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Massive March on McDonald's Takes On "Donald Trump of Corporations"


Massive March on McDonald's Takes On "Donald Trump of Corporations"

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Thousands are planning to march on McDonald's in Chicago on Tuesday evening, demanding $15 an hour and union rights from the fast food giant they've dubbed "the Donald Trump of corporations."


It is ridiculous to support workers or anyone who works for such a heinous corporation that exploits anything and everything it can. People should boycott all fast food joints as I have since my teens. This is no different than Trump bragging about the 110 billion dollar Saudi weapons deal that will bring jobs to America while bombing defenseless Yemenis. Will you all feel better about Mcdonalds when they pay their workers 15/hr as they exploit animals and bulldoze the Amazon? Really!
Ridiculous article!!


I aim somewhat conflicted here. On one hand, a living wage is a must and is not negotiable. On the other hand, the suppliers for most restaurants say that they can only provide corporate commercial, gmo, pesticide-laden crap to make pizzas, burgers and whatever. People who buy from corporate grocery stores - and businesses that ship produce, dairy and meat to restaurants always complain that they can't find anything else that's affordable. Does anyone ask, anymore, "What the hell am I really eating, here?"

"Bull pucky" is what I say. Locally grown, small family farms - no damn cruel factory farms is what we must demand, too! LIVABLE WAGE AND FOOD GROWN LOCALLY!


Well, aren't you special?

Workers will be much better off with $15 per hour than they are now. Isn't that what's most important here? Don't we have to make sure people can work at a living wage before we move on to other important issues?


Seems like that $15.00 an hour would have gone up to $20.00 an hour by now-
Christ, people have been asking/demanding 15 bucks for so long-When does inflation finally kick in????