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'Massive Body Blow' for CETA as EU Trade Ministers Postpone Vote


'Massive Body Blow' for CETA as EU Trade Ministers Postpone Vote

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the E.U. and Canada suffered yet another setback on Tuesday, as EU trade ministers postponed a decision on the trade deal due in large part to objections from Belgium's southern region of Wallonia.


Belgium is the hero here.
What can we do to support them?
Hammer the goofball Canadians?


Although it is good to see Europeans getting Canada's and the US's tits out of the ringer with CETA and TTIP, Obama is working overtime to figure out an end run to get TPP and TISA signed before January 19.


And Sanders' / Warren's newly crowned "progressive" (sic!) darling H.R. Clinton has what to say on this?


I don't know much about Canadian politics, but I thought Trudeau was supposed to be the new, more progressive face of Canada, so what's he doing pushing a bad, pro-corporate, anti-democratic deal like this? Is there no one left on the left who doesn't turn out to be a closet globalist?


New boss same as the old boss.
The oligarchy sees to that.


Trudeau may be to the left of Harper on social issues, just as Obama has been to the left of Dubya on social issues. When it comes to economic and civil liberties issues, Trudeau and Obama are being paid by the same corporations as Harper and Dubya were.