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Massive 'Climate Clock' Urging Governments to #ActInTime Unveiled on Metronome in New York City

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/19/massive-climate-clock-urging-governments-actintime-unveiled-metronome-new-york-city

Urging governments. Without a suitcase full of money, does anyone believe “urging governments” means anything to politicians?


was that a trick question?


Interesting. Though no firm date can be predicted, humankind is now living on borrowed time. I really don’t see much of a future any longer. My mind on this has dramatically changed even from a few years back from which I thought extinction could be avoided. But since no policies of any consequence have been put in force, or even a willingness to change, the 2020’s will soon become the golden days folks look back on as the good times before the collapse. So they think sweeping changes can/will occur in eight years or so. Since they’ve known about global warming for well over a hundred years, or longer, with no appreciable changes; what’s going to happen in a mere eight years? Six years ago was issued a 10-12 year warning and the joke called the Paris accords is what came about, and nothing concrete came out of that which would have altered the course we’re now seeing on a daily

I’ve been noticing changes since the early 80’s as things became decidedly dryer out here in the west. I’ve lived in Albuquerque, NM, since '59. In the 90’s things(weather, dryness, droughts, storms, etc) were growing in intensity. We’ve had one, what I would call a real winter, like in the 60’s or 70’s, in this new 21st century. [2010/'11.] So they won’t change and humans most likely will perish along with most of the other larger fauna and a good portion of plant life as well. It was a good time to be alive, grow up, and grow old in. I pity the youth that have inherited the mess of industrial civilization over the last 250, or so, years. Because there’s no real way to save things. Or, rather, technology created this mess, and technology certainly can’t fix what it created. Sorry, that’s my take these days.


Don’t be sorry. It’s the truth.

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this “clock” is just flashing what exactly? NOTHING This sign flashing series of numbers tells us NOTHING at all because it relates to nothing at all. pure idiocy
I walk by it and its flashing numbers about what? no idea no explanation more climate wank The cock could say we are fucked in x days but a carboclock are we brainless Communicate with signs this is rubbish


The first 4 digits refer to 7 years and 102 days we supposedly have left to do something. (Not sure about the rest.)
But at the rate we are “doing something” all i can imagine is the amount of people gawping at the clock will have increased in size.
They should put the “doomsday” clock next to it. (Just to see which one generates a bigger crowd.)
(Humour everyone.)
Just figured out the other digits. Hours, minutes and seconds. Duh!!!

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The Climate Clock…The Nuclear Clock…Humanity’s Clock is running out…
Love these passages from “The Upheaval New Message”…
" * You are at the beginning of the great upheaval. You will see that U are entering a new kind of world, the new world. And in this new world there will be great disorder. Here U cannot simply project the assumptions of the past. Things are not going to work like they did before. U cannot rest assured that all will turn out, that prosperity & growth will return.

  • No, U are facing the upheaval; the consequence of humanity’s misuse, overuse of the world for centuries; the squandering of resources-war/conflict as if no thot of tomorrow; the blind assumption that technology will solve all problems.

They’re convenient for sound-bites you can snatch, from affluent, sincere, visually compelling young white kids; our betters can use for slumlord superdelegates to green-wash lowering their carbon footprints by piping-in fracked methane from devestated Pennsylvania. While their poor, deplorable victims are sued, arrested, locked in solitary for trying to protect their farms, homes, children. It’s ALWAYS been like that. Every honest movement has been co-opted, straw-manned, monitized, corrupted into “clean” coal, bio mass, “bridge fuel” & geo-engineering scams by scum like Bloomberg, Gates, Bezos (& sanctimonious, 9.9% didactic, hypocrites lecture as they stomp down effective legislation & remove Green down-ticket candidates from THEIR ballot).

Once, we start buying into “our” side’s little WHITE lies, to “defeat Trump” we just find Trump’s mysteriously still in… spewing große Lüge; no longer JUST killing poor workers?

~https://gothamist.com/news/proposal-upgrade-peaker-plant-astorias-asthma-alley-more-half-measure-says-state-senator (scores-of-thousands of ancient fuel oli apartment boilers, replaced with fracked gas lines, everywhere).





I didn’t watch “Planet of the Humans” when it first came out, on April 21, because I believed the people like Josh Fox who were saying terrible things about it. But according to Max Blumenthal’s investigation, Josh Fox and the other professional activists who were trying to get this film banned are too cozy with the billionaires who are profiting from convincing us that we can save the planet without DRASTICALLY changing how we live. Green energy and recycling aren’t going to do it. I watched the film last night and learned a lot from it (it’s free on youtube), but it’s not something you should watch right now if you’re already feeling depressed.

Max Blumenthal’s report: ~https://thegrayzone.com/2020/09/07/green-billionaires-planet-of-the-humans/

Good interview with Michael Moore on “Rising,” from The Hill, about Blumenthal’s investigation:



Josh’s second Gasland flick & The Sky Is Pink short are far more accurate than most would believe, and I suggest one and have posted the short, here. But, yeah… it gets old awful quick (even though we’ve now stopped Constitution & ACP, lots of it was technical issues nobody’s hearing about?) Hillary really would’ve had thousands more quick-to-kick-soon-to-leak wells fracked in PA by now, two more ethane crackers, Dilbit and fracked oil, boots in Venezuela and Iraq, Ukraine, Suria, etc, etc, etc… and everyone would be fine with poor folks dying in Cancer Valley, rant, RAVE, snif… So, seeing Greta with Obama or Madeleine Albright is nothing new?


The Climate Clock should be a permanent fixture in every major city!

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So what is going to do it? Both that movie, and you, leave that unsaid, and offer no way forward!

The information regarding renewable energy in the movie is totally wrong on multiple levels, by the way.

I couldn’t read the clock either.

Worse, climate countdown clocks don’t work. We need to develop solutions as soon as possible. We can’t just pick an arbitrary year and date and say that if we do something before that date we win and if we miss the date we lose. It’s not like a teacher knocking off one grade for being late. Rather, we’re losing complete forests now but we won’t actually know the forests (and our houses) are going, going, gone until lightning creates a spark.

Meanwhile off the clock, as it were, to another couple of noted metrics on how much time we’ve got left (those of us within ten feet of sea level, at any rate), namely the Pine Island (affectionately, the PIG) and Thwaites glaciers, draining the West Antarctic Ice Sheet:

Located along the coast of the Amundsen Sea in West Antarctica, the enormous Pine Island and Thwaites glaciers already contribute around 5 percent of global sea-level rise. The survival of Thwaites has been deemed so critical that the United States and Britain have launched a targeted multimillion-dollar research mission to the glacier. The loss of the glacier could trigger the broader collapse of the West Antarctic ice sheet, which contains enough ice to eventually raise seas by about 10 feet.


The use of numerical exaggerated cues has limited use. They should have pictures of the millions of acres of forest burning on the West Coast and the most significant air monitoring system in the world to measure just how bad it is. Since the mass destruction of the environment seems to still be a mystery.
There are other cues you could use that would have more value.

Perpetually flashing 12:00:00, like the one in “Idiocracy?” I’m guessing, if you had a display of 7.9 billion regular human beings, and it showed individual deaths from floods, fires, drought, plague, war, storms, famine… it would be totally ignored by day three? Begin overheated malfunctioning by day five. And shut down “for repairs” by say seven? Bet, it’s powered by Pennsylvania fracked gas generated electricity?

It is part of learning from our mistakes. When the consequences of our behavior are delayed our brain makes a faulty association (part of the process of addiction). We either don’t learn and change our behavior or learn the wrong thing. What are we suppose to learn from these flashing numbers.

It is like trying to pass a healthcare bill that doesn’t include funding. Or, externalizes funding. The same way we externalize environment concerns. This is a destructive process. Does it really matter how good each little piece is if when it is put together it is dysfunctional.

It would be like taking the air quality data from the wildfires and making gas masks mandatory in fire zones. Or, all the Walmarts setting aside a portion of their parking lots and planting trees.