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'May His Many Victims Across the Globe Rest in Peace': George H.W. Bush Dead at 94


Yet another mass murdering American war criminal gets to die of old age fat, rich and happy.


A role to be taken up by Cheney when his incompetent son became POTUS


And HERE we see that we already have a precedent for what Trump is trying to do
re Manafort – in an effort to save himself …

Walsh: Bush 41’s pardons of his own close aides, several of whom had been convicted of lying to investigators, "demonstrates that powerful people with powerful allies can commit serious crimes in high office – deliberately abusing the public trust without consequence."


The only way that could ever happen, since Bush was CIA… is if Bush has his name redacted; FOR NATIONAL SECURITY REASONS!


I read the book a few years ago. It states that Bush was behind JFK’s assassination.


Wow, sounds like 50’s-60’s 70’s communism to me… I did do cursory reading of those groups, the (CFR) etc, along with some on the cabal theory. There will always be such people and thus the ying and yang of moral turpitude.


Yes; but, it would be better for us 99% if they (e.g., CFR members) were not almost always the people elected to the office of POTUS, nor appointed or holding high office as SCOTUS, SOS, SOD, DOJ, CIA, DOD, of being a ranking member of Congress, etc. In other words, apparently, our government is usually controlled by these people.


The corporate news networks are nothing but fawning parasites of the Fourth Estate and its war criminals like the two Bushes, Kissinger, Obama, and too many others to mention here. But being cheer leaders for all America’s ILLEGAL! Wars from Korea and Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan nothing will change. When Trump dies, no doubt they will eulogize him the same way!


And I thought perhaps we had this power structure figured out until Trump. He has thrown confusion into this. On the one hand he seems all in, on the other he seems to be on a totally different team. Any clarification thoughts?


It seems that between Bush’s alleged participation in the Kennedy assassination and a few years later in 1966 when he sold his oil company, said Bush went from well-to-do, to rich man. Murder has it’s perks. Just ask LBJ. And the mafia. And the C.I.A. And the oil companies of interest. What a cabal in it’s own right.


I don’t know what to think about Trump, regarding how he managed to get elected. I read someplace, a year or so ago, that, once Trump won the primaries, he was backed, behind the scenes, by people like GHWBush, who didn’t want Hillary to be POTUS. I have no idea whether that’s true. I tend to think that Trump got elected by pushing the right buttons on the blue-collar working class and the many people who are fed up with permanent war. Then, the “permanent state”/“deep state” quickly brought him into line by coercing him to follow their foreign policy direction; and, anything else that is on their agenda. I think Trump’s domestic disasters (environment, education, etc.) are, for the most part, basically the product of his unbelievable ignorance of so many subjects. Aside from his ignorance regarding climate change, his “forest floors” statement takes the cake, in my book: The fool appears to know nothing about nature.

Trump: “You gotta take care of the floors. You know the floors of the forest, very important… I was with the President of Finland… he called it a forest nation and they spent a lot of time on raking and cleaning and doing things and they don’t have any problem.”


I find it strange that JFK,MLK. and RFK were all not allegedly, but were unequivocally, proven by the MSM to have been assassinated by lone wolves. More like, on loan wolves!


It looks like the only scam that saw the light of day at all was Nixon’s attempt to have John Lennon deported due to his effective anti-war efforts.


I’m torn between two emotions and look to this community for help. Should I feel insanely happy or wonderfully joyful? This is a tough one…


George Herbert Walker Bush: Death certainly becomes him-----but his life certainly didn’t


Every damn time that a U.S. president, senator, or fat cat dies, the corporate media omits their crimes and paints an untrue, air-brushed portrait and record for them.

I’m sick of these lies and propaganda!

After decades of reading widely, I’ve concluded that, generally, leftists (and leftist news sources) are way more truthful (and ethical) about politics than rightists and centrists (and rightist and centrist news sources).

I’d like to see rightists and centrists try to disprove my assertion.


As others have wondered, it will be interesting to see what they say about Trump.


Voldemort) or “He who’s name shall not be spoken.”


I like your Trump assessment. It seems to me to be the most logical. It will be interesting to see how the special prosecutor’s probe plays out in Trumpland, in clarifying his true nature and whether he seems to be receiving protection from “somewhere”. I just hope he doesn’t become unstable enough to do something truly insane.


Shan/Rand –

In case there’s is anyone reading here who has not read my previous posts –

Pretty much the entire story has long been known – it was known the night of the assassination.
People at various get together’s that night previously planned were discussing what they knew and
the names of those involved was on their lips.

And re 1992 JFK Classified Records Act, Chaired by John Tunheim with a panel of 4,
they unanimously concluded that "OSWALD WAS EMPLOYED BY THE CIA WORKING

Tunheim gave his report to some select members of Congress about the time of the
Lewinsky Scandal and Impeachment.

The History/Discovery Channel also brought this report to the public at the time the Network
was calling itself “The Network for the New Millennium.” A number of times during the program
the unanimous conclusion was repeated and panel members confirmed that the finding was unanimous.

At the very end of the program John Tunheim TWICE repeated their conclusion and TWICE his
words appeared in TEXT below on the screen as he spoke. After the program played for 5 or 6
weeks in the early Spring, it suddenly disappeared and a few weeks later a new and very poorly done program was shown which seemed to be trying to retract some of what was said in the original, but it didn’t deal specifically with the information from the Tunheim Panel. After a few showings it also disappeared.

