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Matthew Whitaker’s Appointment Threatens the Rule of Law


Matthew Whitaker’s Appointment Threatens the Rule of Law

Victoria Bassetti

Matthew Whitaker, the new acting attorney general, arrived in classic Trumpian fashion: via tweet, unvetted for his current post, and awash in a brew of extreme opinions, conflicts of interest, corrupt intent, and disregard for the rule of law. Particularly troubling are his past comments on Special Counsel Robert Muller’s investigation, since Whitaker is taking over the department at a pivotal point in the probe.


The Rule of law? That 2 million plus are imprisoned in the USA , that the Police shoot dead 1000+ civilians a year , that the USA commits war crimes the world over with Presidents exonerating the war criminals by saying “we must look forward and not back” and that people like Chlesea Manning imprisoned for exposing those War crimes , suggests to me that the horse called “The Rule Of law” left the barn a long time ago.

The “rule of law” is not under threat. It has never been there. It just a tool the 1 percent use to subjugate the rest.


Bassetti sez: "Sessions reportedly asked to serve out the week but was told to clear out immediately.

‘But Sessions resigned,’ the Faux News crowd said. ‘He wasn’t fired,’ they said.


Law is an interesting concept. It occurs to me that it is needed when one party (take that word in its varied meanings) seeks to have power over an “other”.

Coupla things here. Its use replaces natural respect and enforces a dominance of ______ (fill in the blank). Mutual respect is, despite centuries and millennia of lies, the overwhelming natural mode of function on this planet. Law is based on a break down of that mutuality, a unity in diversity - to wit eg: a single human ‘race’ - not to mention a single ‘creation’ being divided and conquered. In addition, the weaknesses that necessitate spinning this breakdown into a path of power has already inverted, distorted and manipulated to hide its failure behind a constant parasitic dynamic to which it becomes mortally addicted.

Natural law is what we indisputably live and FUNCTION with. From the autonomic nervous system, beholden to electro/bio/chemical/magnetic patterns of the cosmos. Worth keeping in mind is that 99.9% of our existence has absolutely nothing to do with ‘man’ made Law. And we DO RECOGNIZE those instances when it is in healthy alignment and when we go through era of mass distortion - like now.


Whitaker’s appointment means nothing until Congress votes to confirm or not.

Whitaker has no authority to do anything in the DOJ until that time.

Trump cannot grant Whitaker that authority, period.

Mueller knows this.


That is Tao :slight_smile:


Vote on what? He hasn’t been nominated to become AG, he’s only been handed the reins of DOJ as “Acting AG.”

As a matter of law, you are probably correct. As a practical matter, it will take the intervention of the courts or another authority, to deny Whitaker the ability to wreak his havoc.

He may. The question is whether he or Rosenstein have the cajones to tell Whitaker to take a hike.

I’m surprised no legal actions have been filed to challenge Whitaker’s authority. Perhaps by the end of the day.


I want to know how many concussions he had as a football player, and whether there’s a history of performance enhancing or steroidal drug abuse. Although, now that I think about it, an acting AG with a history of fraud, shriveled nuts and brain damage… Sounds about right for these times. (Thanks, Iowa.)


Funniest thing I’ve heard today…trump now says that he doesn’t know Whitaker and has never heard of him.


This IS a Constitutional crisis-----the question is will the Senate act------IF NOT ANY REPUBLICAN IS A TRATIOR TO THE CONSTITUTION. Anyone supporting Trump is a TRATIOR to the CONSTITUTION.


Many points here that deserve public discussion, but I’ll confine this to two points: After two years, Democrats still haven’t decided just how they imagine “Russia interfered” with the election. Every anti-Russian allegation was investigated, and fell flat under the weight of the facts. On the most popular claims, just check the 2016 election data. We should be asking why Russia tried so hard to get Clinton elected. (Did she promise them something in return?) After all, in spite of much opposition from the Dem voting base, she got the most votes. Trump is president because he got the most electoral votes – a peculiarity of our antiquated electoral college process.

On the level of support for the Dem Party: Most voting choices come down to economic issues. The Dem voting base had long consisted of the poor and middle class. The Clinton admin. split this base wide apart in the 1990s, and the Obama years confirmed that this split is permanent. 2016: Roughly half of all registered voters (both parties) rejected both Clinton and Trump, for some of the same reasons (they voted third party or withheld their votes). And no, Russia had nothing to do with that, either.


Somewhere in there, we can add that the US has seen over 300 mass shootings this year alone. That said, it has always been understood that in the US, the rule of law is very “flexible,” and has never been evenly applied.


It’s high time that law suits start flying out of the House and from anyone else being made less than whole. The lawlessness has to stop somewhere. A head of DOJ charged with fraud? A supreme court justice a liar. What gives?


Whose rules and what laws? Apparently the U.S. governance structure is a cloud chamber with whizzing streaks and bubbles through a semi-transparent blob of “precedent” and “custom”–I have yet to hear what, exactly a “constitutional crisis” would look like or in what it would consist–Who may act to rid us of this fake “acting” (I’ll say!) AG, and on what basis?–Do we have to wait until he takes some action of office? And in what court (Fed District?) would whoever lodge this case?–There is much running about with hair on fire over this appointment, but very little clarity about the nuts and bolts of remedying the situation–Are we to rely on Chuck Schumer to do something? He’s likely making nice with Whitaker as we speak!