them sit with past persons who’ve grappled with Pre-WW II Wall Street Crashes, Dust Bowls, Great Depressions, Hoovervilles of Homeless including the last working homeless President who couldn’t afford to finish college in Harry S. Truman (don’t get me started on Bess Truman’s tiff with hub based on her own anti-Semitic indoctri-nation). Can this new candidate for the presidential position kiss the public’s cuffs instead of the Saudi King’s and assume a position of Public Interest service, rather than Private Interest procurement?

We who are steeped in human nature’s condition of subverting food and housing security into pining for Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and Daddy Warbucks failure of Imagi-Nation while locking onto the surest thing this side of death and taxes, namely the permanent War E-CONomy while paying lip service to the occasional interludes to re-arm and devise new marketing multi-media programs to get over any brief PEACE DIVIDENDS.

Our Half-Decades of Wage Stag-flation, Food Stamp and Indoctri-Nation to the point of the current “economic miracle” as proclaimed by low unemployment reports with nary a word of qualification over the shift to part-time employment and inflationary rent and mortgage payments with a side dose of Financialized Higher Education have been endowing even the Public’s Air Waves with a curriculum of de-regulation or self-regulation and Public\Private Partnerships where the public ass-u-mes all costs and risks and where the profits are privatized. Where the investor who lets his\her money do their work for them as per the old Calvinist pre-destined verities and virtues of wealth blessing the holder no questions of acquisition asked and no End User Certificate required to lock and load!


I see a Social Distanced Democratic Convention to name the Party’s presidential ticket. Candidate Warren is well-positioned as a disillusioned if truly reform-minded deepener of public discussion on just where Market Democracy and Social Democracy can come together to regain a path of Middle Class growth rather than further concentrations of idle and off-shored wealth into bank secrecy accounts that need never be audited much less taxed. Like fellow disillusioned yet reform minded Market Democracy Ivy League academic Shoshana Zuboff, who once sat at Milton & Rose Director Friedman’s Neo-Liberal E-CON knees.

Yet Prof Zuboff retired last year upon publishing her decades of public policy critique, largely ignored and blacklisted via broadcast news taboo. A work of criticism focused through the Public Interest lens (not on the Friedmans’ GREED IS GOOD Cold War propaganda meme) on the loss of democracy via regulatory capture by those corporate entities too big to audit or regulate: Zuck and the rest of the Corporate Caliphate, she means you too… The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier

Prof Zuboff retired over a year ago, published her career’s researches and then promptly met Social Democrat Naomi (NO LOGO) Klein author of The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism for a community radio and Public Interest Media Web Site’s non-profit Town Hall meeting that Common Dreams covered and for-profit investigative journalism 'zine The Intercept co-sponsored. Even Google now includes that Town Hall meeting on its U. of Tube global cornucopious syllabus in any 21st Century curriculum on combatting institutional corruption.

From a social distance democrats can clean house by summer by deciding to draft a ticket of Market Democrat Warren for President with Social Democrat Sanders for Vice President (and anti-assassination protection policy a la Pence, Biden, Cheney, Quayle). Zuboff would make a stirring White House gate-keeper after the role her former boss at Harvard and female-limiting and belittling Dean Larry Summers played as Chief E-CON Advisor and gatekeeper to stealth Neo-Liberal E-CON’d President and Privatizer\Uber-izer In Chief Obama.

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
Media Discussion List

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Down and STAY, Lizzie Girl. We hardly knew ya, and I actually prefer it that way. ick


If the shit Trump is pulling were part of a dystopian novel, no one would believe it. Even 1984 wasn’t this crazy bad. Bad yes but not as crazy.


We need some intrepid investigative report to follow the money. What Trump is doing is creating a false shortage that he will turn to his favor and his pockets. He wants the states to share the cost burden, a cost that is more expensive because he has raised the price artificially. You can rest assured that some of that “shared burden” will be shared with his own pockets and those of his cronies. This sounds like a Kushner idea, but there is no shortage of grifters in this administration.