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Matra for 9/11: Exceptional Pain Dispensed by the Indispensable Nation


Matra for 9/11: Exceptional Pain Dispensed by the Indispensable Nation

Tom Engelhardt

Fourteen years later and do you even believe it? Did we actually live it? Are we still living it? And how improbable is that?


Well. Uh-huh. Wait - what?

Tom maybe I'm just not astute enough to read between your lines and see what it is you are calling "improbable."

If it is the official narrative of just how 9/11 came about that you allude to then I agree with your premise of improbability. If however, you are conflating improbability with stupidity and hubris, then I can't go there with you. 9/11 was the indispensable trigger the neocons wanted to put into motion all of what followed, what they had planned and had waiting in the wings, even before the last chad failed to fall. I believe Cheney and his ilk would have killed 10,000 cosmopolitan inhabitants of NYC if that is what they believed would have done the trick.


Tom, usually your writing is clear and to the point, but in this case it is hard to see what you are really trying to say. Maybe I am just too dense.

But what is really improbable is that the American people never demanded any real investigation of 9/11 and the Anthrax attacks. Perhaps it is because Americans have such poor scientific training, but many people to this day actually still believe that two hijacked airplanes could completely pulverize three massive buildings and destroy many other buildings. And it is really improbable that the American people never demanded an investigation of the Anthrax from US Military sources that was mailed to the Congress people who were holding out on the USA PATRIOT act. Of course that case was conveniently closed when a scapegoat was found to have committed suicide by one of the most painful methods imaginable.

Yes, it is a great fantasy to imagine Emanuel Goldstein, aka Osama Bin Laden, directing these attacks from a cave in Afghanistan while hooked up to a dialysis machine. And that 19 people could really outsmart the entire inteligence and miliary command of our country. What is really improbable is that the American people bought this improbable story hook, line, and sinker. What is really unbelievable is how Americans allowed their democracy to be so easily stolen by the war profitteers.

I could go on and on, but it is time for me to watch the Kardashians now.


"But what is really improbable is that the American people never demanded any real investigation of 9/11 and the Anthrax attacks."

Well, that's not entirely the case. If you will try to recall the surviving families of the 9/11 victims did push for a second and independent investigation. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, I believe they had gathered enough signatures on a petition to allow for a ballot initiative calling for a second investigation. Unfortunately they never got that investigation.

What I have to wonder (well not really) is why the Bu$h Administration has expended so much effort to avoid an investigation, and in the pseudoinvestigation that did take place why neither he or Cheney would testify either together or under oath? Why did the FBI expend so much effort to destroy evidence? Oh and yes, what a coincidence that 9/11 coincided with PNAC's call for a "New Pearl Harbor" to expeditie their plans and functioned just as intended. Nah! That's what all the "conspiracy treorists" bring up too.


This author expertly lays out all of the ramifications of the events of 9/11, yet turns off his brain regarding the events themselves and with high probability repeats the bullshit narrative with nary a question 14 years later.

This is as close as he gets to actually questioning those events…

"Who could deny that the top officials of the Bush administration and their neocon supporters had long been thinking about how to leverage “U.S. military supremacy” into a Pax Americana-style new world order or that they had been dreaming of “a new Pearl Harbor” which might speed up the process? It was, however, only thanks to Osama
bin Laden, that they -- and we -- were shuttled into the most improbable of all centuries, the twenty-first."

It blows my mind that 14 years later journalists are still willingly mute on exploring the gaping holes in the official narrative. They are almost unanimously willing however to repeat that official mantra, box cutters and all.

I understand that journalists don't want to lose their careers and if that is the reasoning behind not "going there", then fine. But in the meantime, until courage and conviction drive you to finally question that seminal event openly please refrain from catapulting the shock and awe propaganda any further. The ridiculous narrative that is so absurd, so fantastical how the hell do you sleep at night penning it yet again for publication?


14 years later and one of the most egregious government lies ever told the American people has still not been exposed, except by over 2000 building Architects and building Engineers with impeccable credentials many with PH.D's and experts in their field of expertise like Dr. Mujahid Kaman with a Ph.D in Physics claims that 9/11 was an inside job and Al Qaeda was a CIA asset.

14 years later and still no explanation of building #7? Too many other anomalies or maybe we should call them ANOMA..LIES to list here, I do not claim to know what happened on 9/11 but this I do know; and anyone else will know who looks at 9/11 with an open mind. What we were told by our government is a virtual impossibility! A wild fairy tale that only the most gullible would embrace! And whoever is culpable for the heinous murders of 3,000 of our innocent fellow American citizens on 9/11 needs to be brought to justice.


Thank you, thank you, and thanks again Shantiananda. This 9/11 anniversary I'm making a point to talk openly to as many people as possible, damn the consequences. I've spoken to many people openly over the years, but still keep quiet about it in certain company. Obviously the timing must have some coherency for an effective message.

But the anniversary? Perfect opportunity.


The parallels with the Reichstag fire always struck me as worth noting. False flag I believe is the contemporary term.

The dark and devious forces on this planet at work. And their staged and orchestrated events a destabilzing and disgusting thread that runs throughout history. One that needs to be exposed for what it is.


Just a bit of a correction. The deal was Cheney and Bush refused to testify under oath or individually. What was agreed upon was an interview of them together with zero record of that interview being allowed.


Fourteen and one half years ago the US Supreme court chose G.W. Bush to be our next President. Just think how different Common Dreams articles and everything else might be had counting continued and Gore been elected. Entirely possible 9/11 would never have happened. I like to begin the tragedy with the Supremes.


Thank you so much for your conscientious reply.

So many Americans that I try to talk to about 9/11 are insouciant about 9/11. Many tell me that they cannot believe our government would allow the murders of 9/11 to happen. It is just too painful for them to contemplate. But when I retort: " what about the murders of 55,000 American soldiers, in Vietnam, which has been exposed as a government lie" I usually get a blank stare.


