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Massive Margins in Washington and Alaska Give Sanders a Magnificent Saturday


Massive Margins in Washington and Alaska Give Sanders a Magnificent Saturday

Common Dreams staff

Bernie Sanders did exactly what his campaign said he could do on Saturday if voter turnout was high: win and win big.

While voting was still ongoing in Hawaii, Sanders was able to claim landslide victories in both the Washington state and Alaska caucuses. As of if this writing, with approximately 75 percent of precincts reporting in both those states, Sanders was leading rival Hillary Clinton 72% to 28% in Washington and by 79% to 21% in Alaska.


Go Bernie Go !!


the enthusiasm I get on the streets of Berkeley, California as I stroll in this beautiful weather with my big beautiful Bernie pin in just a part of what has begun to happen everywhere Bernie now goes and we his minions are working to make this revolution happen. The energy is so high when I go into the storefront in downtown Berkeley where many are on their cell phones and laptops, both old and young and middle aged, that I stand there for a moment and take it all in and as I do every few seconds a new volunteer appears, to sign up for time to come by and volunteer, or buy some pins for themselves and friends, or pick up a sign for their windows, it’s all good, and by the time June rolls around, California will go for Bernie! We are making sure it will happen - are you doing the same where you live? Our country is in need of us all and for sure BERNIE. GO BERNIE GO!


Once again, Hillary shows incredible weakness among the democratic base, youth voters and old school liberals.
Is the DNC crowd still so blind, so deluded, as to not see what is coming this fall if they throw in with another Clinton? Of course not. All the old clintonites that now run the Party have gone all in, balls to the wall for Hil. They figure it’s their last chance at the brass ring. They might be right. The changing demographics that threaten the GOP threaten all conservatives, even those die hard pro-wall street shills at the DLC. The powers that be need to get another puppet in the White House for eight more years. That’s about what they need in order to finish the latest free trade agreements and solidify the new world order.


woo hoo! in the spirit of celebration, i’m sharing this one more time.


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Participating in the Washington caucus today it was clear that whatever Murkins are paying for most newspapers, cable, etc. is a waste of money. They are being fed a diet of 100% BS.

In our precinct, middle age and older voters supported Sanders 80/20 far more zealously than they did Obama at the 2008 caucus. A participating octogenarian dressed as TR, carrying TR’s big stick, carried a sign TEDDY WOULD HAVE SUPPORTED BERNIE. More than one participant said that although they voted AGAINST Hillary, not FOR Obama in 2008, they were voting FOR Sanders. Some said they were voting FOR a Democrat for the first time since they voted FOR Carter in 1980, with every election in between voting AGAINST the GOP, not really voting FOR the Democrats.


I’m no political genius, but I’ve seen either paid support for Clinton, or those armchair “liberals” who are just rooting for their favorite team, with no real concern over policy. I wish they’d effing die, but…the future is for those who have a real concern for humanity and our shared planet.


My current concern is whether-or-not the “superdelegate” scammers will reflect the actual votes in these states.


It my suspicion there was much greater support for Sanders in the States Clinton won than the official numbers reflect.



She’s “leading” in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, and I would suspect that she is favored in her “home state” of NY, unless that is they figured her out. Bernie has a week or so to work on those states and get more favorable numbers. #BernieOrBust.


There is an Act Blue page where you can donate to all of them or pick and choose. I’ll look for link tomorrow.


That’d been my feeling right from the start. I don’t believe Clinton had really won any state at all, or that she’d the majority of Afro-American voters behind her. But the MSM and similar ideological corporate apparatuses will continue disemminating their lies because there’s not much else they could do.


They’re already downplaying it. The media narrative is that Bernie has an advantage in caucus states, and that Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii don’t have large minority populations. They further describe his supporters as almost entirely young and ignore the millions of older working Americans who have responded to his message; the idea is that only immature and idealistic youth believe in him. What a load of horse s*#t.


Those margins are incredible, he should win Hawaii and Arizona too. I called Arizona governors line to let them know we’re looking forward to another chance to make sure Arizona votes count this time around.


Congtats on your good analytics, you beat 100% of the Fox news crowd.


Keeping their powder dry. I recall during the 60s campaigns didn’t get going until May or June. Campaigns are longer now to push out anybody that can’t fund a long duration campaign. Challengers need to campaign long enough to get name recognition but not so long it bankrupts the campaign.


By my calculation, when the elected delegates are allotted Bernie will have narrowed the gap between him and Hillary by 55 delegates, He had 45 more than Hillary in Washington and earned 10 more than she in Alaska.
Hawaii is still not reporting, but it is safe to assume, that he will narrow the gap there a bit more.
All in all an excellent day!


The volunteers leading the caucus followed a prescribed formula for delegate allocation BY PRECINCT which I thought was less than objective considering that only 25-35 voters from each precinct participated. Allocating from a larger pool of voters would be more objective.

At least they didn’t flip coins like they did in some of the earlier 2016 caucuses.