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'Massive Win for the Environment': New York State Bans Single-Use Plastic Bags


'Massive Win for the Environment': New York State Bans Single-Use Plastic Bags

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In a move celebrated by activists as a "massive win for the environment," New York state lawmakers agreed to ban most single-use plastic bags statewide as part of a $175.5 billion budget deal announced Sunday.

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From the article:

“…paper bags are very water intensive, they’re carbon intensive, and so consequently we have a lot of similar concerns to plastic bags with paper.”

Single-use paper bags would be a much better alternative to plastic if (a) the paper were made from hemp and (b) mixed-paper recycling were locally available.

That being said, multiple-use tote bags of canvas or nylon are the most environmentally responsible choice. Congratulations, New York, and here’s hoping the other 47 states and the District of Colombia soon join you, CA and HI.



A small step but a step nonetheless. Now…go after the BIG CORPORATE POLLUTERS!!!



Yea, good move and important step but there are much bigger fish to fry.
But I"ld like to see it here in IL too

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Yes, multi use tote bags- and regular lunch boxes. Congrats NYS!



Let’s go after corporate pollutors and developers.

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In Seattle they banned “single-use” plastic grocery bags. So many stores made their plastic grocery bags thicker, to meet the criteria for “reuseable” bags.

Once upon a time the USA increased the minimum requirements for automobile gas mileage. They made one narrow exception for a small class of “sport-utility vehicles.” Suddenly, the marketing and production of SUVs skyrocketed, with most never actually being used for sport or utility.

All i’m saying is, watch the loopholes.

And as others have said, we need much much bigger policy changes that go to the heart of the polluting industries.



This may be a small thing, but it, along with even $0.25 higher than the appalling federal minimum wage, much less NY’s $13.50 per hour, or Maryland’s phased-in $15/hr. is totally beyond the realm of the possible here in a certain “commonwealth” that shares long borders with these states.

The reason, of course, is simple; the Democrats rule Albany and Annapolis, but lunatic Republicans rule Harrisburg.

So I really don’t want to hear any of this “evil two-party-duopoly” crap.



Republicans control the entire upstate (NY). It’s only NYC and downstate that votes Democratic. They can’t even get cannabis legalization on the budget agenda due to the influence of peabrain right wing bass turds.

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You know the humans who think the Earth is their garbage cans ain’t gonna like this one bit!

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We have no choice but to abandon the plastic bas choking the life out of the environment. I was in Mexico City in 1981 and I saw the first plastic tote bag.Boy did they increase.who could foresee what a monumental problem they would become.



This is an example of mindset’s role in ecological issues.

Just as retailers conditioned people to find plastic bags a routine part of their shopping experience, reusable bags can serve that same, small aspect of purchasing.

In our community (Corvallis, Oregon), plastic bags have been banned for several years now. It’s a simple matter of taking in your reusable bags, which all the cashiers still use for ‘sacking’ your purchases. And, yes, you can purchase paper bags for 5 cents each.

One grocery store (WINCO) gives a 6 cent per bag credit for using your own bags. And most stores sell very sturdy reusable bags, in a wide variety of colors and patterns, for 99 cents each. I have some from Trader Joe’s I purchased fifteen years ago, and have used them routinely over that time.

And don’t wait for your community to enact any sort of ban on plastic bags. Start your own new habit of using reusable now, and skip on some of that plastic waste.


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Been doing it for years as well as being a decades long vegan.