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Matt Taibbi and Aaron Maté on How Russiagate Helped Trump


Matt Taibbi and Aaron Maté on How Russiagate Helped Trump

Katie Halper

The claim that President Trump engaged in collusion with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election was so pervasive and unquestioned that only a handful of journalists demonstrated the healthy skepticism required by their profession. Last week, special counsel Robert Mueller delivered his report on the Trump-Russia investigation to the Justice Department, which then released a four-page summary written by Attorney General William Barr. While the full report is over 300 pages, and Mueller punted on the question of obstruction, he found no evidence of collusion.


Collusion Is in Plain Sight

I, too was a big fan of Rachel Maddow when she was on “Air America”. I have never been so disappointed in a personality whom I would liken to AOC. I am hopeful that AOC will prove to have more integrity. It’s time to have a constructive relationship with Russia and be done with the nonsense.



Oh, what a tangled web we weave
When first we practise to deceive!
– Walter Scott



Russiagate was nothing more than cover for the Democratic Establishment to avoid having to discuss firstly their complete failure to beat a political novice and … (props to Jimmy Dore)

more importantly TO AVOID the real economic realities that are destroying everyday americans …

They would rather show an hour of an empty trump podium (and ignore a Bernie rally) than actually engage in meaningful debate about GLOBALIZATION, the destruction of americas industrial base, THE DESTRUCTION OF HUGE PORTIONS OF THE MIDDLE CLASS

Rachel MADCOW IS not interested in these discussions because ultimately it would hurt her corporate masters. These are Clintonite DEMOCRATS that are destined to eventually lose.



The whole drama, by getting way too much publicity in the “news” when no new developments of consequence occurred, has provided near total distraction to the evisceration of government. Thomas Frank’s (2008) The Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Rule well explains just what that means. Trump has played his part very well, certainly better than “low energy” Jeb ever could.



A Summary:

Committee to Investigate Russia: “We Are At War”

Rachel Maddow: All Russia. All The Time.

"Have You No Sense of Decency?"



The saddest quote from this article is Matt Taibbi saying:

“One thing that I felt pretty clearly was that even people I knew pretty well seemed to suspect I’d become a secret Trump supporter and this was how I was expressing it. So suddenly I was like the kid with lice.”

It’s sad because I saw it here in this comments section whenever any of us expressed doubts about the whole Russiagate story, about using the story to avoid a true reckoning with what went wrong in 2016, and how dangerous it was to play right into Trump’s hands. We were attacked as Putin lovers, and my candidate in 2016, Jill Stein, was labeled a Russian agent.

I don’t want or expect an apology, but I won’t forget the wishful thinking that replaced rationality any time soon, especially when I see the very same wishful thinkers talking about how irrational Trump’s base is.



The best definition of a Rachel Maddow program over the last 2 1/2 years was from someone at Counterpunch: " it takes Rachel Maddow an hour to give you five minutes of news and information on the Mueller investigation ". In other words, she wasted about 40 minutes a day not covering the reactionary and destabilizing policies that Trump’s cohorts were able to insert into our country’s already wheezing, tired old gov’t.
Maddow has been rewarded for the dilletantish nature of her gasbaggery, and cheerleading, by the #1 ranking of her show as measured against her peers on cable. But, what serious journalist wants to be lined up in the comparison charts with a Hannity or a Cooper, et al.
She, like Trump, has made a lot of money at other people’s expense in this entertainment/information/propaganda battle royale. Maybe that was all that mattered to her. Who knows her true endgame? However, It’s in the end merely dust and dirt, a much ado about nothing moment. Pretty easy to relate to Taibbi and Mate’s frustration after reading this article.
Trump & Co.has committed serious crimes and he’s indulged himself in petty juvenile fights since taking over in 2017. He’s a lying, dissembling and worthless looney as POTUS, pretty much. So, too, are AG Barr, AG Sessions, Kavanaugh, Rosenstein and the whole wrecking crew inside The Swamp of the DOJ, FBI and Security and Police State. Why our Congress wants to give them more $$$ is beyond most American’s understanding, now.



Maddow’s ratings have tanked. Hannity’s are way up.

Thanks for the hype, Rachel. 2020 looks like a massacre right now.




That is, if there’s any chance left of even having a presidential election in 2020. Ted Rall gave it a 15% chance two years ago:

Remember how, the morning of the election, the New York Times gave Trump a 15% chance of winning? Given that I’ve been saying The Donald had an excellent chance of winning for many months, maybe you should be scared when I tell you what I think there’s really a 15% chance of: another presidential election in four years.




I miss Aaron Mate on Real News. I think it would be great if he would interview Marcie Wheeler again either now or when more of the report is released. She seemed like she was the most level headed of all the people thinking there was some there there. I have never watched nor would I ever watch Madow - I can’t stand these overpaid personalities on MSNBC.



This is where/when they know that most know what is actually taking place. It is time, their time, the very time “they” concocted. And, anyone who dares stand for or speak Truth to Power will be targeted – obviously, ruthlessly, soullessly.



“One thing that I felt pretty clearly was that even people I knew pretty well seemed to suspect I’d become a secret Trump supporter and this was how I was expressing it. So suddenly I was like the kid with lice.”

Yes, I can totally relate to this statement. My friends started calling me “The Alien”, not just because I live in NM, and not even in Roswell, but it gave them an excuse to label me as the one who was “from outer space” so to speak, on this issue of Russiagate, and I was also a supporter of Jill Stein. I even had one friend who told me if I didn’t believe that Russia was a threat, and that if I didn’t trust the mainstream media to tell me the truth, I should just leave this country. The old “love it or leave it” response from the Viet Nam era.

I wish I was more like Aaron Mate and not take it to heart, but I did. It was hurtful. And I didn’t have one friend, not one, near or far, who wasn’t totally convinced of the official “conspiracy” theory as was being crammed down everyone’s throats 24/7/365x2 by the MSM.

And even since the Mueller report has come out and not found any evidence of collusion, not one of my friends has even had the decency to mention it and acknowledge that they had it wrong. That too, is pretty hurtful. I hate to admit it, but I just don’t feel the same way about them all anymore, and that’s really sad to have to say about life-long friends.

This entire Trump/Russia thing has done so much damage to this country and to our personal lives as well. I grieve over the loss of it all.



Let’s thank Hillary for this: Aside from the embarrassment of losing to an idiot, who has never held office;she had a lot of very well healed donors(investors) on her hands, who wasted their money on her incompetent campaign. So the day after her humiliation the campaign decided to promulgate the hack with the bogus Steele dossier leading into the whole Russia gate theme. .
This family has been a national disaster from the get go. First her husband deregulates Wall Street, (fast forward to the 2008 crash) creates NAFTA the job emigration program and the 78 day bombing of Serbia. Then along comes herself: She persuaded Obama to bomb Libya, and intervene in Syria. Meanwhile as SOSUS she was selling favors for Clinton Global Initiative donors.
Trump was right about one thing, “crooked Hillary”. Unfortunately she has an ego so immense as to preclude reformation, as well as a corkscrew moral compass. Even more unfortunately she has a following of bots who still believe in this influence peddler and war monger.



amazing take-down description of a$$ kissing lap dogs

dang - I feel like such a heretic - maybe its just the tick, tick, tick…



I love the “quid pro quo” argument by Chomsky. There is no there there at all for the orange one being a Putin puppet at all…



Hang in there, Ronnie, this, too, shall pass.



Thanks, I needed that, and of course I know you’re right.

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