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Maxime Bernier Attacked Greta Thunberg’s Autism. Naomi Klein Says Autism Made the Teen a Global Voice of Conscience

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/14/maxime-bernier-attacked-greta-thunbergs-autism-naomi-klein-says-autism-made-teen


It’s hard to imagine anyone more disgusting than the Orange Carbuncle in the White House, but Bernier is in the running.

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I relate to Greta’s autism. To be a functional autistic is an accomplishment deserving closer interest. Some autistic kids remain uncommunicative all their lives, as if their chance to mature into adults with fulfilling lives was a seemingly routine opportunity lost during childhood. Republican mudslinging is a sign of immature adulthood clinging to an authoritarian social strata. Immigrants often cling to the views of their hosts who sponsor their adaptation to a new culture including its senseless political grudges.


If that asshole wants to talk about mental issues, he should aim his bullshit at the mentally-challenged Idiot-in-Chief! Why americans stand for, and many support, the emotionally/mentally dysfunctional fool in D.C. is a barometer of the overall mental health of a LOT of the country!


Way to go Naomi ! As clear an article as I can imagine - Greta front and center - as befits a world leader.

Truth really is stranger than fiction ~


“I think in many ways that we autistic are the normal ones, and the rest of the people are pretty strange,” Thunberg has said, adding that it helps not to be easily distracted or reassured with rationalizations."

Yes it’s a nice article about a wonderful person but it only hints at the pain that is inflicted at we who are diverse that we have to endure just to get by day by day. I have made most of my site password protected due to this pain. I saw a photo of Greta yesterday in among a group of kids and she was overwhelmed but enduring it. I could see it, I’ve been there, done that. Naomi is correct, be aware of what you are seeing and be sensitive to it, embrace it, don’t walk away.


That’s what I thought Gilbert. Coming from you I’ll consider it definitive.



Thanks for seeing, many.

Maxime Bernier backpedals because he realizes there a good many that would be embarrassed to admit they voted for him and his party after how he savaged this young lady.


From Truthout:

What we are witnessing is not a passive geological event but extermination by capitalism.


"Facing a ferocious backlash, he has since backpedaled, "

I’m a grandparent of two autistic super kids. Just want to add to the backlash against that fking shithead Nazi Maxime Bernier.

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Another great thinker “on the spectrum” (as they say) is Temple Grandin, who thinks her orientation has made her more attuned to stimuli which matter a lot to other animals.

I distrust that word “autism” because it can function as a separation, a form of otherism, when in actuality we may all be more or less “autistic” (just as each of us is somewhat “intersexual”). The only subject Greta treats which makes me feel slightly uncomfortable is her autism, as she calls it her “special power.” We don’t need superheroes, only decency, compassion, truth, and most of all respect for each other, in all our fathomless delightful variations. A recent documentary about Mr Rogers (the last decent Republican) closed with a commencement speech shortly before his death, in which he urged listeners:

Please remember: You don’t have to do anything exceptional to be loveable.

That’s a distinctive, important essay you linked. Thank you.

PhD candidate at University of Virginia, a student of global environmental history, Justin McBrien says:

We are in the midst of the First Extermination Event, the process by which capital has pushed the Earth to the brink of the Necrocene, the age of the new necrotic death.

I get the impression we’ll be hearing much more from McBrien in future. I hope so.

Perhaps the [Amazon] fires will consume the last vestiges of the fantasy of an ossified international liberal order capable of stopping this planetary crisis.

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No problemo pard.

I just bought the book “Bernie Sanders: Where We go from Here” - my campaign contribution, and from a Canadian.

I will compare this with Joseph Stiglitz’s new book, “People, Power and Profits: Progressive Capitalism for an Age of Discontent” .

BUT - Gilbert, I have to say, after reading Greta’s own book, “No One is Too Small to Make a Difference” - after seeing her and watching closely this last year, after Naomi Klein interviewed her and sent her writer’s opinion - after all that Gilbert - well - I am not a politico, I have voted liberal, socialist, and even once, conservative - and I am not a writer nor an activist - but I do know something of leadership - this young woman, Gil - I am in awe of her.

