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Massive Rapid Response Protests Planned to Fight Trump's National Emergency 'Power Grab'

Still don’t understand why anyone wants a war in Venezuela. I still think it’s over oil.

And what is it?

We’ll all have our property seized due to stupidity and weakness.

I’m thinking that if Trump does Vz they might do a Noriega.
Unless it is about our military, or as you suspect, oil.

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First the Amerikan, Fascists came for the Muslims; then they came for the immigrants by claiming a national emergency; then they declared martial law and came for the protestors!


Why do that? Also, as we know most of the people on this site at least are old ( me too) and pose no threat. Amerika itself is aging, and our leaders are old and senile.

Lost me. Why do what?

The emphasis is on ‘Power Grab’. Goose Step by Goose Step:
‘States of emergency can also be used as a rationale or pretext for suspending rights and freedoms guaranteed under a country’s constitution or basic law.’


Oh my, I voted for Jill Stein. Guilty as charged!! So ashamed of myself! What could I have been thinking, helping get that imbecile elected…


Invade Ven?

So, were you a 2 or a 3? Or don’t care to say, which means we are still free voters.

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Why indeed.

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What document? It sounds like you are quoting from another article. What “document states” that?

The road to Trump has been paved by corrupt, sold-out, neoliberal and neocon US leadership through multiple administrations, from Reagan through Obama, under the direction of super-wealthy looting class billionaires and war-mongers and their “think tanks” and lobbyists.

B Clinton successfully achieved more of the Reagan Revolution agenda than Reagan was able to achieve. Those neoliberal shifts on tax policy, financial regulation, and austerity have only been made worse under the Bush II and Obama administrations, and have fueled the greatest wealth concentration and wealth inequality in the history of the USA.

Bi-partisan neoliberalism, crushing people’s hopes and burying families in debt (refracted through the crappy “representative democracy” imposed by the US Constitution and corrupt court rulings about the influence of money over elections, and endlessly reinforced by the sold-out corrupt corporate media framing of politics), has been the primary reason for Trump’s rise.

Blaming voters who seek to avoid supporting this blatantly corrupt duopoly tango, is misdirection.

EDIT TO ADD: And H Clinton would in no way have turned the US poitical system off this path toward fascism. Her administration would have continued paving this road.

You can argue that this would have been “better” than the Trump administration. In ways that fall far short of any effective remedy to the accelerating collapse of society, economy, and ecology under corrupt looting-class direction, it certainly would have been.


Spot on. The totally sold-out Democrat party is still trying to blame Ralph Nader for Bush the Lesser, and it goes on to this day with RussiaRussiaRussiagate. Against all odds, though, a few courageous women are attempting to do that which I thought impossible—to reform the Ds from within.

I wish them nothing but the best. Still I refuse to be shamed into voting against my conscience by a party which has none.



Ok complete sentence.

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Thanks Trump! You just created precedent for dealing with an actual emergency…like climate chaos.


Dr. King said: “We may all have come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.” Whatever the issue…environment, economics, voting rights and integrity, disproportionate wealth, health care, labor issues, education, criminals running the government, etc…we are ALL being screwed.

In my mind, Trump is the symbol of so many of the holes in our government we have failed to plug since the experiment launched by the Declaration of Independence. Those in office are our representatives, not our overlords. It’s time to make them conscience of that fact. Time to get to work.

“Whenever men and women straighten their backs up, they are going somewhere, because a man can’t ride your back unless it is bent” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Many keen thinkers are pessimistic like you, webwalk.

It is logical to arrive at the idea and reason we don’t hear from technologically advanced alien life is technology wipes out life soon after it is discovered.

Maybe so, but someone could survive somewhere sometime, and I hope it’s us Earthlings.


Forever Farkels.