The Tunheim Panel would have had access to Oswald’s actual employment records via W2 forms,
and IRS tax filings. Naturally, those records had been requested by journalists at the time of the
assassination, but were always refused.

Later I read that the original program had been confiscated and the report was that Jimmy Carter had
upon seeing the program alerted Lady Bird Johnson, Bill Moyers, Jerry Ford and I guess some others.
Evidently all copies of the program were taken. I never saw the program again and it has not turned up
on YouTube as “The Guilty Men” eventually did from the “Men Who Killed Kennedy” series.
That program had disappeared from the airwaves for quite some time but eventually turned up on You

For those who don’t know, Marguerite Oswald very quickly tried to tell the nation that her son was CIA.
Arlen Specter (who pushed the “Magic Bullet” theory) also did the interview of Jean Hill, but not in DC –
in Texas.

Some here may be interested in this report of that interview where Jean Hill was threatened by Specter
that she could also be made to look as crazy as they had made Marguerite Oswald look – and even put into an institution.

From “Crossfire” by Jim Marrs, page 483/484 –

Perhaps one of the most shocking statements re treatment at the hands of the Warren Commission came from witness Jean Hill.

Fearful to speak out for years, Hill came forward in the spring of 1986 and told her story
to a group of assassination researchers at the University of Texas at Arlington.

After witnessing a rifleman firing from the Grassy Knoll and immediately being grabbed
by two men who claimed to be Secret Service agents, she was advised by friends in the
Dallas Police Department to keep quiet about what she knew. Even after receiving a
subpoena to appear before the Warren Commission, the same friends urged that she not go
to Washington. She recalled: “They seemed to feel that there might be some danger if I was
to leave Dallas. They told me I wouldn’t come back.”

After Hill refused to go to Washington, Commission attorney, Arlen Specter sent FBI agents
to take her to make a deposition. She recalled that experience for this author:
The FBI took me to Parkland Hospital, I had no idea what I was doing there.
They escorted me through a labyrinth of corridors and up to one of the top floors of
Parkland. I didn’t know where we were. They took me into this little room where
I met Arlen Spectrer. He talked to me for a few minutes, trying to act real friendly,
then this woman, a stenographer, came in and sat behind me. He had told me that this
interview would be confidential, then I looked around and this woman was taking notes.
I reminded him that the discussion was to be private and he told the woman to put down
her notebook, which she did. But when I looked around again she was writing.
I got mad and told Specter, “You lied to me. I want this over.”

He asked me why I wouldn’t come to Washington, and I said, “Because I want to stay alive.”
He asked why I would think that I was in danger and I replied, “Well, if they can kill the President, they >can certainly get me!” He replied that they already had the man that did it and I told him, “No, you don’t!”
He kept trying to get me to change my story, particularly regarding the number of shots. He said I had >been told how many shots there were and

I figured he was talking about what the Secret Service told me right after the assassination.
His inflection and attitude was that I knew what I was supposed to be saying, why wouldn’t
I just say it. I asked him, “Look, do you want the truth or just what you want me to say?”
He said he wanted the truth, so I said, “The truth is that I heard between four and six shots.”
I told him, “I’m not going to lie for you.”

So he starts talking off the record. He told me about my life, my family, and even mentioned
that my marriage was in trouble. I said, “What’s the point of interviewing me if you already know everything about me?” He got angrier and angrier and finally told me, "Look, we can make you look as crazy as Marguerite Oswald and everybody knows how crazy she is.

We could have you put in a mental institution if you don’t cooperate with us." I knew he was trying to intimidate me. I kept asking to see that woman’s notes, to see what she was putting down. I knew something was not right about this, because no one who is just taking a deposition gets that involved and angry, they just take your answers. He finally gave me his word that
the interview would not be published unless I approved what was written. But they never
gave me the chance to read it or approve it. When I finally read my testimony as published
by the Warren Commission, I knew it was a fabrication from the first line. After that ordeal
at Parkland Hospital, they wrote that my deposition was taken at the U. S. attorney’s office
in the Post Office Building.

I’m sure that many know that many witnesses have stated that their testimony as it
appeared in the Warren Commission Report was altered – not what they had testified to
Additionally, many witnesses claim that there were attempts to intimidate them to change
their testimony - Sen. Yarborough, for one. Many witnesses were dead before they could

Just some background on the “Magic Bullet” – Specter didn’t invent that cover-up, but he
delivered it – pushed it –

The wound in President Kennedy’s back was actually in his right shoulder which was
way below the neck wound. AND IT WAS AT A 45 DEGREE DOWNWARD ANGLE.

The neck wound also had no exit – which was made clear at the autopsy - and doctors at
Parkland describe it as a wound of entry.

The wound in President Kennedy’s right/back shoulder had no exit – also made clear at
military autopsy.

Doctors at Parkland, nurses at Parkland – all personnel who had a view of the president’s
body describe a large EXIT wound in the right rear of his head – roughly the size of a fist.

Also see YouTube where Malcolm Kilduff (Press Secretary to JFK) advises a small audience
of reporters that JFK is dead and points to an area on his right temple just above the right eye
to show where the bullet entered – the blow out in the back of the head on the right was the result.
There has been an effort to get this video to disappear so be sure you see the one where Kilduff
is indicating the wound in the right temple.

Those who have changed America thru political violence over the past decades delivered
fascism and clearly intend to deliver a third world America as they harvest slave labor
all over the world.