She is the epitome of Cicero’s dictum for moral righteousness - he listed four - only one made an indelible imprsssion on me Gil:

"The greatness and strength of a noble, invincible spirit"

That’s who Greta is Gil - unless I very much miss my guess - she is not going away until that emission’s curve goes negative.

She has sailed across the Atlantic - and she is going to burn Wall Street to the ground, unless they take heed and change course - about face I would think.

Some combination of Ghandi, Boudica, Mandella, and all the others who fulfill Ibsen’s immortal line:

"He who stands most alone is strongest!" - only the he is a she, and I ask myself, where are all the men - are we all eunuchs now ?

It doesn’t matter if Greta succeeds or not - she is here - she is real - and she is an inspiration in a Dark Age, as was Arthur himself.

Utterly unique in my experience - rising up at the time of greatest need.

These are innate traits of someone within the spectrum. The question seems centered on why the shutdown, why the muteness. We see the horrors of what is said and done and at such an early age we can do naught but shutdown and go mute. Not aimed at you personally but you scare the shit out of us. You being the general population and us being people like Greta and myself. If you want evidence, visit my site and ask for a password for the about me page and the my story page.

Thanks for being so open Gil. I didn’t realize the fear that Greta and yourself experience.

My wife Underacanoe was just reading to me the book by Stiglitz I mentioned above - and it is enough - I need read no further - he is just a conventional bean counter after all is said and done - measuring everything, like most on this ‘progressive’ site - by the amount of beans in your hoard - like the proverbial Magpie collecting shiny objects.

Geronimo had zero money - his small band same - they didn’t commit suicide or turn to drugs - not while they were active and in the field fighting.

So the problem and solution has nothing to do with the distribution of beans - but everything to do with what one views as valuable in one’s single and only life -

I was personally fulfilled when I was a full time climber - with enough to eat and not more - with a rented single room apartment to call home and not more. This is not true poverty, which means not enough to eat and no place to stay.

So Stiglitz for me is OUT - next I will see if Bernie is just a bean counter too.

What I’ve seen Gil is this - every type of system is corruptible - and in fact is guaranteed to become corrupt as it scales up from nuclear family to empire - and it is a non-linear continuum - and exponential progression. Doesn’t matter if THE SYSTEM is communism, socialism, capitalism, monarchy, or Sun God in Middle and South America - they all go bad and lose touch with the one and only reality - the natural world with limits - “Limits to Growth” - a Law of Nature.

If we wish to grow - only space provides enough resources - this planet is long past carrying capacity and the signs of disease are everywhere, and manifest to the keen observer - which any who have allowed themselves to become civilized will be unable to see - blind - can’t see the forest for the trees.

We need a new vision Gil -

Thanks for that link. It has all I have been saying about the system called Capitalism and more.

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And to @SuspiraDeProfundis:

I am not the least impressed with this truly ‘academic’ article. It is a transparent effort by this doctoral student for recognition - but it fails at every level - he fails.

As a corporation is most definitely not a ‘person’, so capitalism or socialism or communism are not ‘people’, and are literally creations of real people.

It is sick people, perverted people, who have managed to game the system - and they have gamed it everywhere, in capitalist systems, in socialist systems, in communist systems, in monarchical and empire systems - because it is a facet of human nature on display - the led and the follower.

But I do believe that truth will find a way, that ‘life will find a way’, to fight back against the criminal and irresponsible elements of any and all societies which devolve into what we see today.

There are accomplishments to lay beside the obviously ugly results of human nature at work - and I notice in particular this academic in Virginia does not mention any of them, nor does he mention Greta Thunberg, in fact denigrates Extinction Rebellion.

A sick mind at work, in my opinion.

You sum up what I thought about her many years ago. Thank you.

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While I understand that there is a larger aim with the topic of Greta’s Asperger, I am afraid that we are obscuring the fact that Autism Spectrum is not necessarily identical to character, integrity, intelligence, etc.
My understanding of Greta is that she is a very well educated and principled person, with a strong moral compass and good character, and with a fairly inquisitive mind - whose idealism reflects that of several others of current or previous generations, and whose neurotype happens to fall under the Autism segment. We shouldn’t fall for the argument that ‘because she has Asperger’ she is the way she is. I believe we are obscuring the role of family and other types of education in forming a human being, an excellent example of which, Greta is, and would have been, with or without Asperger. That’s my 2c.

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