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'May His Many Victims Across the Globe Rest in Peace': George H.W. Bush Dead at 94


Call me –

Are wives members?

You’ve just told us that only males can be members.

Did you lie when you stated your belief in a supreme being?

"A belief system is not the beginning of all wisdom, it is the end of it."

As far as I know, it isn’t the responsibility of anyone to prove something doesn’t exist;
it is the responsibility of those claiming that something does exist to prove it.

It could just as equally be said that it is the fates and the tricksters who control our lives.

Of course those discussions of politics and religion cause division, especially when they are
first brought up – but they also cause insights, hard thinking and learning – a more realistic
way of seeing things as systems of control over populations which they certainly are.

And those social limitations worked within our own American population to keep the public dumb because they are only now beginning to discuss those subjects and coming to understand that "Politics effects your life every moment of your life."

"It’s not polite to discuss politics or religion in …?"
Americans were all taught to avoid those subjects and obeyed those instructions without thought!
And where were these discussions banned?

Within families where these very discussions should begin.
Children subjected to what was often the brutality of Catholic schools didn’t go home and
complain to their parents.
Workers were barred from discussing their salaries, working conditions, or unionization –
corporate power.
And who did all of that help and enrich but Elites underpinned by “Christianity” and the system
of Capitalism which has stolen from all of us and which was the invention of “Christianity”?

Even now – and I’m sure most here will agree with me – it is almost more difficult to discuss
these issues with family members still living under the spell of that lie to break through “god”
concepts and the belief that it isn’t nice to challenge authority.

It is only now that the population is even beginning to question and challenge the myths and
lies of Our Founders and what they actually created here – not a democracy, but an Elite-
Patriarchy – and the Constitution itself and the lack of actual tools to overturn corrupt leaders.

Wow – it isn’t nice or polite to challenge the authority anyone has over us??

And, you’re talking about a “fraternal organization” reserved for only males – and a “brotherhood”
which you are denying at the same time that it is a male-supremacist organization?

How are females who are barred from the organization “treated with respect”?

PLEASE – reread what you’ve said to me with more thought about what I’m saying to you.

We have a Declaration of Independence and Constitution because the public responded to
discussions to ensure their freedom and liberty – discussions very definitely based in politics
and religion/Separation of Church & State. Freedom and liberty are not secured without discussion.

"Patriarchy is a political system just like Colonialism was a political system."

"Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by rulers as useful."



Sorry; but, it seems to me that you don’t really want to have a discussion, as much as you’re in the mood to have a rant. Do you believe that there are no women only organizations in this world? I would imagine that the following list of several hundred “women’s organizations” includes more than a few that are closed to men.

List of women’s organizations – Wikipedia

This reminds me of an incident involving a very pleasant, male anthropology doctoral candidate from upstate New York, who was spending a year studying at the university where I did my doctoral studies. He tried to enroll in some sort of graduate level “women’s issues” course; but, was abruptly informed by the course professor that the course was for women only. He appeared to be rather shocked by this incident, especially considering that this course was being offered within the School of Medicine.

Brian Cox is a professor of particle physics in England, who travels around the world, in part, giving down to earth lectures regarding science, natural history, and the universe. Some people have labeled him an atheist; whereas, he states that he has “no personal faith”. Therefore, he caught my attention at Time 1:12:14 of the following lecture,

Brian Cox Lecture - GCSE Science brought down to Earth – Jun 13, 2011 - Univ. Manchester - YouTube

when he took a final “random” question from the audience. The question is inaudible; but, during his reply, he stated,

"…At the moment, we don’t have an answer to a question such as…a simple question: Why did the universe begin? Why? There’s no answer…we don’t have an answer to that at the moment. So, I, personally, am not one of those people who sees some enormous conflict between…to put it in your words…religion and science.

The conflicts arise if you say things like, “I think the earth is 6000 years old.” Well, we know how old the earth is, very precisely, by measurements we can make on it…four and a half billion years or so; and, we know how old the universe is, rather accurately.

