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'May His Many Victims Across the Globe Rest in Peace': George H.W. Bush Dead at 94


The maimed and dead from lawless adventures into Panama and Iraq do not have the same favorable view of Bush. They do the same thing when a cop is killed. He could have been the most brutal, heartless evil cop but the newspapers always say what a wonderful family man he was and how he coached his son’s baseball team. It’s the American way and it’s a lot about lying. Our whole history is about lies.


Only we - the little people - can commit treason - but the big boys can play whatever game they choose and then lie about it.


Shame on Sanders & Warren. GHW Bush was just as much of a war criminal as W, Obama & Clinton. My comment on Disqus was deleted for saying what an awful man he was. The good thing about 2018 is that 4 Ultra-conservatives died: Barbara Bush, GHW Bush, John McCain & Charles Krauthammer.I’m not sorry they died, I’m sorry they lived.


He was a slick, cool dude though who could do his evil stuff without a hint on his face. True CIA from the get go. Like Ann Richards said - he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth - much like our current president and many of the others.


No wonder they’re so gung-ho on their lifestyle. Where did we go wrong?


I saw the Hill interview some time back and it was a bit scary. Do you buy into the LBJ portion and the casket switching and wound reconstruction and other goings on? It all seems too elaborate to pull off.


There is some good to be found in everyone, and a person with with integrity, some determination and some awareness of history could with some effort find something decent and truthful to say about GHWB on his death. However as Tom_Larsen pointed out Sanders tweeted:

  "President George H.W. Bush served our country honorably.
  He and Barbara will be remembered for their humble and devoted
  service to the country they loved."  --- Bernie Sanders

I can understand Sanders and Jane sending "deepest condolences to the entire Bush family. However, because of those who rewrite history, GHWB and Barbara may become remembered by many if not most in the way described in what Sanders tweeted, but irregardless it is far from being the truth.

I will not find any time to look for something decent and truthful and non-trivial to say about GWHB any more than I will spend time to look for something decent and truthful to say about someone like Jeffrey Dahmer. What I will do in GHWB’s memory is to spend some time thinking about ways in which the influence of people like him might in the future be reduced in the upper levels of powerful structures such as the FBI and the Federal Government.


(As an aside, it looks more and more to me that had Sanders somehow become the President that his Presidency would have in many ways resembled a paler version of that of the mulatto that he would have followed — similarly saying many of the pretty words we want to hear from our President while faking feeble rebellions while loyally looking after the interests of the elites while applying just enough band-aids to the system to forestall any significant change detrimental to the elites during his time in office).


I don’t remember what I read regarding LBJ; and, I am ignorant regarding casket switching; but, I did read (or it might have been in a YouTube video) what one medical professional said was done to the wound entry and exit points to obscure the truth.

The CIA, and other agencies have the $$ and the people to pull off just about anything, if they really want to (except match some of Russia’s rocket and weapons technology - I can’t help but add this little dig, here.) They’ve been at this deception business for decades and decades. But, as we’ve learned, they do a piss poor job, much of the time, making huge errors that aren’t missed by perceptive people; and, the only way they get away with it is by controlling the U.S. media and the investigative arms of Congress; and, killing any witnesses who might seriously threaten them. If they didn’t control the media and the major players in Congress, their evilness would be revealed to the U.S. citizenry immediately.


Call me -

Looks like they tried at least once. She was driving her car and brakes gave out and
she veered off the road, but because there had just been heavy rain she simply sunk into
the mud. She was warned by Dallas officers not to go to DC.

I’ve read the book but long enough ago to have forgotten the details of the ending –

Two reviews from Amazon.com

Jean Hill or the “Lady in Red” was the witness standing closest to JFK’s Lincoln limo when he was gunned down. She was bullied, intimidated, and threatened by various government agencies and by Arlen Specter himself, the inventor of the so-called magic bullet theory, because she refused to lie about what she saw (a man with a rifle behind the wooden fence on the grassy knoll) and heard (four to six shots) on that awful day in Dallas. After being harassed, grilled, and worn down by the FBI, who continued to subject her to humiliating interviews month after month, her car was tampered with (not once but twice) and she was almost killed in a crash. Afterward, her son almost died in an obliviously intentional hit and run. Yet, Jean was lucky because, unlike dozens of other witnesses who died suspicious deaths in the months ahead, she survived long enough to be embraced by the devoted JFK research community, who offered her support and honor after decades of living in relative isolation with her story. Of all the many books I’ve read on the conspiracy to kill JFK, this one remains the most touching, partially because it involves an innocent person who - although victimized and deeply traumatized by it - managed to summon an uncommon amount of bravery, valor, and courage. In years to come, when the true story of JFK’s innovative administration and tragic death can no longer be held under wraps, Jean Hill will increasingly be regarded as the kind of great American we should aspire to, while treasonous figures such as James Angleton, J. Edgar Hoover, LBJ, and Arlen Specter will be increasingly vilified and recognized as the rats that they most certainly were.