Meanwhile, the world of humanity is burning itself to death along with every living thing around it.


Engelhardt started losing me at "...thanks a heap, Osama bin Laden." While I appreciate the detailed catalog of the U.S. going completely off the tracks during these 14 years, a single careless reference to even one unproven fact does cast a shadow over even the well-written pieces by respected authors on the Left.


I would go back further to November 22, 1963 when Kennedy was assassinated. It was then that they realized that they could get away with a coup and cover it with a big lie and confusion.
That there have been at least three coups in my lifetime is unimaginable and anyone who questions the official conspiracy narratives is labeled as a conspiracy nut themselves:
(1) Assassination of John F. Kennedy coup.
(2) Selection of G.W. Bush in the chadless coup by the Supreme Court.
(3) 9/11 and Anthrax coup to strip everyone of their basic civil liberties.
All of these were designed to take the USA in a new direction for the benefit of the war profitteers.


The USA has been dishing out disaster for one nation or another from its beginning. And it will continue doing so to the last. What is different, even fortunate, is that she has chosen a battle in human and physical terrain uniquely hostile and difficult. Had the empire decided to annex, say South America and finish the job in Central America and the Caribbean she might have won. As it is, tactical defeat in the Muslim world, which knows well how to defend itself is a certainty and a strategic defeat is a possibility in the looming wars with Russia and China.
But to think there was some change since 2001 is absurd; the beast just found it convenient to slip its democratic mask.


Right on target, Tom, and even though it is hard for many to admit that BIn Laden got just what he wanted, that certainly is what happened. He was an evil genius on the level of Hitler with a sure grasp of his enemies' thinking.

I have little patience for the 9-11 truthers who regularly show up at this site, but I will readily agree that the neocons were overjoyed at the attack and rushed to take full advantage of it. Possibly, only possibly, Cheney and a few others did their best to make sure we we were open to some kind of terrorist attack, but there is no evidence that even they could have imagined how successful Al Queda would be. And because of Obama's cowardly refusal to even consider a genuine investigation of the war crimes of the previous administration, we simply will never know.

The only thing you left out was the extent to which the wars of these past 14 years were made possible by the brutal stupidity of so many everyday citizens of this "exceptional" country - which the neocons knew just how to manipulate. When the US invaded Iraq in 2003, I had an argument with a relative, who had worked at one time in the Trade Center, in which I pointed out that Saddam had nothing to do with 9-11. "I know that," he said, "but it doesn't matter. We gotta hit back at somebody after what happened." Sadly, I think he summed up what many, many Americans felt.j


In the history of US, pedaling even a blatant lie is not uncommon. Once Mexico was attacked in that way. Besides looking at the disasters, any sane person would realize that using box cutters in hand two persons did that incredible disasters is simply a joke. Additionally when the Jersey Widows refused the compensation they got severe threats. So who threatened them. The neocons aligning with the previous Clinton administration already decided for a global war. This is for their own financial benefit. They squeezed the nation dry through defense budget an later by using the Wall Street. Hanging the patriot act over everyones head made the actions far easier. No one ever found the remains of the plane that hit the Pentagon so forget the forensics of those destructions. Then came the news media, what a real screw ball. Their job is to mislead the citizens right and left with extreme lies. In few minutes everything was suddenly identified about the 9/11 actions. It's a complete joke. It's really irony that common people paid the heavy price. But the tradition is still lingering. In no other countries majority population are that stupid to accept those media falsification in a straight face. But the corrupt politicians and neo-con policy makers made a truck load of money. Remember Paul Bremer he took away truck load money from the Iraq that came from both US and Iraq treasury. When asked before the Congress he said that he really didn't know although he acknoldged that he saw the money but later diddn't know what happened to it. This is American policy it would only stop when the majority would come out with pitchforks in hand searching for food. Until then it would continue. The common citizens would be the victims.


Is this the same Bin Laden who publicly condemned the attacks right after 9/11? Of that's right, the US media refused to air that tape because the CIA said that it was probably a coded message to all of the remaining secret sleeper cells that would trigger the second wave of attacks. Obviously the real Bin Laden had never even heard of the Internet and had no back up plan.

No, it was probably the second Bin Laden who appeared in all of the secret CIA tapes who looked little like the first Bin Laden and was the guy we shot in the face and whose body we dumped in the ocean.

Nope, we certainly would not want to listen to anything that might sound like truth. Best to never question what our masters want us to hear.


In my quick read of the comments above it appears all contributors, save one, rightfully take Tom to task for his espousal of the official conspiracy theory, which is complete elephant dung. Any thinking person will see the three buildings imploded due to demolition -- that is once they get beyond their cognitive dissonance and nationalist pride nonsense. Why is it that Common Dreams does not follow this topic as genuine investigative journalists?

Anyway, I suggest that the conversation be turned to State Crimes Against Democracy (SCAD's) as Lance deHaven-Smith suggests in the excellent read, Conspiracy Theory in America. It's a more precise term less likely to be conflated with other issues. Most open eyed thinking people have moved way beyond "inside job" questions. They are now asking who?


Fourteen years of war, destruction, murder, torture - fourteen years of grief, pain, tears and displacement. Germany is taking on over 1.000.000 people this year alone. It is tearing us apart, it is destabilizing our country. When will you, Americans, start to take on your responsibilities to come up for what you did? When will you start to pay for the costs here in Germany, in Sweden, in Greece and Italy which you alone are responsible for? When will you start to take on refugees from Iraq, Syria and Libya into your country, Americans? Now is the time to come up for what you did! Now is a good time to demonstrate what it means to be democratic and free, what it means to be a country based on values.