…But, I dont’ think that that, in any way, precludes any kind of faith or religious belief about the way… It’s perfectly legitimate to say that I think there’s some structure in place that allows all this wonderful stuff to happen. So, I think that anyone who says there’s a conflict is really misunderstanding both…is my view."

The following video of Russel Brand interviewing Brian Cox is interesting, given Brand being adamantly very religous. Toward the end, Cox makes a couple of interesting observations regarding China’s politics. Imo, it’s worth watching. – I find it amazing that Cox was born in 1968, which makes him just two months shy of 50, at the time of this video. He looks much younger.

God, The Universe and Meaning… | #43 Under The Skin with Russell Brand & Brian Cox – Jan 13, 2018 - Russel Brand - YouTube

This isn’t the most important part of the discussion; but, I am amazed by the sheer size of the numbers: Cox points out that,

The earth revolves around the sun;

There are 200, 000,000,000 stars (suns) in the Milky Way galaxy;

There are 2,000,000,000,000, galaxies in the observable universe.

“We have discovered that we are, physically, an insignificant speck in the universe.”


Call me –

I’m truly sorry if you feel that it was a rant – but I was shocked that you were so without
self-consciousness in outlining this boys’ club – nor do I see any reply to my questions.

What you have responded with is an attempt to deny the existence of systems of patriarchy
still existing all over the world – which include a great deal of male violence against women.

And at the moment – I’m sure you know – women are now at the mercy of their reproductive
freedom being decided by a male majority Supreme Court. 6 of them Catholics.

Where do you see the equivalent of a female Vatican anywhere?

Where has there even been a **universal political system of female-supremacy here and
dominating the planet – the equal of Patriarchy and Colonialism?

Our Congress still under the control of 90% males?

A male-dominated GOP which just recently REFUSED to renew the “Violence Against Women Act.”

Male violence still goes unacknowledged in our societies – and males (heterosexual males)
are our sexual abusers of children – still a very concerning issue in this nation where it is
grandfathers, fathers, uncles, male cousins and male friends of the family abusing youths
male and female. Males are our serial killers.

And what would your brotherhood say to a female trying to gain membership? “Welcome”?

I don’t see any “School of Medicine” referring to a medical course as … “Women’s Issues.”
Seems like a bit of exaggeration there unless you can definitely say it was a verified medical course.

As for Brian Cox, I’m not sure what the question was — he doesn’t seem to be trying to prove
there is no “god” or the reverse in his response so I don’t get your point.
“Christianity” continues to argue against science in some sects –
not so different than Trump and his problems with science. In fact, tortured a good number of them.
Religion’s fall back is always a trust in “faith” but faith is not fact.

There is no proof of an existence of a “god.”
In fact the Vatican will now say that religious writings may be about aliens/ET’s –
The Old Testament was written to cement Patriarchy with Mary’s lineage shifted to Joseph.

Can’t get involved with videos – but if you want to state the pros and cons for discussion would
be happy to join in.

We have a universe, I grant you that – and we know some things about it – but I make no
connection between that and any “creator” or “god.”

I do suggest there is a universal spirituality –

and if there is a “creator” we are all part of that energy.


In your post before this one, you were picking a fight:

" Did you lie when you stated your belief in a supreme being?" – WTF? – That’s an asinine, idiotic question, perhaps based on your own beliefs? Why would I want to join an organization that required a major belief which I did not share?

“As far as I know, it isn’t the responsibility of anyone to prove something doesn’t exist;
it is the responsibility of those claiming that something does exist to prove it.”
WTF?..again - This is way out of line with what I wrote. Plus, I have no responsibility to prove anything to you, whatsoever. Nor, you to me. You can be an atheist or an agnostic, for all I care. That’s your choice. I have friends who are atheistic and friends who are agnostic; and, we are never so rude to each other about our differing beliefs.

"It’s not polite to discuss politics or religion in …?" - Where did I say anything close to this? I didn’t. - I said there is one rule: we don’t discuss politics or religion within the lodge. Politeness has nothing to do with this rule. Outside of the lodge, we’re free to discuss such issues with each other, if we so choose (and, this is not some sort of granting by the organization. It’s just a simple fact; so, don’t read anything into it, as you are apparently prone to do).

In this most recent post, you are still picking a fight; and, in both posts you labeled me as a male supremacist, based on me belonging to a fraternal organization, which you obviously know absolutely nothing about.

“…without self-consciousness…” – deny the existence of systems of patriarchy…" – male violence against women.,…" — and, on; and, on.

We have responded respectfully to each other in the past; but, here, you’ve gone off the rails; and I want no part of your obvious psychological issues.

Don’t bother responding.


Call me –

YOU told me that you had to declare a belief in a Supreme being in order to be able to
join this males ONLY organization – and then suggested it was a meaningless request.

Debate is not “picking a fight” – it’s pushing hard questions. If you don’t want to debate
and give thought to these issues, then don’t post on them.

YOU suggested it is the responsibility of Atheists to prove there is no “god.”

Again - the Rule which has long kept Americans from discussing politics and religion in public
was based in a concept of “politeness,” but it’s actual intent was to keep Americans from
looking at the conditions of human life as “political” and created by systems which control us and
discussing ways to improve life for all Americans. And it succeeded widely. Same for religion.

"It’s harder to convince someone that they’ve been fooled than to fool them."


“YOU told me that you had to declare a belief in a Supreme being in order to be able to
join this males ONLY organization – and then suggested it was a meaningless request.”

Exactly what did I say that suggested it was a meaningless request? I don’t see that implied in anything I wrote above.

“YOU suggested it is the responsibility of Atheists to prove there is no “god.””

It appears that, perhaps, you have a serious reading comprehension deficiency:

I said:
"In my opinion, we no more try to prove existence than an atheist tries to prove non-existence (fwiw: the atheists I know don’t appear to be obsessed with proving non-existence). "

Anyone reading this sentence correctly should be able to comprehene that I’m saying, “in my opinion”, neither group (lthe guys at my lodge, or the atheists I happen to know) appears to be spending any time trying to prove existence or non-existence.
.Lastly, you keep harping on “this males ONLY organization”, as if that fact automatically substantiates everything you say. Did you take a look at the list of all of the "female ONLY’ organizations to which I provided you a link? – Those must be all crazy, wacko feminists, who hate men, right?


atelios –

and incredibly, I was able to find an old copy of this article with its comments using archive.org:


Thank you for taking the time to share this information with us which even further enlarges
the conspiracy at the military labs re Anthrax, but also broadens it in regard to HIV/AIDS –

Some here may recall that at least two scientists at military labs were accused of having
supplied Anthrax for the attacks on members of Congress – Stephen J. Hatfill, the first one
accused fought back handily and finally won after a 5 year legal battle.
They then accused Bruce E. Ivins who, after a 6 year investigation became a “suicide.”

With investigators close to filing charges in connection with the string of anthrax deaths in 2001, a senior biodefense researcher took his own life earlier this week, a lawyer for the scientist said on Friday.0801 05 1
Bruce E. Ivins, 62, who worked at the biodefense laboratories in Fort Detrick, Md., for the past 33 years, had been told of the investigation into the incidents, which traumatized the nation in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, said the lawyer, Paul Kemp.

“For six years, Dr. Ivins fully cooperated with that investigation, assisting the government in every way that was asked of him,” Mr. Kemp said. He insisted that Mr. Ivins had not played a role in the anthrax deaths of at least five people.

“The relentless pressure of accusation and innuendo takes its toll in different ways on different people, as has already been seen in this investigation,” Mr. Kemp said. “In Dr. Ivins’ case, it led to his untimely death.”

Little more than a month ago, the Justice Department agreed to pay $4.6 million to settle a lawsuit by another biodefense researcher at the same facility, Steven J. Hatfill, ending a five-year legal battle.

Specificially re HIV/AIDS –

I asked him once point-blank why he hadn’t worked on a cure for the HIV/AIDS virus, since he had devised many similar cures for nearly identical pathogens in several non-human species. His response was that he in fact had looked at the virus with that intention, and to his surprise he discovered indications of genetic splicing which verified to him that HIV/AIDS was created inside a laboratory. He told me that only a handful of people on the planet had the capacity to carry out this kind of work, and they were all colleagues and friends. I do not know how widely this information was made known, even among this small group of scientists, but I suspect that many of his friends and colleagues were informed of the results privately in a non-official capacity. I do know that my father became quite frightened by the implications of this discovery and he immediately ceased working on the project. Very soon afterwards he was infected with an unknown biological agent in a suspicious laboratory accident. The subsequent infection turned into a rapidly spreading cancer and he died soon afterward. Since that time, around 10 years ago, many of his close colleagues and co-workers have died under mysterious and suspicious circumstances. The number is close to twenty now, and while my father never specifically said that he was the victim of an assassination, I believe that that was his position. It certainly is mine, especially considering the string of mysterious deaths of other microbiologists close to him since that time.

Do not for one moment believe that the scientist referenced in the article above took his life to cover crimes he is accused of or to escape punishment. He, like my father and far too many others, was murdered to cover the crimes of others in the military industrial complex who have orchestrated a coup of the United States government, most likely by the CIA on behalf of the Bush Empire and a small group of global elites who care nothing for humanity. These people are radical and dangerous, but they will not succeed in their quest for ultimate power.

The two groups having suffered HIV/AIDS have been Africans and the homosexual/gay community. Suspicions in Africa centered on the Polio vaccine being administered there and grown in monkey glands.
Just whose agenda were those people on as “enemies”?

Recommend that everyone read ALL of atelios’ post above.


Error – apologies


Call me –

Can you expand a bit on these activities of GHWB in Soviet Union –
I understood he was part of activating Mafia there and involvement with it
post fall of the wall, but not familiar with “stealing its treasury’s gold reserves, etal.”

Or just give a lead or two I can follow. Thank you.


atelios –

I have no problem in concluding that HIV/AIDS was an “inside job.”

Having also just read and commented on your reposting of an old CD article from “mouse”
whose father confided in him evidence of work at military labs which was not only positive
but secretly negative, it seems very clear.

And the method most likely having been used to introduce the two viruses which comprise
the HIV/AIDS virus into the gay population seems to be VACCINE tests on homosexuals in
NYC based in Merck’s search for a vaccine to prevent Herpes.

Looks like Africa was one of the first areas to receive oral doses or vaccines against polio.
All evidence seems to suggest that there was a contamination of at least Salk’s vaccine with
SV40 which seems to have been proven now to create cancer in humans, as well as animals.
Whether these first uses of polio vaccines either created cancers or gave insights into how
cancers can be created, it seems that Africans had some very legitimate concerns about these
vaccines being administered to their populations.

If there was a force involved in creating a “Gay Disease” the polio vaccine dispensed in Africa
– and grown in monkey glands – would have made a good cover as there would have been no
suspicions of anything but its innocent use at that time.

And we should remember that the search for a cancer weapon also came from the US/CIA
desire to kill Castro.

The Church Hearings investigation into the CIA would likely provide further information on the
creation of a way to inject a cancer virus into a human being. The full report has never been released.

Nature informs science – Science is only and merely observation of nature.

Many others like Dr. Boyd Graves have produced convincing evidence the Gay Disease was engineered.

Reviewed a few websites and in a second post will provide links and comments for anyone interested.




You can get a glimpse of it here:

The Bush Family’s Project Hammer – Feb 7, 2010 - Deanna Spingola - Spingola

But, it’s all laid out in F. William Engdahl’s book, Manifest Destiny: Democracy as Cognitive Dissonance

I’ve linked to the Amazon offering, since there are fourteen reviews there, which you can first read.

An older woman friend, who, about nine years ago, got me finally interested in reading about world events, handed me a copy this past spring, right after it was published. I found it fascinating; and, I find myself constantly referring to it.


Special Virus Cancer Program (1962-1977)
Secret Origin of HIV/AIDS

The SCVP was the birthplace of genetic engineering, molecular biology, and the human genome project. More than any other program it built up the field of animal retrovirology, which led to the vital understanding of cancer and immunosuppressive retroviruses in humans.

Few people understand clearly that AIDS is a new form of cancer, and this aspect of AIDS has not been publicized for obvious reasons. Physicians have always told their patients that cancer is not contagious or sexually transmitted.

