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Massive 'Break the Internet' Revolt This Week to 'Save Net Neutrality'


Massive 'Break the Internet' Revolt This Week to 'Save Net Neutrality'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Major websites, social media platforms, and internet defenders are teaming up for a "Break the Internet" demonstration to show what the web would look like without net neutrality


I have add the large banner to the front page of my website to show solidarity…You???


As have I


Breaking Net Neutrality is breaking the voice of the poor, the indigent. Trying to render powerless the youth and others with few discretionary funds and those who have no voting power is a sad statement for United States of America. Why are you even letting Ajit Pai’s, Federal Communication Commission Chairman’s proposal come up for a vote without educating the public? Challenging Net Neutrality without extensive public education is another back door deal. I take Ajit Pai’s proposal as another affront saying, “Hate the poor.” Hating the poor seems so much in vogue in these times.


I plan to stop making any purchases on the Internet if net neutrality is revoked and until it is restored. I will shop in my local stores or do without. If I see something I would normally buy online, I will send them an email to tell them why they lost the sale.


If there is one agency of OUR government this administration that hasn’t attacked and crudely butchered I would like to know which one is next.


So congress is about to make law a tax bill that got no hearings and only 25% approval. And people think public comment to the FCC will change their decision?? Congress along with these FCC commissionaires are bought and paid for–why are people so reluctant to state the obvious. I do believe in non-violence,but I am surprised that people have not reached their breaking point.

Thank you Jimmy Dore for stating the obvious—the internet needs to be made into a public utility—and I don’t mean being owned by some private company people fight with every year over price increases.

I see ads on tv and in print Directv (ATT) vs Spectrum(Time Warner) over cable services and internet services----YET WE ARE TOLD THE MERGER OF THESE TWO GIANTS WOULD NOT EFFECT PRICE. What are they talking about—of course it will increase prices and destroy quality. We are deep in the Orwellian world—A corporate police state.


Yes, I too doubt that it will have any effect on the FCC.

However, I think it’s still a good action. When people get involved, on any level, the chance that they will stay involved goes up, as does the chance that they will start to think more critically about our government.

Too many on the Left seem to say, “We won’t win, so why even try?” But, while everyone said that single payer was dead, somehow it’s getting great support right now.

And I have to wonder… I just read that 2017 was the year of female rage, and with the #MeToo movement, that might be right. But I do wonder if that would have happened without the Women’s March, which kicked of the Resistance, which in turn has kept people involved and thinking of themselves as activists rather than passive consumers. Maybe, maybe not. I’m assuming that there are plenty of other factors, too, like having an open misogynist in the news every day. Still, I believe these things matter. The protests against the Vietnam War started small, too. Pretty much every movement does.

This is why I’m so much for #GeneralStrikeMayDay2018

Will it solve the problems faced by the working class. Nope. Could it help to start the process of creating class consciousness in people? Yep.

And we have to start somewhere.


So you’re going to break the internet on purpose because you claim it would be broken if you didn’t get your way. That’s really going to make your point, sure.


What’s you’re plan to stop him?


I’m with you. There are only a few things I buy repeatedly on the internet and mostly out of convenience. My brick and mortar stores will be happy.


This isn’t to convince the FCC to change their decision, they are already concrete on their decision. This is to show the people what is to come and make them rise up against these ISPs and FCC before what they plan is made law.


Thank-You :slight_smile: