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Massive Iceberg Poised to Break Away From Antarctica, Scientists Say


Massive Iceberg Poised to Break Away From Antarctica, Scientists Say

Nika Knight, staff writer

An iceberg the size of Delaware is poised to break away from Antarctica, potentially triggering the collapse of the continent's northern ice shelf, scientists announced Thursday.

When it breaks off, or calves, the iceberg will be one of the ten largest ever recorded, BBC News reported. It encompasses an area of 1,900 square miles, and it is clinging to the ice shelf in question, Larsen C, by only 12 miles of ice.


Having become geographically challenged, I looked up a map
Wonder what changes the southern cone of SA might see.


Well now we have a literal iceberg to accompany the Titanic analogy that is the human race.


As if climate chaos isn't a sufficient challenge, we have flag-pinned fascists poised to take over the country.


I agree. And it's going to be a train wreck in real time, not slow motion. Any chance we had to slow Climate Change is gone, I fear. Especially with the Clown in Chief who's about to take over. Shame on the sheeple who listened and voted for that fat, incompetent, arrogant, sociopathic idiot. He's going to take us down with him.


The DNC denies the only candidate who could have actually addressed this issue. Our fate was sealed after the primaries were done


Bernie would've easily beaten Trump, I'm convinced. The energy and excitement from the American people was very evident. But you're correct, the DNC had their sights set on Hillary hell or high water. They bet everything on her. And now we ALL.. not just Repubs, Indies and Dems.. but ALL of us are going to suffer under this careless, uninformed fool. Sorry, I'm still dealing with the "anger" stage. I don't think I'll ever reach "acceptance."


More people need that kind of anger to work productively against the oligarchs that would just love us to accept our own hellish fate under their rule.


She had basically the election wrapped up until Comey intervened, even with all the Wikileaks stuff out there. Bernie might have been victimized too at the last minute by the Republicans. Bernie also has a possible scandal that might have come out involving his wife. He also refused to release his taxes except for one year most likely to keep that hushed. And nobody knows how Bernie being Jewish might have played in an election that was about hate versus tolerance. There was a lot of fake news put out and Bernie might have been the subject of a lot of it had he run.


Bernie didn't lose because of the DNC. The main reason he lost was because he did so poorly getting African American votes. He lost every single southern state. He also had trouble getting votes in larger metropolitan areas. The left clearly is determined to keep putting out the lie that Bernie lost because of the DNC. Lying is being accepted as okay on both the left and right. Anybody looking at the primary results can see that Bernie lost because the voters favored Hillary. That being said, Bernie ran a tremendous campaign. But the demographics were against him from the start and he never figured out how to change that. If you are mad that Bernie didn't win blame the voters not the DNC.


Oh boy. More from the imaginary world where Lrx lives. I have bad news -- Comey's antics had little or no effect. Hillary was a flawed candidate, unable to inspire voters with anything.

This bullshit about Bernie is nothing more than a cheap shot -- the logical fallacy of ad hominen attack.


Actually it's not a lie. The record clearly shows that the DNC was putting its heavy hand on the scale to help Hillary -- didn't read you read any of those Wikileaks? Or take a look at the party rules for running the primaries and caucuses?

It's not so much that we're mad that Bernie didn't win, we're just reacting to the reality of how corrupt and hopeless the Democratic Party has become. You're dedication to Hillary is obvious -- but it has blinded you to the reality of the train wreck that the Democratic Party -- led by Hillary and her minions -- has become.


Disregard, posted in error.


Laughable. But the joke's on all of us.


Your shtick gets funnier as time goes on, as you keep honing your craft. Thanks for the belly laughs!


Yes, excellent analogy!


Excellent rebuttal! Too bad the DNC was so corrupt; otherwise, Hillary would have said: WE NEED TO BACK BERNIE BECAUSE WE CANNOT AFFORD TO LET TRUMP BECOME POTUS!


Every direction from the South Pole is North so I'm wondering where this gestating Iceberg actually is.


Throw in that cheating, corrupt Hillary controlled DNC and understand that democracy is dead in the USA. I know there is a lot of evidence that it has been dead for many generations. But when faith in a country and it's so-called leaders dies and there is no legitimate hope that the voice of the vast majority of people will be heard revolution is the historically proven result. Meanwhile climate issues are again buried for the next generation to be addressed. Will there be a next generation? That is getting ever closer to being the real issue.


If you are mad because Hillary didn't win blame the voters who could smell the rotten fish. They chose what they considered to be the best of two evils. That philosophy never works as we, citizens, always lose.