Pre-AIDS Gay Hepatitis B Experiments (1978-1981)
As the SVCP was winding down, thousands of gay men were signing up as guinea pigs for government-sponsored hepatitis B vaccine experiments in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. In a few years these cities would become the epicenters for "gay-related immune deficiency syndrome, " later known as AIDS.

"Gay and Straight" Strains of HIV and Sexual Preference
It is common knowledge that AIDS is a heterosexual disease in Africa, and that AIDS started exclusively as a gay disease in the United States. Although the public was told early on that “no one is immune from AIDS”, the fact remains that even now (20 years after the first AIDS cases) 80% of the new AIDS cases in America are gay men, IV drug addicts, and their sexual partners. Why is this? Certainly HIV does not discriminate between sexual preference and race! Or does it?

In the mid-1990s molecular biologists identified at least 8 different subtypes of HIV that were infecting various people around the world. Remarkably, it turns out that the “B” strain is the predominant strain infecting gays in the U.S. Even more remarkable is that this strain of HIV has an “affinity” to infect rectal tissue, thus explaining why gays are more likely to get AIDS than straights. In contrast, the HIV strains common in Africa have an affinity for vaginal and cervical cells, as well as for cells of the foreskin of the penis. Thus, HIV is more likely to infect heterosexuals in Africa.

AIDS experts tell us American AIDS came from Africa, but the strain of HIV prevalent in gay men is almost never seen in Africa! How is this possible? Were strains of HIV engineered to adapt easily to cells likely to be infected in gay sex? Or adapted to genital cells involved in vaginal sex?

We know scientists in the SVCP were able to adapt certain retroviruses to infect specific kinds of cells. As early as 1970 biowarfare scientists were learning to design certain infectious agents (particularly viruses) that would attack the cells of certain racial groups.

The pre-AIDS species-jumping experiments of the Special Virus Cancer Program (SVCP) have been largely expunged from the history of HIV and AIDS. The viral contamination problems inherent in viral research have also been downplayed. As a result, the origin of HIV and AIDS has been distorted and obscured.

A serious examination of the SVCP provides “missing links” to the possible laboratory origin of HIV. The ability of SVCP scientists to produce “new” diseases with cancer-causing animal viruses is a matter of record. The ability of animal viruses to easily contaminate laboratory experiments and vaccine manufacture is also well known. All these factors make the man-made theory of AIDS rational and compelling.

The Special Virus Cancer Program (and biowarfare experimentation worldwide) has forever changed the course of history of medical science, resulting in the current dangers of biological terrorism and the fear of newly emerging man-made viruses and other infectious agents.

The SVCP and “the hand of man” lie at the root of HIV. The flowering of the worldwide epidemic of AIDS [40 million people infected by 2003, with three million dying from AIDS in 2003] is proof that the seeds were well planted.

Rense report 2006 –

With the discovery of the KS virus, it is now clear that two new viruses were introduced to produce what was initially regarded as the “gay plague”. How were two new viruses (HIV and the KS virus) simultaneously “introduced” into gays to produce AIDS?

Before the epidemic, Kaposi’s sarcoma herpes virus was a rare cancer in the U.S. and is now widely accepted as the cause of most cases of KS. Severe immunodeficiency characteristic of AIDS
The KS herpes virus is considered a “helper virus,” which encourages the development of KS cancer in HIV-infected people.

KS is a medical enigma. Why did the KS virus and HIV suddenly appear together in the late 1970s to produce a “gay-related immunodeficiency disease?” How could cancer be “gay”?

In 1969 a military biowarfare expert predicted to U.S congressmen that a biological agent could be developed within a decade that would have a devastating effect on the human immune system and for which there would be no effective treatment. See: "Donald M MacArthur " + congressional testimony.
Military biological warfare research became officially connected to VCP research on October 18, 1971, when President Richard Nixon permanently joined the Army’s biowarfare research laboratory at Fort Detrick, Maryland, with the National Cancer Institute. The army lab was renamed the Frederick Cancer Research Center.

Scientists in the VCP wanted to learn how to use animal viruses to make cancer - and how to force “normal” human cells to become cancerous by subjecting them to various animal viruses.

Biowarfare scientists had a keen interest in animal herpes "helper viruses."
Chimps (who purportedly carry the ancestor virus of HIV) were extensively used by the VCP because there would be no official testing of cancer viruses on humans.

As biowarfare expert MacArthur predicted, the VCP created new cancer-causing viruses which had a deadly effect on the immune system. In one experiment recorded in the 1973 Report (p169), and later published in Cancer Research in 1974, newborn chimps were taken away from their mothers at birth and weaned on milk from cancer virus-infected cows. Essentially “AIDS” was created in animals. Some of the chimps sickened and died with two diseases that had never been observed in chimpanzees: Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (later known as the “gay pneumonia” of AIDS) and leukemia, a cancer of the blood.

The Virus Cancer Program and secret human experimentation
A 1972 VCP Report (p. 262) emphatically states: “Since man will not be used as an experimental recipient, it is necessary to gain proof of oncogenicity by other means.” How that “proof” would be obtained was never made clear. With its close ties to military biowarfare research it is conceivable that the VCP undertook covert human testing of suspected cancer-causing viruses. The U.S. military has a long history of secret human experimentation on unsuspecting citizens. (Google: secret human experimentation + military). Were gay men used as guinea pigs to test the effects of these viruses?

In 1977 Merck and Co, Inc. made most of the experimental hepatitis B vaccine used in gays the following year. Merck’s role in the VCP was “to conduct investigations designed to develop vaccines or other agents effective for the prophylaxis and therapy for human neoplasia (cancer) of suspected viral etiology” (1972 report; p 139).

"Gay cancer" and man-made laboratory "helper viruses"
The herpes KS virus is a “helper virus” which promotes cancer, particularly when combined with HIV. In the decade before AIDS it was discovered that some cancer-causing animal sarcoma viruses could not produce cancer unless a “helper virus” was present. For example, certain chicken, cat and mouse sarcoma viruses were “defective” in their ability to induce experimental cancer. **But when a “helper” leukemia virus was added to the mix, the sarcoma virus was able to induce cancer.**

The gay hepatitis B experiments (1978-1981) that preceded AIDS HIV and the KS virus were introduced shortly after U.S. government scientists began recruiting large groups of gays from health clinics for the purpose of testing, treatment, and experimentation. It is my contention that this most hated minority in America afforded an opportunity to covertly test laboratory cancer viruses and “human candidate viruses” as specified in the VCR annual reports. Were the primate “ancestors” of HIV and the KS herpes virus contained in some vials of the experimental hepatitis B vaccines? The extremely high incidence of both these “new” viruses in gays who volunteered for the vaccine experiments suggests this possibility.

The experimental vaccine was developed by Merck in chimpanzees and manufactured by purifying the pooled blood of 30 gay men who were hepatitis B virus carriers.[4] The volunteers in the experiment had to be free of the hepatitis B virus in order to test the efficacy of the vaccine. During the first trial (November 1978-October 1979) at the New York Blood Center in Manhattan, there was great concern that the vaccine might be contaminated. According to June Goodfield’s Quest for the Killers, p 86, “This was no theoretical fear, contamination having been suspected in one batch made by the National Institutes of Health, though never in Merck’s.” The 1,083 gay men were given three inoculations of the vaccine over a period of three months. The vaccine for each injection given to each man was contained within a one-dose individual vial.

Irrespective of how the two viruses were “introduced,” it is a fact that government scientists quickly vilified gays and promoted AIDS as “gay-related immunodeficiency disease,” and as “gay cancer” and “gay pneumonia.” The disease was allowed to spread by the federal government which put budget ahead of the nation’s welfare, and by disinterested health authorities who placed political expediency before the public health - and by scientists more concerned with international prestige than saving lives, as detailed by Randy Shilts in his classic book, And The Band Played On.

As the VCP ended in 1980, more gay vaccine experiments began in other cities, such as San Francisco and Los Angeles. The vaccine trials ended in early 1981, just before the epidemic became official. These cities quickly became the primary epicenters of AIDS. Within a few years AIDS became the leading cause of death in young men in New York City; and that city would have the largest number of reported cases in the U.S.

