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'Massacre in Slow Motion': Concerns Grow That Trump Executing Nixonian Purge

'Massacre in Slow Motion': Concerns Grow That Trump Executing Nixonian Purge

Jake Johnson, staff writer

On October 20, 1973, former President Richard Nixon ordered the firing of special prosecutor Archibald Cox, sparking a series of high-profile resignations that came to be known as Nixon's "Saturday Night Massacre." Following the early departure of FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe on Monday, critics charged that President Donald Trump is carrying out a similar "slow motion" massacre of his own.

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We are witnessing the collapse of the United Staes of America - similar to the '89 collapse of the USSR. We can not go back to the bland myth of American fairness, moral leadership and especially, Democracy.
This may not be totally inauspicious because now we have the choice to reorganize progressively or regressively.
The regressive response now in office won’t last long but we need politicians with a progressive plan IN THE WINGS, READY TO GO.
I suggest Medicare for all, at least $15 minimum wage, all the eduction you can stand for free and less “Empire” activities.


There are many federal employees I “educated” and watched them grow. They don’t deserve this shitstorm.


The problem is that there is a now big chunk of the populace that doesn’t want these things. I work and live around plenty of them. FOX, am radio, right wing internet, they’ve all taken their toll.

The polls are inflating the numbers and percentages of those loyal to the “very stable genius.”

It’s funny how those with all of the money and power have the ability to control those things.


I think there has been a large segment of the public against these kinds of programs for many years. They see it as redistributing the income and see particularly see blacks benefiting the most and white losing the most. But the issue isn’t so much about social programs but rather whether this should be a country for whites or for all types of people. Or, do we need and authoritarian country to take the country back for whites or should we remain a democracy with increasing multiculturism? Despite all the issues that will surface during the election in November, that will be mainly what the voters will be deciding. Something like Nazi Germany or more like country this has been for over 200 years.


Seems to me that Trump is busy stoking the fires that will soon consume him. His ignorance of the Nixon precedents and his own ego are the shovel and the pyre.

Quick someone…Man the bellows!


This isn’t a fair comparison. Cox cannot in any way be compared to a hack like Mueller. The former was a serious investigator not playing favorites for either party. Mueller is practically a partisan mercenary at this point, a busted perjurer in front of Congress, and someone with a personal investment in the outcome of his own “investigation”. That said, if he is focusing primarily on business shenanigans, then my tune changes, because if Trump’s going to be guilty on anything, it’s going to be there. But if it’s still “Russia stealing our elections!” bullsh*t, then he probably should be fired.


If only he would have a nervous breakdown-a fit of paranoid intolerance of his own demons- and just be carried out of the White House in a straight-jacket. Now that would be a fun thing to witness


And what “big chuck” would that be? Polls indicate that over 60 percent of the US population supports these proposals…about the only ones who don’t are the uneducated who can be convinced to vote against their best interests and the filthy rich, which combined don’t comprise a plurality of the population. So no, I don’t agree with your premise and think that the candidates that want to be elected had better be progressive in nature or else…we’re getting pretty tired of the same old business as usual approach to governing this country. Please don’t confuse a bunch of angry ignorant and loud people with a representation of the majority of the population. Washington will soon learn the difference, too, say around November 2018.

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I understand, and I am not a lawyer, under Article 2 of the Constitution, that Trump or any president, is within his or her constitutional authority to fire Mueller, Comey, or any other employee in the Executive Branch, not being beholden to anyone. The president can order an Attorney General not to prosecute a case, or he can pardon before or after a case is brought. If Mueller were to charge the president for obstruction of justice for doing such, it would spark a constitutional crisis. Again, I am not a lawyer, but this is how I understand Article 2.


“A hack like Mueller”? Wow, you certainly have a short memory if you think Mueller is a hack. Might I suggest you do a little research on the man and the opinions he elicited before trump got in his crosshairs? You might be surprised to find out the man was universaly respected by pretty much everyone (but then again, I doubt you’ll be surprised since I suspect you’re nothing more than a troll out to defend trump, probably a Russian to boot). Mueller was appointment by a Republican president in the past and tends to be more conservative than liberal, so you are way, way out to lunch. So no, nothing “hacky” about the man, he’s a total professional who is going about his job in a methodical manner and will soon provide the evidence to liberate us from this monster. I will leave it up to the majority of the American public to do likewise with this corrupt GOP congress over the next few elections.

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Too bad we no longer have honorable Republicans in Congress like the ones we had during the Nixon days, people who put country before party and before their own selfish self-interests.

Can’t wait to see the memo.

"I almost feel sorry for what is called “mainstream media” and – even more so – for the majority of Americans deceived by the prevailing narrative on Russia-gate. Even though that narrative now lies in shreds, there is no sign so far that the pundits will fess up and admit to spreading a far-fetched, evidence-impoverished story that was full of holes from the get-go.

Even vestigially honest journalists of the old school, who may themselves have been taken in, will have a Herculean challenge if they attempt to write to right the ship of journalism. As for brainwashed Americans, pity them. It is far easier to deceive folks than to convince them they have been deceived, as Mark Twain once wrote."

Is he referring to people like Jake Johnson?


I hope you are right, but most of the polls are “weak” polls. Ideas with high ratings until payment or other requirements becomes the issue. It’s what kills single payer every time, historically.

Yeah, I’m a Russian. Because what other possible explanation could there be?

Don’t sprain anything vital thinking about that or anything.


Well, you probably read “chunique”'s incredibly well-thought-out analysis to my post. I think it’s safe to say the tissue damage has long since been done.

Pardon me while I eat some borscht…:slight_smile:

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Love you, Jake, and you’re usually spot on…but this time maybe not. Trump was rendered impotent long ago even before he moved into the White House with all the arrows the ‘system’ and ‘deep state’ had in their quivers - and we can’t even fathom all their arrows. Trump’s not strong enough to influence anyone’s going anywhere. A few members in the FBI were a little too heady from rubbing elbows with big guns in Washington DC (the system) and got caught helping Hillary - as the memos will reveal.

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One major difference. The Republican Party today isn’t going to turn against the President regardless of what he does. Only if the voters elect enough Democrats to obtain control of Congress then Trump will be in “trouble” and likely face impeachment.

Really? Maybe you should do a little research, here’s a start: