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'Massive Criminal Enterprise': Giuliani Reportedly Sought Ukraine Business Deals as He Worked to Dig Up Dirt on Biden for Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/27/massive-criminal-enterprise-giuliani-reportedly-sought-ukraine-business-deals-he

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That Giuliani was hoping to cash in by representing Yuri Lutsenko – noted manipulator of dumbasses like John Solomon, who continues to peddle Lutsenko’s stories as “facts” on the Sean Hannity Horse Puckey Hour even after Lutsenko walked back everything he told Solomon in a desperate and fumbling effort to keep from getting fired for corruption (Zelensky, to his credit, fired Lutsenko’s ass anyway) – is testament to what a truly gullible loon Rudy is.

The crowning irony: Rudy’s been digging for dirt on the Bidens in Ukraine for nine months and has nothing to show for it. Then he brags that he never made a dime on Ukrainian business deals. So he’s not just a bad deal-maker, he’s an inept investigator. How long can it be before Fruman and Parnas sell Rudy down the river…then it’s perp-walking time, yo.


“Trumplandia is just a massive criminal enterprise,” --The understatement of the day

My question is why would Lutsenko need an US American lawyer? Was this money stolen by the US and stashed in the US? Why Giuliani?

Does Giuliani think that the fact he did not receive the cash–the deal fell through (reason?)-somehow annul the intent and the act itself while simultaneously on an errand for his boss who just happens to be the “President” of the US wanting dirt on political rival Joe Biden (who, frankly, should drop out of the race and do everyone a favor)? Apparently he thinks so as does the GOP think Trump committed no crime simply because he finally released the cash to Ukraine after being exposed.


Trump corrupts everything he touches.


$23 million was skimmed off the top of Burisma Holdings, the company that hired Hunter Biden. The man who skimmed the money and ran was Burisma’s owner.

Also, the company that Ukrainian Chief Prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, wasn’t exactly breaking a sweat to investigate, including by slow-walking cooperation with a British investigation into that missing $23 million – assets the British froze but finally had to relinquish because Shokin wasn’t helping get to the bottom of things.

Also, the Shokin who got fired because Joe Biden carried out the wishes of just about everyone who noticed what a corrupt POS Shokin is. The EU, the IMF, pro-reform Ukrainians – they all wanted Shokin fired, so US aid to Ukraine was held up until it was agreed that Shokin was out. Good riddance.

It’s complicated, isn’t it? And it only gets worse. Shokin’s replacement? Lutsenko. No experience in law. Corrupt as hell. Fired – just like Shokin – by the new Ukrainian president, Zelensky. Good riddance.

And who put four gullible idiots and liars on the trail of the Bidens (I detest the Bidens but I’m still waiting for credible charges against them for whatever it is they supposedly did in Ukraine) – John Solomon, Sean Hannity, Rudy, and Trump – for secretly getting Shokin fired right out in the open? None other than Yuri Lutsenko. The same Yuri Lutsenko who now recants everything he told Solomon, who told Hannity, who told Rudy, who told Trump…who told Nunes…who keeps telling everyone within earshot of FoxNews.

Long story short: This country is largely a parade of morons.


trump…“Rudy Giuliani?, don’t know anything about him, never met him”.


There are trillions of dollars floating around without being on any ledger.
Dubai, Nevada, Delaware, Caribbean, cash on pallets - in the basement.

And who of us has had promises made to us by an attorney for our successful outcome for the big fee, prepaid. And then, and then comes their story about negotiating. Or our strong case vaporized!!

The reality is that Hunter Biden was “dirty” as well. Giuliani must believe to dig up dirt on someone who is dirty you got to get dirty. The corrupt investigate the corrupt and make sure they get a cut.

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Trump is up to his neck in corruption and the republicans are going to let him walk.


The Mafia struck gold with these 2.

We don’t have a Trump problem, we have a GOP problem.

Isn’t it long past the time when the GOP should be renamed the MCE (“massive criminal enterprise”) ?

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Just in at The Guardian Giovanna:

The world may already have crossed a series of climate tipping points, according to a stark warning from scientists. This risk is “an existential threat to civilisation”, they say, meaning “we are in a state of planetary emergency”.

Climate emergency: world 'may have crossed tipping points’ Warning of ‘existential threat to civilisation’ as impacts lead to cascade of unstoppable events (The Guardian)


One wonders - how will the Mob seek to profit from this ?


Wait! Which country? This one (Zelensky’s on the left):

Or this country?


Thank you, Michael. With all this corruption and circus acts going on one must need to keep the focus where it belongs. The only issue I take is that Life, not “civilization” is what needs reverence and hence protection.

He pointed out that the extremely rapid rate at which CO2 was being pumped into the atmosphere was unlikely to have ever occurred on Earth before

As far as we know, there were never 9 billion people living on our common home planet until now. Add to that the over-consumption and the worship of things and we truly find ourselves on the ropes.

There’s a lot of support for expanding the investigation into the Mueller report -
insane not to do so, imo.

And, only the Supreme Court fascists are trying to help Trump avoid having his
Income Tax files and financial arrangements exposed – that’s says a lot –

There is enough evidence in the Ukraine “drug deal” for an impeachment –
but Income Tax Reports will always be easier and faster/finances/theft.

Meanwhile, a few things that happened tonight –

Three women seem to have come forward to accuse Sondland of sexual assault.
Some suspicion by at least one journalist/publication that the charges are intended
to dirty Sondland – as in witness tampering – to destroy his testimony and any
legitimacy he may have gained the other day in truth telling.
Anyone know anything more?

Also, not only reports that Trump knew about the Whistleblower even before the
Congress knew having been BRIEFED early on (by intelligence?) – pretty much as
soon as Whistleblower came forward.

Then recall that CONGRESS was not made aware of this report by the Whistleblower in
a timely way as should have happened according to the procedures for reporting this to
Congress –

Despite that the report was described by the Inspector General as “URGENT” and having generally checked out –
No one is asking what Trump might have done to delay that report to Congress –

And also ask yourself WHY Trump would be briefed on the Whistleblower report on
his phone call when Trump is the suspected wrongdoer?

And –
CNN continues to report Biden leading – despite reality that Bernie Sanders is leading
in New Hampshire. And at least a tie nationally? What is anyone hearing – or believing?

Struth, and we,the people, must unite to tear him down.
Good luck on that.

I feels like a death sentence right now Giovanna. Not that it is unexpected - I have been watching a ‘bonkers’ jet stream for ten some years, and of course reading everything I could on mathematical tipping points, and relating this to what we have all been seeing as observations in the real world.

But the authors of this report in Nature, the world’s most prestigious science journal - a who’s who of climate and tipping points - that is what gets me initially.

Then I thought of James Hansen and his admonition to ‘stabilize climate’ first, which is more doable than zero emissions in the short term.

Then I thought of our world leaders - who appear impervious to science.

Here is the link to the Nature Communication itself:

I’ve been mentioning those Washington Generals around here for awhile, myself. You posted a brilliant, comprehensive summary explaining the behavior of Democrats all my life. Thank you, Callmeskeptical.

The possibility raised in the article you link: that Orangeman be censured rather than impeached – makes me feel a little nauseous. Thanks again.

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“People are saying he was Mayor of NY. I’m from NY. Never heard of the guy. Seems like he’s okay, but I don’t know him.”
“But Mr. Trump we have several pictures of you and Mr. Ghouliani together?”
“Excuse me. Excuse meeeee! That’s fake views.”

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