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Massive Leak of Data Reveals Money-Hiding Secrets of Superrich—and This Is 'Only the Beginning'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/04/massive-leak-data-reveals-money-hiding-secrets-superrich-and-only-beginning


Another leaked document and report on the nefarious financial dealings of the super rich and how they steal from all of us or at the people who are not in governments.

Nothing comes of it. then it is forgotten


Lets add a fact
State of Delaware is a money laundering state.
Ask joe. Biden knows all about it he helped cover up for 40yrs along with gannet news who own Delaware’s major newspapers


Perhaps a question to 2020 prospective President candidates regarding whether they would allow this practice to continue under their administration, is in order at future debates.


GREED is an addiction and, therefore, treatable. But I doubt those types WANT to be “well”.


What is generally unknown amongst the general public is that the myriad of UK overseas territories, dominions, and dependencies, has overtaken Switzerland as the destination of choice amongst those whom would hide their money, avoid paying their fair share of tax, and incorporate opaquely. This world wide, large scale cheating is coordinated from The City of London (a small autonomous part of the larger city that has extraordinary privileges dating back to the Middle Ages, as well as the longest running parliamentary lobbying organization in world history that dates back to the 17th Century). I would hope this revelation would help shine a light, but I doubt it.


ooooh, maybe there will be some names we recognize. That would be fun!


Panama Papers. Caught a few Europeans but only a handful of Americans for IRS tax prosecutions.
Delaware (mentioned above)

Illinois dummy trust for real estate.


And does anyone think that governments around the world don’t know where all these bad actors & their facilitators are?


about two weeks ago, nakedcapitalism reported that there are quite a few trillions of dollars floating around that are not recorded in any ledgers. I suspect Dubai.
Also that half the money we have spent in the middle east since 2003 is stashed there.

About 4 months ago, Kushner of white house fame, borrowed 500 to 700 million dollars for purchasing apartments in Maryland. Loot came from middle east. He probably does not have to pay it back.


And no major news outlet is touching this…


Is that what Life’s about collecting hoarding and hiding vast amounts of money ,more than you will ever need in 20 lifetimes.
I read a quote that pretty much sums up why we are a primitive species.

“There’s a saying in the cosmos:Eternal Life brings Eternal Peace.
If on the other hand ,you imagine that you have a limited time in which to experience what you desire to experience ,you will give up your peace to aquire it,or to hold onto it if and when you do acquire it.”

This is Humanity’s story in fifty words or less.
We must remember who we are .

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Here’s an example Hemp.


Joe and his son haven’t broken any laws ( that we’ll here about from the MSM ) but they sure have written and changed plenty. To benefit criminal behavior ( failure to report/disclose ) by the 1%ers. And, foreign entities/individuals who invest in Corporate ventures here and, around the world.
Cabal of Crooks, including many at the top of the food chains eating at the top of the DNC and RNC, are protecting these wealthy criminals by NOT passing laws demanding much more real transparency. Cabal of Crooks is not hyperbole.
That’s who they are because; ya know, they’re just so " special ". Especially disgusting to the 90+% who would be arrested and convicted for doing the same thing.


Prior leaks of such (Bank Julius Baer, Panama Papers) have, but once the initial furor blew over…the trade continues. Until the UK gets serious about actual enforcement, which is unlikely as far too many of that country’s business and political elite use the services provided by The City to squirrel away monies.


After legal demands and court cases we still don’t have trump’s tax returns, which are under investigation.


I believe they can also use it as a form of power. If other countries oligarchs have their ill-gotten-booty stored away in one of the West’s vaults, they can be easily persuaded to lean more to the reich.

More reporting will come, said the Pursuance Project’s Peters.

Is this Barrett Brown’s Pursuance Project? Anyone know?

Delaware–credit card companies, chemical plants, too. Search “Delaware corruption” and the topics go on and on.

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Yes, it is. I am very concerned about agendas here. Some of these people (Barrett, and in the following article I notice Marcy Wheeler mentioned) were full on with the “Russian Collusion” narrative. It’s almost like this is being set up to be the “good Wikileaks,” who they smear at every turn:

There is a lot more to say, but I can’t do it here. Right now, I would just encourage that we should be alert.

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