Being a participant in the government’s hepatitis studies was clearly dangerous to a gay man’s health. After HIV and the KS virus were introduced there was a definite increase in the cancer death rate in male homosexuals, not only from KS, but from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and other types of cancers as well. This was reported in Koblin’s 1996 study of 15,565 gays in New York and San Francisco who participated in hepatitis B virus studies in the late 1970s.[8] The introduction of HIV and the KS herpes virus into gay men miraculously revived the career of Robert Gallo and made him the most famous virologist in the world; and turned the failure of the VCP in 1980 into a triumph a few years later. When Gallo’s blood test for HIV became available in the mid-1980s, the New York Blood Center’s stored gay blood specimens were reexamined for this virus. Most astonishing is the fact that 20% of the gay men in the Manhattan experiment were HIV-positive in 1980 (one year before the AIDS epidemic became “official”). These Manhattan gays in 1980 had the highest incidence of HIV anywhere in the world, including Africa, the supposed birthplace of HIV and AIDS. Forty percent of the men were HIV-positive in 1984. [9] And, as previously noted, one out of five gay men (20%) in an AIDS study group in New York City in 1982 tested positive for the new KS herpes-8 virus.[3]

It must be assumed that many of the men in the experiment eventually died of AIDS. _The actual number of AIDS deaths has never been revealed. Attempts to secure this vital medical information have been rebuffed due to “confidentiality issues.” The origin and spread of the new Kaposi’s Sarcoma virus _
We are expected to believe that two primate viruses out of the African jungle “jumped species” -and ended up exclusively in the blood of white gay men in Manhattan in 1979. Such an unlikely biological scenario has the markings of a scientific fairy tale; and I remain stupefied that this theory has been so readily and universally accepted as “fact” by AIDS scientists.

The distinct possibility that pre-AIDS primate experimentation was responsible for transferring HIV-like chimp and monkey viruses into humans is never mentioned by virologists. In addition, the AIDS establishment pooh-poohs any connection between the pre-AIDS gay experiments and the exclusive outbreak of HIV and the KS virus in homosexuals. Also long forgotten are the millions of people (including half the U.S. population) injected with a cancer-causing monkey virus called simian (monkey) virus -40 which contaminated polio vaccines in the 1960s up to the late 1990s. For more details of this vaccine horror, see: www.sv40cancer.com) and the recently published, The Virus and the Vaccine: The True Story of a Cancer-Causing Monkey Virus, Contaminated Polio Vaccine, and the Millions of Americans Exposed.

The evidence gathered here is merely a tiny fraction of the circumstantial evidence supporting the man-made origin of AIDS and the KS epidemics, both epidemics erupting immediately after a decade of dangerous animal cancer virus experimentation. The man-made theory has been fully explored in my two books, AIDS and the Doctors of Death and Queer Blood, as well as in Leonard G. Horowitz’s Emerging Viruses, and in Robert E. Lee’s AIDS: An Explosion of the Biological Time-Bomb. A Google search, using the key words “man-made origin of AIDS,” reveals over 300 citations. Although the scientific community and the media have totally ignored this subject for the past quarter-century, the man-made “conspiracy theory” of AIDS refuses to go away. And finally, after all these years, it is time for medical science to admit that cancer can never be “gay” - or “straight.” _
_ The two epidemics of AIDS and Kaposi’s sarcoma

Greenwich: Truly, no matter where you begin searching for information you do find it is circular.
The dark side of cancer research was the push by the CIA for a method to infect Castro with Cancer.
The project for “Cure” and the project to create a “Weapon” of cancer were conducted at the same time.


Thank you – picked up for later reading.


I hope you enjoy it. – I let my copy sit around for few weeks, because I’m usually hesitant to start a new book, due to all the reading time that requires. But, once I picked it up, I had trouble putting it down. – I wish I could read 10,000 words a minute, like my older sister, who took dynamic reading in high school. But, I can’t, I think because I want to silently say each word to myself, as I read. (-:


Have you read the following?

