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Massive Crowd in Minsk Tells Belarus Dictator:

Yes I remember Kent State especially due to the photographs of the one girl holding a dead boy. And certainly the local police now have military equipment and training and will certainly stand beside any other force which is tasked with destruction of free speech of demonstrations of disgust with our control by the powerful

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Couple of notes: One tweeter said there were 250,000 of the two million Belarus citizens. Belarus has a population of approximately ten million. I expect the incumbent got more than one vote for president which is more than Venezuelan GUYDO and he was declared president for life by the US warmongers. It is not without coincident that Belarus is nestled next to failed state Ukraine and by a miracle next to Russia! Or is it?

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I have not done any research on the situation in Belarus. Perhaps the average Belarusians will benefit from the removal of the dictatorship. I wouldn’t be at all surprised, though, if U.S. oligarchs stand to benefit as well. Perhaps subsequent governance will be even worse in Belarus, too. It is difficult not be cynical about what is happening in Belarus. But I am glad that the people there are showing such tremendous solidarity and political will. That in itself is wonderful. We’ll just have to wait and see if it results in greater liberties and sustained, meaningful changes for the Belarusian working classes.


The cops will certainly shoot their fellow citizens. The military, I am not so sure about. The cops got way too many cowboys in their ranks, the ones that either didn’t have enough sack to join the military and want a chance to play “army” with the goodies that have been made available to them, or just the usual bullies that seem to gravitate to the police. The military leaders might have had their fill of trumps dumb ass and might go tell him to go take a flying f#ck at the moon. It will be interesting to see what wins the day.


There can be no worse than the present Belarusian Prez who told his people that the way to deal with COVID-19 is to take a sauna and afterward a shot of Vodka! Not that that won’t cure the blues but COVID-19 ? Really?

It is very much worth reading this against a pair of articles at Consortium News, covering the same events. The impressions that one gets are really quite opposed.


Trump, his henchmen, all Republicans and all Democrats as well!

Unfortunately this entire ‘rigged election’ will play into the hands of the Establishment. With complete support of corporate media, Wall Street will direct everyone’s anger against Trump. Once Trump is replaced by Biden, the media will declare that Biden’s ascendency is “proof positive that we live in a functioning democracy”. People will be told to go back to what they were doing before… like locking up brown people, waging wars against brown people, undermining the public interest at every turn, ignoring climate change and the threat of nuclear war and of course praising the market economy. Six months after Trump is replaced, anger will be focused on Sleepy Joe for picking up right where Trump left off, but the media will tell us that at least Joe is not Donald!
We criticize people from countries like Egypt where a popular uprising replaced an unpopular dictator with an even more unpopular dictator. The celebrations in Tarir Square were quite premature, but at least gave the rich time to regroup and remind everyone that this is what they demanded. By the time everyone realized that Mubaraks successor was an even worse dictator, it was too late.
The Establishment will use the presidential ruse to hoodwink the masses in the U.S. too, while many Americans will be either too drunk or too exhausted to continue the battle for a functioning democracy while they party into the night. The worst part is that the media will reassure us ev very step of the way that the removal of Trump was a victory for “us” but they will actually know that it is a victory for the status quo. Propaganda 101.


I have no doubt that Trump will cry “foul” and refuse to step down after November 3rd. What bothers me is that once corporate America tells Trump that he has to step down (and Trump WILL STEP DOWN if Wall Street demands it!) in return for immunity from prosecution and a promise to let him keep the billions he stole with his backroom deals, Biden will then replace him with the media pretending that this will some how be “a great victory for democracy and the American people!” What baloney that would be.


This is precisely why there will never be a psychoanalysis of any candidate. The Establishment relies on malleable politicians to shield themselves against the anger of the masses. If the Establishment required principled people who wouldn’t take bribes and used critical thinking skills to solve problems, they wouldn’t have any candidates to choose from!

All you need to know is this: If the US media is covering this…then it is a regime change operation.


I used to think the US troops would not shoot civilians, now i’m a lot less certain - I think they would do so mindlessly if those people were properly dehumanized to them - calling them terrorists, criminals and lawless rioters may be all it takes to the average military pinheaded soldier. Trump is already doing that and the media pretty much backs him up, as does the senate and most of the congress and the state governors. With that much sanctioned dehumanization, the mindless drones /soldiers of our already baptized in innocent blood military, would probably not think twice and just follow orders, all the way from the top down.

Twenty-six years in office? More like a king than a president, wouldn’t you say? And a long time even for a king. At the very least he should step down graciously and arrange for a smooth transition into a new era.

He should step down but it’s important to understand that he was smart enough to keep the U.S. economists out after the fall of the Soviet Union and as a result Belarus avoided the economic disaster that happened in Russia and Ukraine in the 90s.

He’s not unambiguously evil but it’s time for him to step down. I hope whoever comes next is smart enough to keep out NATO and the privatizers.


There is a good article in the Nation about this (Common Dreams won’t let me include a link).

It seems that at first the protests were lead by Western-oriented IT people but now they’re starting to let labor leaders in. I hope they know enough not to let the NATO regime changers take over.

There wasn’t much coverage in US media when the Catalonians filled their plazas for months and years. Not much to say from the Swedish foreign minister quoted in this article. Nice and quiet when all this happened in the heart of the European Union.

remember the stunning uprising in Egypt a few years back…and where are they now

Well, well, well. Everybody has their dynasties. How long did the Bush family stay in office, or the Kennedy family, and…uh…oh…hasn’t Biden been in office for half a century?

Lukashenka deserves the fate of other murderous dictators of the last century, like Mussolini, Ceausescu, and Gaddafi - death at the hands of his victims, preferably publicly, and in the most humiliating and painful ways possible. He must die and not be allowed to flee to exile, and every one of his close advisors and henchmen must die as well. The people can’t leave anyone to try and re-establish the dictatorship. They must wipe it out down to the roots.

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If you were the Democratic Party, and knowing how important the issues of healthcare, including Medicare’s continued existence (the GATS trade deal makes expanding it beyond Social Security literally poison) also Social Security, trading away of jobs and the ending of the defunding of public education are to this country, and knowing how badly both parties have been lying to us, hiding the ratchet effect which locks in deregulation, and the trading away of these services, and our policy space to fix these things, knowing how badly we’ve been lied to and knowing that what we’ve been told is so fake, would you come clean and start telling us the truth? For a change?

Or keep on pretendiing its simply a matter of falling for the same old lies one more time. When thats complete bullshit.

A million poor people have died, at least, before their time while healthcare has been rigged here. (Since 1995)

This is a cruel and illegal human experientation on our country that we already knew would not work.

The answer is no. They will blame Bernie supporters, Russia, China, socialists, communists, Bigfoot, and the Loch Ness Monster. They will never blame the DP, DNC, Clintons, Biden, Harris, Obama or any of the other shitheels who orchestrated their loss by not offering us anything to vote for, only to vote against.


I agree with your scenario, but you forgot to include that Biden will add: " WE HAVE TO LOOK FORWARD"!

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