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Massive Backlog of Unpaid Jobless Benefits Leaves 'A Nightmare' for Millions on Brink of Financial Ruin

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/24/massive-backlog-unpaid-jobless-benefits-leaves-nightmare-millions-brink-financial


Elections have consequences. Could anyone do a worse job in leadership, other than Bush-Cheney?


The first demand must be the rescinding of tax cuts to the wealthy and an increase in said taxes by Congress.

For those facing possible, heartless evictions in this soulless capitalist system here is a list of Catholic Worker Farm Communities (they will not proselytize and judge you and they are an anarchist group) that you might want to reach. Then let’s prepare for non cooperation.



Hi Gandolf:
Well certainly Reagan started the weirdness. He was said to have begun the march to hell----where we are today, by first busting the air traffic controllers( and he was president of Screen Actors Guild UNION at one time ) …and then he apparently undercut a sitting president Carter, with his Iran Contra stuff. It appears that America has been rotting for some time now. : (



From the article:

“Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Calif.)…”

Wyden is Senator from Oregon.


We just wish he was our senator. :))

  • The USA is proving day after day that it’s the stupidest nation on earth and that we’re extremely proud of our singular achievement.--------Jeffrey St. Clair

On top of the 26 million registered unemployed and the millions who have registered but have yet to be officially put on the register, you have additional millions, if not tens of millions of people throughout the nation who have been unable to register. In addition to all who are unemployed, 30% of those who are still working have had their hours reduced.
We are in an economic depression folks.

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Somewhere between 9 and 11 million seniors live at or below the poverty level.


Trump and his incompetent team of idiots have totally screwed up the unemployment system. It was supposed to infuse an extra $600 bucks into the states allocation of benefits to those who applied. But instead, it has screwed everyone with ridiculous questions about seperfuluous requirements; net income, last job worked, etc. etc. The bottom line is: they don’t want to help Americans out of work. They are evil! All they want to do is prop up the scum who rule this country.