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Maxine Waters Holds the Gavel as Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Has Tantrum Over Length of Oversight Hearing


Maxine Waters Holds the Gavel as Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Has Tantrum Over Length of Oversight Hearing

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

In the latest contest between Democrats and the administration, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin told Rep. Maxine Waters that he wouldn't come back to Congress if forced to stay past 5:15pm.

The comment came as part of a testy exchange between Mnuchin and the California Democrat during Mnuchin's testimony to the House Committee on Financial Services Tuesday.



Another arrogant elite who believes he’s above the law, Mnuchin comes "unhinged."

I see a book about him in the future.



I share your sentiment about Mnuchin’s arrogance, but to refer to him and his ilk as “elites” does damage to the word. Aside from his small-c conservative business suit, he’s just another pimp with a pearl-handled pistol.



Listen carefully as Stevie Blunder asks for Rep. Waters to take her “gravel” and bang it. I’d gladly go fetch her a load should she be willing to put it where it belongs…

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Mnuchin provides yet another instance of the predator coyly (sic) claiming to be victim. Note the ego reference that he will be (“embarrassed”) if he is late, having already insulted the governance process by which a department head provides information to Congress by stating that he would need to leave early.

Why would Mnuchin be “embarrassed”? If a Head of State is brought into discussions without being informed of a pre-existing appointment with his interlocutor, what does that tell us?
First - we’re talking about Bahrain, nod,nod wink, wink, nudge, nudge.
Second - Why would Mnuchin schedule that meeting knowing full well that there would be public repercussions over such presumption and ineptitude.

Two points to Bahrain. Four points to Madam Waters.



He literally WHINED.

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Kabuki that makes it look like our 2 parties are in a battle. That’s the TV rerun we keep seeing.



I’m lovin’ on Maxine Waters. Mnunchin is the poster boy (among many others of his ilk) for arrogance in real time. What a colossal dick.
“Gravel”??? Geez, he must be spending too much time with the king grifter, Assolini, given his word choice for gavel.



Awww, Little Munchkin had to stay late when he wanted to go home. We should have been waiting outside to give him a personal escort.

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“Politics, n.: A strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles.”
–Ambrose Bierce



G.W. Bush, without the rye humor.
The Bush era condescension on steroids here. You are supposed hide the fact that you think you are better than a tenured congresswoman. This guy is a dick at best.



I like that idea.



I prefer pumpenickel humor.

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Congress needs to roll out all of its powers including police enforcement. Isn’t their a “contempt of congress” violation and can’t the offender be detained?



The quote by Ambrose Bierce is spot on!



I bet this candy ass whiner was the school nerd every semester, he is the poster boy for self important, entitled, condescending, holier than thou twirps, he is pathetic.



Fascist think the can use power over all people,

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Meant “there” not “their”. Sometime I hurry through posting and my grammar gets slaughtered.



That’s a fact, Jack.



So a cabinet member of the greatest nation on Earth cannot keep an official from Bahrain (Bahrain!) waiting? What gives? Note that this inability would be perfectly appropriate if the official happened to be from another country (the God’s own) in the region, per current norms exhibited by most US public officials.


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