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Massive Rapid Response Protests Planned to Fight Trump's National Emergency 'Power Grab'

Massive Rapid Response Protests Planned to Fight Trump's National Emergency 'Power Grab'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Calling President Donald Trump's expected national emergency declaration on Friday a blatant and unconstitutional "power grab," progressive advocacy groups representing millions of Americans are gearing up to launch nationwide "crisis response" protests to fight back.

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There were already locations selected to protest the potential firing of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller III, why not just use these with a notification of times. The same folks will likely be interested. Let’s make it as easy as possible for the People to be heard!


Yes! Great idea!

You have to look on the bright side.
When Trump declares a national emergency, he will send out an unblockable text message to all cell phones.
I will finally be able to find my misplaced phone that I left on mute.


Reactive protests are for yesterday, The wall is a stale yesterday idea of ancient China, Berlin and Israel.

Examine the proactive new government in France; it meets in session on the street and the main job is figuring out what people know held by collected intelligence of millions.

Humanity has matured past protesting capitalist barbarians, We are a mature species that knows where it came from and with autonomous democracy will choose to live for another day. This is still the dawning of the age of Aquarius,

Register fifty million who don’t vote in scam war elections and vote in 2020 for ending regime change wars or throw a monkey wrench in the war machine with None of the Above as victor.


My light shines from the other side…I don’t have him listed in caller ID - I never answer any call w/o ID. I have one of the smallest cell dinosaurs still around. Guess sometimes finely shaved moments of ignorance actually can be bliss.


Local as much as possible
public banking
with neighbors in developing strength of communication with local elected officials
regeneration nation


All this over a wall. With so many life and death issues out there–the Drug War on patients, constant warmaking and the threat of war with Iran and Venezuela, a wage economy in tatters, hunger, a broken medical system that actually kills a coupe hundred thousand people a year.

And the “good guys” are making a fucking wall a priority.

Yes, the wall sucks. But it’s a fucking wall. We can tear it down later.
Does it really have to be 80% of the media coverage?


Seriously? You think a 2000 mile wall that will destroy the habitat of thousands of species is no big deal?

We’re already in the middle of a major ecological disaster. Those resources could be going to build a wall of sustainable agriculture, planned parenthood and education about the limits to growth.


what I think is that your Malthusian spam is generally shit.
and if you had the brains god gave a gnat, you would realize you’re basically backing the point up, in your own adorable obsessive-compulsive way.

none of your primary concerns revolve around a wall. they’re bigger issues. which was sort of my point.


Misinformation, disinformation and distraction: The corporate media is doing their job!


god, I guess. I mean it’s immigrants and walls 24/7 right now.

i can see why ordinary americans struggling to survive have gotten so infuriated with the corporate class that make up the spine of the do-gooder network.

if only the poor in this country could mobilize a couple of hundred non-profs to leap to their aid every time someone belches.


Wow, insults. You completely changed my mind. Thank you.

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Love your optimism. i’m not as optimistic as you are.

i’d probably give better odds to alien intervention to stop the omnicide and “save humanity,” than i’d give to humanity itself stepping up coordinated on the same page and in time to avert collapse.


Truth be known, they are not the good guys. The wall is really just a trick. This is all about getting a “National Emergency.” That way your Constitutional rights can be suspended’

Declaring a national emergency allows the president to meet the problems of “governing effectively” in times of crisis. They also allow the president to “seize property, organise and control the means of production, seize commodities, assign military forces abroad, institute martial law, seize and control all transportation and communication, regulate the operation of private enterprise, restrict travel, and, in a variety of ways, control the lives of United States citizens,” the document states.



In a case like this, one must look outside the box.

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A lot of Trump voters are going to get their property ‘annexed’, confiscated, and otherwise stolen - if it happens.
Republicans could have/can stop all of this. They didn’t, havent and won’t and are therefore are at least complicit if not secretly supportive. Constitutional Democracy is not their ‘thing’
President Caligula will continue these power grabs until Republicans join the adults and help stop him.

They probably wont


We have to mention from time to time: “Elections have consequences.”
If we are not going to blame Hillary, or the Russians, who do we blame for Trump?
Not the dem’s, they simply voted in many cases for the lesser evil.
There ARE three other groups that got Trump in.

  1. The Trump voters
  2. The people that stayed home.
  3. The people that voted third party.
    It doesn’t matter what your overall politics are, votes are votes.
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and … he is the ‘Commander-in-Chief’ of the military. Mussolini with
orange hair?

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I don’t know if anyone will get the Pharkel reference, but I did! LOL