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Massive Protests and Federal Crackdown in Portland Continue After Judge Denies State Request for Restraining Order

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/25/massive-protests-and-federal-crackdown-portland-continue-after-judge-denies-state


Michael Mossman was appointed by W. When Trump decides which cities to go to war against, does he first weight the loyalty of the judges who would decide?


I’m impressed with the soaring futility of this piece of federal/state police theater. Whatever the heck is actually going on, I doubt the PTB seek to provoke ever larger demonstrations, ever broader street solidarity, with this too-cute desert-camo cosplay the feds have introduced to cosmopolitan night scenes. Folks in the know are impressed that nobody the slightest bit actually military has anything to do with those urban desert cowboys from DHS. So then just what is who trying to prove to whom, with all the tear-gas kabuki? I’m scratching my head, frankly.


Distraction from further parting-out of Social Security, privatization of Medicare, Medicaid, schools… Cynical scams, cutting case-fatality rated (not just in Red states) of COVID-19 as more homes and apartments are flipped?






Unfortunately, I tend to find that technically this ruling seems sound. Nevertheless, I go with my previous post in urging protesters to keep from getting suckered into inappropriate actions by agents provocateur. Stringent education of their tactics is needed and stringent discipline must be followed if the cause is best followed. Don’t give Trump the show he wants, give Us the Demonstration We need, and many thanks to those who put themselves on the frontlines of this-You are serving the Progressive Cause.


“After a U.S. district judge on Friday denied the Oregon attorney general’s request for a temporary restraining order against federal agencies, officers deployed to Portland by President Donald Trump”

Now we all know why Trump chose Portland, Oregon to send in his Amerikan, Gestapo, THUGS!


That’s exactly how the entire federal judiciary works. Like a crack head “doctor shopping” for some schmuck that will keep writing him scripts for oxycodone, lawyers and politicians often ship cases around for a judge who is a “fellow traveler”.


“Those that make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.”
Let that be the motto.


Patriots on the front lines…THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!


The sign ‘Yaqui (Feds) GO Home’ is ironic … no one in US cared when it was the South Americans being genocided by the Monroe doctrine! Welcome to Fascist America, Land of the Oligarch and their police state.


Trump is uniting the nation… Against him.


All autocrats turn the military on their own people. Chapter 6 in their play book. Chapter 7 includes dropping detainees out of aircraft over the ocean like they did in Argentina and Chile after the CIA assassinated Allende.

The GOP effort to stack courts with fascist judges started with Saint Ron nearly 40 years ago. This year,
Trump, Moscow Mitch and the organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP are just finishing the job.


True, but the question is: HOW BAD WILL IT HAVE TO GET BEFORE THE MILITARY, PEOPLE TURN ON Trump and his organized crime syndicate of domestic terrorists ? The military needs to keep it’s sacred, Oath to protect America from ALL ENEMIES! Foreign and Domestic!


Excellent point. Trump is an enemy of the people but unfortunately, he supports the military and the military really likes all that money. At the end of the day, they will support trump over us.

You have to start considering holding responsible these members of so-called federal enforcement for their actions. As we learned with the Nuremberg Trials, just following orders is not an excuse, when they are shown to not only be unlawful, not only unconstitutional, but held to a higher standards of humanity and morality.

Maybe if these people understood that their actions will not be protected by some false cover, that they will be held responsible and face the legal repercussions, they will begin to realize the consequences of what they are doing.


But, that was after the Nazis, Imperialists & Fascists were all vanquished? I’m guessing some still ain’t seeing the BIG difference, this time? We used to joke about a “treasonous,” Confederacy simply moving their capitol, EAST after 1865?





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Well, that does it . choose a nice design for your “ Arm Bands “ folks.


This is the federal government against America. Eventually even party partisans will have to notice.

We voted for change once and got up-armored police thugs stomping on our rights.

Voting is not the way. Time to withhold our consent…


ACLU or a true patriot with means to sustain a courts battle needs to help one or more of the harmed protesters bring suit, to become a plaintiff with standing.
From the article.
“ Mosman wrote in a 14-page that although the suit “involves allegations of harm done to protesters by law enforcement, no protester is a plaintiff here,” and “it is not seeking redress for any harm that has been done to protesters. Instead, it seeks an injunction against future conduct, which is also an extraordinary form of relief.”

The judge ultimately determined that the state failed to show that it has standing to bring the case and denied the TRO request.

The Associated Press :

Legal experts who reviewed the case before the decision warned that the judge could reject it on those grounds. A lawsuit from a person accusing federal agents of violating their rights to free speech or against unconstitutional search and seizure would have a much higher chance of success, Michael Dorf, a constitutional law professor at Cornell University, said ahead of the ruling.
“The federal government acted in violation of those individuals’ rights and probably acted in violation of the Constitution in the sense of exercising powers that are reserved to the states, but just because the federal government acts in ways that overstep its authority doesn’t mean the state has an injury,” he said.”


I ask the judge, what part of
r e s t r a i n i n g
do you not understand?