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‘Massive’ Media Hype for TPP


‘Massive’ Media Hype for TPP

Dean Baker

It is amazing how the elite media can be dragged along by their noses into accepting that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) can have a big impact on trade and growth. If I had a dollar for every time the deal was described as “massive,” or that we were told what share of world trade will be covered by the TPP, I would be richer than Bill Gates.


"It is amazing how the elite media can be dragged along by their noses into accepting that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)"

Mr. Baker - not amazing. The media represents the elites. They are all in the same club. We should never act as if they are a separate entity.


The TPP has very little to do with actual trade. Good for Baker to point out that there are already trade agreements with most of these countries.

But the TPP will have a "huge" impact, nearly all of it negative, on jobs, the environment, and even democracy, for example. The TPP is bad news. It will be very hard to defeat, but we must do it.


Oddly going without mention are the secret clauses that essentially provide all rights to corporations and all clean-up and health costs to taxpayers/citizens.

As taken from yesterday's article by Dave Johnson:

"... the agreement contains investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) provisions that will allow corporations to sue governments that use laws or regulations to try to restrict what the companies do. These provisions restrict the ability of governments to protect their citizens so thoroughly that tobacco companies have used ISDS provisions in similar agreements to sue governments that try to help smokers quit or prevent children from starting smoking. TPP proponents felt that this carve-out will help TPP to pass, while the ability to limit other laws and regulations remains."

It's this ISDS item that is so undemocratic and dangerous!


The mainstream media isn't "dragged along by their noses", it is owned (or in the case of NPR and PBS, controlled) by the elite who have bottomless money pits that they use to make sure that their media overpowers and drowns out underfunded populist media,

Seeing how few Americans demonstrate any critical thinking skills, brand Trump's anti-TPP theatrics may be the only way effective pressure is put on enough Congresscritters to vote no on TTP.


The compliant corporate mainstream media isn't going to be affected negatively by the TPP or the TTIP. Thus they are in lock step with the wealthy elite! You know, their bosses!