and another –

The lady in red, Jean Hill, never wavered in her testimony that she heard 4-6 shots and the came from the grassy knoll, and saw Jack Ruby running up there; despite his long string of two bit alibi’s. When the warren omission’s attorney, Arlen Specter, butchered her testimony, she told him, “well you can go straight to hell!” And Gordon Shanklin, of the FBI, harassed her for years.


As one of the reviews mentions, she was lucky not to be murdered as many, many were.
They say that in DC many lawyers were soon dead after the assassination.
Many people, of course, knew those likely involved.
It wasn’t unusual either for children of witnesses to be threatened or harmed;
that also happened to Mae Brussel, a prominent researcher whose insights and work are
still useful in directing the overall investigation. Seems it would have been too suspicious to
have her murdered, but her daughter was killed in a suspicious car accident. At the last, it
seems the CIA bought a house very close to hers. And she was one more victim of cancer.


Prescott Bush was also a very useful agent of destruction –
Not sure if there really is any way for sons of men like him to become anything other
than what they did become.

Often also think of that in regard to Trump’s children – male and female.


By the way, while I was going through the old stuff on my old computer on this HIV/Aids thing, I came upon something else that people might find interesting. In an August 1st, 2008 article In this obscure left-leaning web site known as “Common Dreams”, a commenter known as “Mouse” made the following comment for the article titled “Man Suspected in Anthrax Attacks Said to Commit Suicide”:

Mouse August 1st, 2008 6:11 pm

My father was a well known and globally respected microbiologist at the lab where the Anthrax used in the attacks was created. The primary focus of his work was creating tests to identify and cure virulent strains of retroviral microbes which cross the species barrier, like AIDS. He and others who worked closely with him at his and other labs had serious questions about the misappropriation of their work and suspected that they were part of a compartmentalized government program designed to create biological weapons. I asked him once point-blank why he hadn’t worked on a cure for the HIV/AIDS virus, since he had devised many similar cures for nearly identical pathogens in several non-human species. His response was that he in fact had looked at the virus with that intention, and to his surprise he discovered indications of genetic splicing which verified to him that HIV/AIDS was created inside a laboratory. He told me that only a handful of people on the planet had the capacity to carry out this kind of work, and they were all colleagues and friends. I do not know how widely this information was made known, even among this small group of scientists, but I suspect that many of his friends and colleagues were informed of the results privately in a non-official capacity. I do know that my father became quite frightened by the implications of this discovery and he immediately ceased working on the project. Very soon afterwards he was infected with an unknown biological agent in a suspicious laboratory accident. The subsequent infection turned into a rapidly spreading cancer and he died soon afterward. Since that time, around 10 years ago, many of his close colleagues and co-workers have died under mysterious and suspicious circumstances. The number is close to twenty now, and while my father never specifically said that he was the victim of an assassination, I believe that that was his position. It certainly is mine, especially considering the string of mysterious deaths of other microbiologists close to him since that time.

Do not for one moment believe that the scientist referenced in the article above took his life to cover crimes he is accused of or to escape punishment. He, like my father and far too many others, was murdered to cover the crimes of others in the military industrial complex who have orchestrated a coup of the United States government, most likely by the CIA on behalf of the Bush Empire and a small group of global elites who care nothing for humanity. These people are radical and dangerous, but they will not succeed in their quest for ultimate power. The shift which is occurring now as we approach the critical nexus of December 21st, 2012 will be their undoing as humanity awakens into a new consciousness. The suppression of this awakening is being carried out daily by a global biological and chemical warfare program which has become known as the Chemtrail phenomenon. Our food and water supplies are also packed with toxins for similar reasons.

