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"Massive Explosion in Downtown LA" Leaves 10 Buildings Afire: Developing

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/16/massive-explosion-downtown-la-leaves-10-buildings-afire-developing


Butane honey oil? Smoke TOKES Warehouse Distributor? Oh… that’s more like it! Afraid it might be stereotypical?


Too bad, all the local media’s paywalled: useless LA Times (while clogging social networking posts with solicitations for free use of instagram video). Another PG&E gas line? Or, the Thunderbirds’ salute to dear Fred Willard (my HERO!)



I am reading the information on the last link at the desmog web site. thanks for that


Your point is well taken but i’m pretty sure that’s NOT a PG&E
service area.

From the Los Angeles Times:

11 firefighters hurt in downtown L.A. explosion that caused fires at several buildings

An explosion in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday caused a large fire that left 11 firefighters injured, authorities said.

Firefighters first received a call about 6:30 p.m. about a structure fire in the 300 block of Boyd Street south of Little Tokyo, said Erik Scott, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Fire Department.

While firefighters were inside attempting to find the source of the blaze, there was “a significant explosion, very high, very wide, rumbling the entire area,” Scott said. The explosion was so powerful that it blackened a fire engine parked across the street and melted the helmets of some firefighters, he said.

Eleven firefighters were receiving treatment for burn injuries, Scott said. All were taken to County-USC Medical Center. At a news conference at the hospital late Saturday night, Mayor Eric Garcetti said three of the firefighters sustained critical but not life-threating injuries. All were expected to survive.


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Neoliberal Fascists leave america literally, and figuratively, in flames.

Why is a fire in LA national news? Why should anyone (outside of LA) care? All the other large fires (that occur every few hours) around the country are somehow not important?


I’d inspected Mojave 42" & both Kern River 48" mainlines; so we’d call each other everytime there were earthquakes, 500’ fireballs, etc. Pipeline folks gossip MUCH more than church grandmoms between bingo games. Thank heavens, this wasnt worse. But the notion anybody, who’s ever consumed THC would inhale something called Butane Honey Oil, kinda boggles the mind? Honey Boo BOO, maybe?





Could it have something to do with the population density and the fact that more movies have been made about and in and around LA than many smaller less populated areas. That excludes NYC, Dallas, Chicago and other huge cities.

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What was once a paradise has been completly fuked up by greed. Twice I lived in So Cal, everytime I go back to visit I get saddened by the sights


Are you suggesting that each and every day in the USA there are explosions in downtown cores that result in ten buildings being set ablaze and a dozen firefighters sent to hospital?

if that the case it pretty shithole.


I think this more about good ole fashioned criminality. One block from the homeless area of Los Angeles where close to 60K live in the streets.

The various solvents that can be/are used in the processes to extract compounds from plants, seeds, beans, etc. (all kinds, for many uses) are disturbing to think about. Many dangerous compounds are used in extraction processes.

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I believe Butane is illegal in CA, I think you can sell it but you can’t make it.

I’d remembered hash oil, but with a CO2 extraction or tincture? Do the terpenes cook off?

That’s good, but I was just pointing out that various, nasty, solvents are used for extraction purposes.

Also, if butane is being used, for whatever reason, under the right conditions, an explosion/BLEVE could result. “Prange said carbon dioxide and butane canisters were found inside the building but that it was still not clear what caused the blast.” ~https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-05-17/firefighters-escape-downtown-la-explosion


Agreed. It will take some sorting out but there is definitely going to be enough liability to go around. I don’t see how people can use that stuff.

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Hopefully (and supposedly), there safer solvents used today in many extraction processes, but unless you know what products are used in the process, I’d be concerned. There are current and former pharmaceutical companies with extensive groundwater contamination that resulted from their extraction processes and probably their waste management practices. I’d be interested to learn about the groundwater at coffee processing facilities (decaffeination), too.


I’m frankly amazed, they’re still allowing actual cannabis cultivation, period? As kids, we’d joked that legalization would coincide with some way conglomerates could sue amateur growers for patent violation (like supplanting sinsemilla cultivation with in-vitro GE fungi or bacilli THC production?) We were nerds? Or cloning patent GE strains sins & hops, for robotic, hydroponic mass production?


Gratitude and a speedy recovery for the 10 firefighters as they convalesce in their respective DOC infirmary.