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Match the Fine For Palestine: The Higher You Build Your Barriers, the Taller We Become


Match the Fine For Palestine: The Higher You Build Your Barriers, the Taller We Become

In what one admirer calls "a brilliant generous gesture... telling Palestinians they have not been forgotten,” activist fans of Scotland's Celtics soccer team - the Irish-born, historically progressive community already facing punishment for flying Palestinian flags at a game against Israel to protest the Occupation - have launched a defiant fundraiser to match their expected fine, with proceeds going to two Palestinian charitable groups. In response to their initial goal of $20,000, about $200,000 has poured in.


U.S. support is why the Israelis can get away with destroying the legs of young Palestinian soccer players, but Scots teams have to pay a fine for displaying a Palestinan flag. http://www.commondreams.org/further/2014/03/13/shooting-feet-israel-targets-palestinian-soccer-players .


Thank you, Celtics, for taking on the US proxy mercenary apartheid Israeli regime directly! You are wonderful exemplars of Christian Love and civic honor, duty, and liberty embodied fully and courageously!

Who knows, it might even inspire some of the Christian sheep around the world to discover that love is not merely obedience to cruel barbarian money-grubbing hordes!


I wonder if you folks know that Palestinian refugee camps in the West Bank are run by the PLO? It seems that Palestinians aren't very accepting of other Palestinians. And they certainly want to return to Jordanian occupation of the West Bank (1948-1967) when apartheid Jordan expelled all the Jews. But those facts don't fit into your racist views, do they?


No, Sharon, the UN Relief and Works Agency runs all refugee camps for Palestinians, whether in the West Bank, Gaza, Jordan, Lebanon, or Syria.


I don't know what you mean to imply by there being refugees within the area now governed by the Palestine National Authority (legally distinct from the PLO), but UNRWA notes

Palestine refugees are defined as “persons whose normal place of residence was Palestine during the period 1 June 1946 to 15 May 1948, and who lost both home and means of livelihood as a result of the 1948 conflict.”

And the extension of illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank create new refugees all the time.


UNRWA does not itself run any camps, has no police powers or administrative role, but simply provides services to the camps. I may have mixed up the PNA with the PLO. The end result of not integrating the refugees into the general population, because the U.N. has been supporting them for generations, is that the U.N. is now paying for five million refugees and is running out of money. During that time, the U.N. has given not a single penny to the Jewish refugees who were expelled from Muslim countries.


If you will follow the link I provided, you will see that indeed UNRWA leases land from the PNA for the camps within the West Bank. Yes, the UN has been supporting them for generations (only 1/3 of those registered are in "camps") because the Israelis continue to squeeze, promise to stop, then squeeze some more. Israel gets plenty of aid from the US to support those they've taken in under the "right of return."


Boy! I'll drink to that, and to the memory of the USS Liberty!
* Remember, the lesser of two evils is still evil!
* Dr. Jill Stein - Mr. Baraka, Green, 2016!
* Time for no evils!


Did I speak about the U.N. leasing land? No. It is irrelevant. Did I talk about the U.S giving money to Israel? No. The U.S. also gives money to the Palestinians. So what. What I did address, which you ignored, is that the U.N. spent billions on Palestinian refugees but never gave a penny of help to the same number of Jewish refugees from Arab lands.

I could also list the Muslim countries which have actual apartheid laws on their books which are specifically anti-Jewish, but I bet you're not interested in that either.


A really big BRAVO to Celtics fans for their awareness and activism!

The attempt to silence critics of Israeli racist ethnic cleansing and illegal colonization of ALL the Occupied Territories will backfire on the perpetrators AND their sycophants worldwide especially in the US! The overt subversion of US politics, Congress, elections, and foreign policy is NOT acceptable - it is a treason - and must be challenged in every venue! Israel is NOT the 51st state!


Zionism IS Racism!

End The Occupation!


Unless you can show any evidence of numbers of "Jewish refugees" needing international support beyond the very creation of the state of Israel (which displaced more than 700,000 non-Jews), I will flag your further blather on this line as off topic. The UN General Assembly has passed numerous resolutions, beginning with no. 194 in 1948 (surrendered by Fatah in the Oslo talks) (see the same 2010 report from Refugee Survey Quarterly) requiring Israel to treat the Palestinians with compassion. They have been ignored, and more than ignored, under the protection of the United States. This thread is about a lovely gesture by a team of Scots and their fans, and your attempt to divert it is totally without basis or honor.


The history of the Israeli occupation and colonization is a half century of violence, lies and deliberate erasing of Palestinian history and culture by Israel.
The Balfour Declaration, that favored a “home for the Jewish people” in Palestine, is pointed to as "legal justification" for the state of Israel, but had a clear premise: "it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine".
Early Jewish/Zionist leaders and terrorist groups planned the expansion of the original "mandate" and expulsion / ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Palestinian population to take territory by force to be for Jews only - the very definition of premeditated racism!

The Zionist / Jewish terrorist groups of the day, the Stern Gang, Irgun, Lehi, and Haganah carried out terrorist acts including the atrocity at Deir Yassin; over 450 Palestinian villages were emptied by force and immediately bulldozed or blown-up so "there would be no place for the inhabitants to come home to"!




My final reply--and no, this isn't off topic--and you need to do your own research; there is plenty of proof if you look. Nearly a million Jews were ethnically cleansed from Arab (and Persian) countries--numbering 97% of all Jews who had lived under Muslim control. The forcible expulsion included violence, murder, anti-Jewish state laws, and the confiscation of property; it is estimated that Jewish families lost at least $350 million. The reason that these impoverished Jewish refugees didn't end up in camps is that they were absorbed by Israel or emigrated elsewhere--unlike the Palestinians whose own brethren keep them in camps.

I cannot muster empathy for the Palestinians when they continue to call for the ethnic cleansing of Jews while claiming the Jews are doing it to them. In fact, the Palestinian population has only increased. If you can't deal with the truth, then don't keep asking me questions.


I understand the outrage at Israel's walls and policies, but where is the outrage at the border wall that Egypt built and maintains against their border with Gaza? The silence is deafening. Why is there such a double standard?


Dear bkswrites
Shalom & Slan agus Beannacht. I grew up within earshot of Celtic Stadium, and can attest to their big hearted spirit of the team and their loyal supporters. Celtic FC started in 1887 to help alleviate poverty of the Irish working class in Glasgow. The interesting thing about identifying with the underdog is that there was a similar parallel between Irish Republicanism and Zionism from the end of the 19th Century

Go the Galileans and the Galatians!


Go Celtics!


As far as I know, nearly everyone condemning Israel's mass imprisonment of Palestinians is in opposition to the al-Sisi junta in general, but his regime's shut down of the Gaza crossing specifically. I don't know where this "double standard" is, but it's not among the many opponents I either know or am aware of.


The best part of your attempts to shift focus is that even if one were to grant you every claim here--and I'm assuming you're dredging up every historical grievance possible--it's irrelevant to the question of how Israel treats Palestine. Unless, of course, you believe historical vengeance is a perfectly valid state policy. WHich for some reason, I'm guessing you're perfectly comfortable with.

You've heard these expressions in many different ways. Two wrongs don't make a right. One murder doesn't justify another. Etc.

Oh well. No reaching Zionists anyway. You folks have to get sleep somehow, and if this is the bedtime story you need to catch some winks, then so be it.

But you're going to lose, Sharon. You will lose.


Boo Hoo.


I see. Thank You.