The primary function of the mass media is disinformation and mind control. Liberate yourself from it and spend time meditating on the deeper currents of knowing within you. Connect to all life. Cherish every drop of water and give it your blessings. Live in joy and spread loving energy out around yourself into the earth and our universe, and most importantly, be grateful at every moment. If you have the time or inclination to learn about mayan time sciences you will be rewarded with abilities and understanding you might not have thought possible.

Compassion, sharing and forgiveness are the jewels atop the crown of your liberation.
Love yourself and fear nothing.

Thanks, Dad, for my beautiful, incredible life, and for your loving wisdom which has made it possible.

I love you.

and incredibly, I was able to find an old copy of this article with its comments using archive.org:



It’s no wonder the sons become the same as the fathers when they follow in the footsteps as in belonging to the Freemasons, or Skull and Bones. Their evil secrets are harbored in their everlasting souls which have been forfeit to the devil or the dark side of our karma. Once evil there is conscience to wrestle with so taking becomes an easy practice.


Greenwich - Thanks for taking the time to post this. Where on Amazon are these reviews?


Hi gandoff - I’m a Mason; and, I can assure you that, in all the Masonic lodges I’ve visited, including the one I belong to, I’ve never encountered even a hint of evil secrets. There are two requirements to be a Mason: 1) You have to be a male; 2) You have to believe in a Supreme Being.(thus, there is a very strong moral code) - Within the Masonic lodge (building), itself, two subjects are not permitted to be discussed: 1) religion; 2) politics.

Skull and Bones, I imagine, is quite different.


Most Americans are historically illiterate. And I hear that some school districts want to get rid of the subject altogether! You’re right … we are screwed. But, hey, I wouldn’t label our oligarchy/kakistocracy ‘right-wing’. The right and the left of the upper crust work together and try to keep us at each other’s throats so that we don’t look at them. I’m sure you’ve noticed that our foreign policy stays the same, no matter who’s in there. In fact, isn’t it interesting that the two people in the Trump administration (besides Trump himself) that were the war ‘doves’ were Flynn and Bannon. And look who they went after first!. Interesting, eh?


Oh – look up the books – then begin with Jean Hill and name of the book –
then look for stars and reviews and then scroll down to the reviews – there are many.


Call me –

Hey wait – you belong to a male supremacist group?

Did they prove the existence of a Supreme Being … and by any chance do they
claim he is male?

You can’t discuss religion and politics? Those are the two issues which most control
our lives on this planet!

Skull & Bones has a nastier boyish frat attitude about it, as I’ve looked at it – and a
rather nasty hazing emphasis on nudity, guys hanging out nude in coffins – seeming
looking for things to embarrass them later in life. But the idea is that when they reach
positions, especially of high government office, they will take in all their buddies from
Skull & Bones. Add that up over a 100 years and you can see what happens!


Hi Greenwich,

You think the Masons is a male supremacist group? Where did you get that idea? Most of the guys in my lodge have wives who would laugh at that thought. (-: When I say “most of the guys”, I’m indicating that some of us are not married. The Masons were originally all actual stone mason laborers. You could liken it to a guild.

What I state below are my own thoughts on the matters:

When I was interviewed prior to going through the process of becoming a Mason, I was simply asked whether I believed in their being a supreme being (or force, God, or what have you). Since then, I’ve never heard any claim(s) of a certain sex (or lack thereof) attributed. In my opinion, we no more try to prove existence than an atheist tries to prove non-existence (fwiw: the atheists I know don’t appear to be obsessed with proving non-existence). Existence for me is a given, based on my life experience.

I think that the reason we don’t discuss religion or politics is that those two subjects tend to cause division, which is antithetical to the purposes of our fraternal organization’s “brotherhood”, if you will (although, I don’t recall anyone in the lodge actually using the term “brotherhood”)… Believe it, or not, there is practically no dissension, regarding anything, among the members of our lodge. Everyone treats everyone else as an adult and with the utmost respect.


I have to say, I’m not in full agreement of the latter part of your statement. Delusion is a fitting word, though not completely accurate. Harboring beliefs seems delusional to you and me, but not to the believer. If only there was a solid tried and true way to bring those out of the dark depths of belief to the point of delusion into the light that wouldn’t create a toxic reaction. It is sad.