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'May His Many Victims Across the Globe Rest in Peace': George H.W. Bush Dead at 94


Want to be very specific and couldn’t edit –
Kilduff points to his own right temple, above his right eye – at the hairline – to show where the
bullet entered.


The say that after the assassination attempt on Reagan, Bush was president.


Ding Dong the cold blooded oil tycoon killer is finally resting with the thousands of people he was responsible for killing and stealing their oil.

H.W. and his insane Defense Secretary Dick Cheney were a menace to the planet and sovereign nations around the world who had resources we wanted.

From my perspective the entire Bush family was a disgrace to the ideals of American justice.

This was a family of arrogant Patricians, who like Trump cared only about increasing their wealth while constantly trying to reduce the social safety net of the poor and downtrodden.

Good riddance to the smiling phony mob boss of the Bush family.


41 was to Reagan as Cheney was to 43.


Let us also not forget, or forgive, that Poppy’s dirty trickster, Lee Atwater, also gave us the fake Donna Rice affair and denied us a President Gary Hart, which also means that the scumbag Clintons would never have been in a position to take over the Democratic Party for a generation, because in 1992, President Hart would have run for re-election. Oh, and don’t forget Poppy giving us Clarence “Uncle Tom” Thomas on the Supreme Court, and finally, his idiot son, Dubya, who would never have been elected a dog catcher, let alone a Texas Governor who presided over more than 200 executions, and then defrauded his way to becoming the first worst President of our lifetimes, who took us to unnecessary and illegal wars, and should be hanged for his war crimes.


Greenwich, I just saw Democracy Now covering George H. W. Bush’s apparent lack of support for HIV/Aids sufferers at one point in his presidency (which resulted in protests in Washington D.C.). I am really wondering (based on the stuff I have read from you) what you think of the idea I heard about back then, that HIV was an artificial creation. That the HIV/Aids crisis, was in effect, an “inside job”.


The following copied from above web page, which no longer exists:

AIDS Co-Discoverer Gallo Discusses AIDS Origins With Activist Graves (MAN MADE AIDS VIRUS)http://www.davidicke.net/emagazine/vol28/health/gallo.html Baltimore, MD) AIDS ‘co-discoverer’ Dr. Robert C. Gallo recently expressed plans to continue the scientific dialogue established earlier this year with international AIDS and human rights activist Boyd E. Graves, J.D. “Dr. Gallo appreciates your interest in communicating regularly,” states an email from Dr. Gallo’s offices at IHV (Institute for Human Virology). “Dr. Gallo assures me he will review the information and respond at his convenience when it is appropriate.” Prompted by Dr. Graves’ AIDS origin research and followed by his federal legal case demanding immediate independent review the mostly secret United States Special Virus Cancer Program (1962-1978), Dr. Gallo and Dr. Graves began discussions on reviewing the HIV/AIDS Flow Chart in February 2001 . This February Dr. Gallo admitted his participation as a Project Officer inside the U.S. Special Virus program and that he attended the secret annual meetings at Hershey Medical Center. Dr. Gallo stated he was unfamiliar with the 1971 Research Logic Flow Chart of the U.S. Special Virus Cancer Program, discovered by Dr. Graves in 1999. According to chemist, Dr. Vincent Gammil, “The government knows well what is in that document (Flow Chart), and that it was never meant for public consumption.” Dr. Gallo found his 1971 Special Virus experiments and name at the top of the list of primary defendants on April 11, 2001 with the filing of the U.S. Supreme Court Case 00-9587 in appeal to the Sixth Circuit’s November 7, 2000 denial. While the U.S. Supreme Court denied the peoples’ case without comment June 4, 2001, the same week the U.S. Surgeon General’s office contacted Dr. Graves to encourage him on his war of truth and fact . Like Gallo, The U.S. Surgeon General’s office admitted no prior knowledge of the U.S. Special Virus Cancer Program’s 1971 Research Logic Flow Chart, discovered by Dr. Graves in 1999. Upon its’ discovery, the 1971 U.S. Special Virus Flow Chart became the primary exhibit in Boyd E. Graves v. The US Department of Defense. Following submission of the 1971 U.S. Special Virus Flow Chart the United States Department of Justice renamed the office of the President of the United States to answer the peoples’ petition on January 20, 2000. Boyd E. Graves v. The President of the United States of America, U.S. Supreme Court Case No. 00-9587 was denied without comment June 4, 2001, upholding the infamous Election Day order. Is the origin of AIDS and the government’s thirty year old Special Virus Flow Chart Dr. Graves discovered as frivolous as the U.S. Supreme Court ruled? Dr. Graves is asking the public to judge. “We are confident review of the experiments in PHASE IV-A will immediately yield better treatments for people living with HIV/AIDS, GWI, and other ‘mysterious’ illnesses,” says Graves. The secret AIDS Flow Chart and hundreds of declassified and never before seen documents are now presented in Dr. Graves’ first book, “State Origin: The Evidence of the Laboratory Birth of AIDS” (ISBN#097077351X, NOAH/Zygote Media 2001).

