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Massive Tax Cuts for Wealthy Friends and Corporate Raiders Complete, Cohn Calls It Quits


Massive Tax Cuts for Wealthy Friends and Corporate Raiders Complete, Cohn Calls It Quits

Jon Queally, staff writer

Just over two months after the administration celebrated its most notable policy achievement of President Donald Trump's term—passage of massive tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy—the president's chief economic advisor Gary Cohn, former head of Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs, announced his resignation on Tuesday.


Corporate State Democrats of course are all refusing to take those tax breaks, and refusing corporate funding of their campaigns.

Ooops, for a second I lost track of what currently “sells”. My bad, they are good with that, they can’t help it, it’s not their fault. Silly of me to project such delight upon them that they might get off on that extra bulge they feel in their pockets, or purses.

All things corporate power have been in fashion now since the 80s, 90s. Has nothing to do with retro-perceptions, but the here and now.


Another a-hole bires the dust ~


‘“That Cohn is a Democrat…”’ is exactly why I have always been an Independent.


Excellent point were it not for the current playing field. I have no respect for either party but I do think that republicans have a clear advantage when it comes to presenting humanity in its most vile and disgusting form.


Cue Chief Wiggum: “That’s a mighty ‘Mission Accomplished,’ boys!”


Gee, a job opening for his son in law, who, as we know, is a genius at finance.


As I’ve been told, he is the kind of Democrat who knows “what sells”.


Thank you, President Trump, for draining the swamp of anyone with ethics, compassion, tendencies toward good citizenship, or a desire to raise the level of discourse in government above banal juvenility on social media.


Interesting comment, to say the least.

This “Democrat’s” job was to facilitate the biggest tax scam ever on the middle and working class, and he accomplished it in exemplary fashion, then left, probably to go back into the service of predatory capitalism, and yet you find him preferable to an actual Republican…


Yeppers, just one more Wall St whore …


Hello WiseOwl, If Gary Cohn is a Democrat then call me SATAN!!! That type of scum will be found out in the lowest circles of HELL with their current families, past relatives. future relatives, plus the same with friends, acquaintances as well as the majority of the 1%'ers!!!