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Masters of Our Domain: Foxconn and State Minions Seize Land


Masters of Our Domain: Foxconn and State Minions Seize Land

Roger Bybee

A government’s right of eminent domain is typically used to condemn and buy up property that stands in the way of projects purportedly serving direct public needs, such as roads or large-scale public transit. But in Wisconsin, the rationale has been harnessed at the expense of the public good.




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Sure seems to be too cold in Wisconsin to be a banana republic. Who knew? Certainly not “Fighting Bob” La Follete!



Blame Justices Stevens, Kennedy, Souter, Ginsburg and Breyer.

They’re the Justices who decided Kelo v. New London, that gave governments the power to take land from one private owner to another.

It was those evil Justices Thomas, Scalia, Rehnquist and O’Connor who felt that eminent domain should only be allowed for actual “public” purposes.

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Eminent Domain should only be used for building public projects- roads, levies, defensive fortifications. Otherwise, all you can do is offer to buy the land at whatever price the owner is willing to sell it for and if they don’t want to sell then tough tiddly. Using Eminent Domain to forcible move private property to the ownership of a corporation is the purest manifestation of Fascism.



Never heard of a private corporations being able to do this only a government entity and it had better be for the public good. Otherwise no one has the right to force a property owner from a home. I hope these people protest and loudly.



This has been going on all over the country for a while now. My question is where is the new democratically controlled congress. They should have been off and running, working overtime to overturn the damage done by the previous corrupt state government.



Well, as long as people “lie down and take it” this is what we will get.

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Unfortunately, the Kelo decision, noted in my prior post, gave government the right to determine that if they could take the property from one person, and sell it to another, and get more tax revenue for it, it constitutes “a public good”. Many states have, fortunately, passed “anti-Kelo” statutes which at least try to prohibit state and municipal governments from doing this, with varying degrees of efficacy.

Given that the decision was made by the “liberal” wing of the Court, I don’t see Congress doing anything about it. Honestly, I’d put more faith in the Court reversing itself as the make up becomes more conservative. Breyer and Ginsburg are the only Justices left who were in the majority that ruled in favor of it.



They ought put up a HUGE statue of Scott Walker in Madison with a huge shit moat around it so people can show their appreciation for what this ass hole has done to Wi. Bob Lafollette is turning over in his grave.

“Piss on Scott Walker!!”



Just looked up MA- one of the few states that did not pass anti Kelo. Surprised since that is a more bluish state.



No surprise there.

The Politicians in MA will never do anything that limits their own power. In MA, more than most states, the “citizen” exist for the benefit of the political class, not vice versa



Well, we have quite a few groups that are very supportive of liberal causes including the environment and public ed in MA. In fact the gov is a big proponent of charter, and thanks to the voters, that was squashed. Of course nothing is perfect.



" An exploding tar sands pipeline in Lac Megantic, Quebec, {killed](http://inthesetimes.com/working/entry/15649/off_the_rails_how_a_lack_of_oversight_doomed_lac_megantic) fifty people in a 2013 accident."

Anybody gonna tell him it was train that derailed and burned? Pipeline would hare prevented such a disaster.

I can’t believe people don’t even read the articles they link to.



Wan’t there some issue of eminent domain taking the land of one of the “justices?” I don’t remember the details, but I think they were somehow able to stop it given their status, and even though they were in support of this kind of flagrant misuse of eminent domain.



My solution is to own nothing. You never know what’s going to happen. I rent, so I can always move.



No, the Left Wing of the Court gave governments the green light. As long as the net benefit to the State increased, it was OK with them.



Ok, but one of these justices was actually impacted. Details escape me…