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Mattress in Tow, Columbia University Rape Victim Graduates


Mattress in Tow, Columbia University Rape Victim Graduates

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Columbia University student Emma Sulkowicz on Tuesday walked across the stage and accepted her graduation diploma with a mattress in tow.

Since the beginning of the school year, Sulkowicz has lugged her dorm mattress all over the Manhattan campus to protest Columbia's alleged dismissal of her rape charges. According to Sulkowicz, during her sophomore year she was assaulted in her dorm room by classmate Paul Nungesser.


University President Lee C. Bollinger “turned away as she crossed in front of him, failing to shake her hand, as he did with the other graduates.” I get real tired of authority figures that don’t ‘own’ their position. Most authority figures can just phk off and die.


Emma Sulkowicz by having the courage to demand redress of her attack just made Lee C. Bollinger hide his face in Shame. The Lady should get some good job offers. She knows how to turn the table against high odds.


Sad that folks here seem to “know” what happened.

I have a VERY different take - while also not KNOWING what happened. But I am not willing to rush to judgment. At least with Paul Nungesser filing a lawsuit (against Columbia University) there will be a better venue for airing the “facts”. I’m guessing that those that imply that Paul was the "guilty party, ie comitted acts harmful to another human, only had ears to listen to Emma Sulkowicz’s side of the story?

For Paul’s version (there have beern others) try reading the lawsuit. While one can assume that this is Paul’s version (and may, or may not, be a “truer” version of “what happened”), I wonder what is importanty here: To condemn men as aggressor’s or seak justice? And as far as seeking justice, this entire concept of “revenge” whether in capital punishment or as a response to “wrongs committed” as in either “rape” or “the vindictiveness of a women scorned”, try reading a Navajo account of "any eye for an eye, in "The Dark Wind (fiction) by Tony Hillerman here: Sorry, CD is not allowing the link so i’ll put it in full:

“quote from pages 147 - 148
“There was no reason to kill him,” she said. “And whoever did it is going to suffer for it.”… “They won’t get away with it. You understand that?”
“Not exactly,” Chee said.
“Do you understand ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’?”
“I’ve heard it,” Chee said.
“Don’t you believe in justice? Don’t you believe that things need to be evened up?”
Chee shrugged. “Why not?” he said. As a matter of fact, the concept seemed as strange to him as the idea that someone with money would steal had seemed to Mrs. Musket. Someone who violated basic rules of behavior and harmed you was, by Navajo definition, “out of control.” The “dark wind” had entered him and destroyed his judgement. One avoided such persons, and worried about them, and was pleased if they were cured of this temporary insanity and returned again to hozro. But to Chee’s Navajo mine, the idea of punishing them would be as insane as the original act. He understood it was a common attitude the the white culture, but he’d never before encountered it so directly”

The lawsuit is here: @ www dot scribd.com/doc/262956362/Nungesser-Filed-Complaint#scribd