Below link to products that could once be ordered from Boyd Graves website, which likewise no-longer seems to exist:


Greenwich.Thank you for your reply. I enjoyed reading it. You should write a book!


He is more like their God.


Yea, notice how Bill Clinton and the Bushes are so chummy. Those kind attract each other and often end up in the highest positions of power.


Yes, that was the intention.


G H W Bush is the only American living of a certain age (39) who did not recall where he was when JFK got whacked…well evidently, he was pictured standing in front of the Book Depository shortly after the shooting…that was one photo the Watergate gang was looking for but they got caught before they could get it.


I think we should be sad that this was all this nation could come up with for leadership and that so many people are so delusional to support this kind of leadership.


In Shrub’s case, it’s more like the apple fell close to the horse.


I could not agree…MORE! And that includes Prescott Bush who should have been jailed for treason during the second world war.


Shan –

The books are out there – but people do not have the time to read them –
same for politics; people just don’t have the time to devote to understanding what’s
been going on.
In fact, I haven’t had as much time either for reading and it’s a great loss.

Just want to use this post to make clear the back wound was at the level of and close
to JFK’s *right shoulder blade." To the right of his spine.

‘‘This is the most significant lie in the whole Warren Commission
report,’’ said Robert D. Morningstar, a computer systems specialist in New
York City who said he has studied the assassination since it occurred and
written an Internet book about it.

The effect of Ford’s editing, Morningstar said, was to suggest that a
bullet struck Kennedy in the neck, ‘‘raising the wound two or three
inches. Without that alteration, they could never have hoodwinked the
public as to the true number of assassins.’’

If the bullet had hit Kennedy in the back, it could not have struck
Connolly in the way the commission said it did, he said.

Conspiracy theorists reject the idea that a single bullet could have hit
both Kennedy and Connally and done such damage. Thus they argue that a
second gunman must have been involved.

Ford’s changes tend to support the single-bullet theory by making a
specific point that the bullet entered Kennedy’s body ‘‘at the back of his
neck’’ rather than in his uppermost back, as the commission staff
originally wrote.

Ford’s handwritten notes were contained in 40,000 pages of records kept by
J. Lee Rankin, chief counsel of the Warren Commission.



Reagan committed treason too, but he got two terms as preznit.


My late uncle knew Reagan personally and he told me before he died, that Reagan was one of the most corrupt people he ever knew. Well that figures, why do you think Reagan like Trump, was selected for POTUS! And Reagan continues to be the poster boy and darling of what Chomsky called: " THE MOST DANGEROUS ORGANIZATION IN THE WORLD."


I’ll be glad when Mueller’s little foray is complete. Rosenstein gave him carte blanche, apparently to take down Trump, one way or another. I haven’t seen anything yet that would prove Trump’s collusion with Russia to harm HRC’s campaign (which I believe was simply a ruse); so, I think, if Mueller gets him, it will be for something else…probably some financial felony.


Amazing that they didn’t kill Jean Hill?


Sanders tweeted early Saturday morning: “President George H.W. Bush
served our country honorably. He and Barbara will be remembered for
their humble and devoted service to the country they loved. Jane and I
send our deepest condolences to the entire Bush family.”
Warren commented in a very similar vein on Twitter: “George H.W. Bush
was an American patriot who lived his life and served our country with
dignity. From joining the Navy during WWII to the presidency, his
devotion to public service was unmatched. Bruce and I send our heartfelt
condolences to his family.”
Also of note is the fact that of the 25 incoming congressional
Democrats identifying themselves as “progressives,” all but four tweeted
praise and condolences of the late Bush. Many even went as far to
retweet Obama’s official statement.
The characterization of George H. W. Bush as an “American patriot”
who served “honorably” and with “dignity” hardly needs to be refuted.
Any truthful accounting of his presidency will confirm beyond the shadow
of a doubt that he was a war criminal responsible for the deaths of
thousands of innocent people both at home and abroad.

The outpouring of solidarity to the Bush dynasty expressed by the
Democratic Party leaders, and especially Warren and Sanders, expresses a
fundamental truth of bourgeois politics: despite the ferocious
infighting between the Republicans and the Democrats, both parties
fundamentally agree on all the basic questions. They agree on a defense
of inequality, “strong borders”, war, and the system upon which their
wealth and position in society rests: capitalism. It is not a question
of morality or personal friendships but one of a shared class interest.