GHW BUSH & JFK HIT – Sep 16, 2013 - Russ Baker – WhoWhatWhy

If you haven’t, please note that there are 10 parts to this, all linked near to the end of each part, prior to the comments section.

If you have, is it worth reading? I’ve read only Part 1 and the first few paragraphs of Part 2.



Hey Callmeskeptical, that is exactly my problem. I am such a slow reader, because I have to internally say each word as I read it. So I rarely read books, even though there is so much I would like to read! Like now I want to read that book you told Greenwich about (F. William Engdahl’s book, Manifest Destiny: Democracy as Cognitive Dissonance) but if I buy it, I’ll probably maybe read a few chapters and never finish it, just like dozens of other books I have. For me reading is like its too difficult to stuff that knowledge into my head, its such a brutally inefficient way of gaining knowledge! But maybe it just has to do with this Aspergers Syndrome I have been diagnosed with. Reading to me is like trying to imbibe a full course meal through a soda straw (there is this vast array of knowledge out there (which the Internet now makes plainly obvious), and there is this large amount of space (at least I like to think so) in my brain for storing said knowledge, and I have to fill it with reading one word at a time). I have read about they now have ways to read peoples brain waves (or whatever) so that people with prosthetics the device can read their thoughts and make the prosthetic move the way the user wants it to move. So we have technology to get info out of your mind. I wonder if they could do the opposite and have some way to put info into your mind more efficiently. Sigh, oh well…


My theory is that Trump is all in with the deep state, but due to his borderline retardation is unable to follow anything but the simplest instructions and therefore by sheer incompetence occasionally manages to bungle their agenda as well as routinely trip over his own ego.


You certainly write well… (-:


Thank you for taking the time to look into the HIV/AIDS issue! I first heard about this via the Boyd Graves lawsuit he brought against the government that I read about on this website I started reading like crazy after getting laid off a year or so after the 9/11 attacks. Before that I just assumed AIDS was this disease that had developed somehow in the gay community. But when I heard that it might have been engineered, that triggered my conspiraciosity (always seem to like them conspiracies) and I kind of got interested in it, even though I don’t know anyone with AIDS or anything. I don’t really like the rense article very much because these types get into all this esoteric medical terminology which sort of causes my eyes to glaze over, I just don’t have the medical background to understand too well what they are talking about. I admit I had never even heard about this Kaposi’s sarcoma virus that goes with the HIV. I like the Mouse comment better. If what he claims to be true is actually true, if his father actually saw that HIV had gene splicing done to it, indicating it is definitely an engineered virus, that is all I really want to know. Because you realize what this means? I mean we know that the CIA probably got rid of JFK, and likely RFK. We know there are clues pointing to 9/11 being inside job, where about 3000 died. But if this HIV virus is man made, and made in this country, we are talking like 39,000,000 dead because of this! I mean, this is major slaughter here! Right up there with Stalin and Mao (which the right-wingers love to point out when you start talking socialism)! I wish I could say it was the result of our capitalist system, but can’t. Tell someone you know that their country is guilty of deaths of 39 milion innocent civilians and see what kind of reaction you get?

Oh and by the way, I discovered that Boyd Graves kept talking about this 1971 Special Virus Cancer Program flowchart, which he got a copy of and was selling from his web site. Here I found a copy for anyone interested in looking at it:
but you have to expand it to be able to read all the details (I have it opened at 300% and its very readable for me at that magnification)
Also, he wrote a book called “State Origin: The Evidence of the Laboratory Birth of AIDS” which he had sold on his web site. After I saw it in the archives I go, damn, should have bought that while I still had a chance. But now I see his book is actually available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble:
State Origin: The Evidence of the Laboratory Birth of AIDS

Hmm, I just did a search for “Boyd Graves” at WikiPedia and this is the page I was directed to:
Discredited HIV/AIDS origins theories

Hmm(2), just found an interesting video on YouTube (haven’t see it yet):
The Strecker Memorandum


Call me –

There’s a lot of info packed into even the recap of all of the systems used to steal by
by the Bush Family and their many helpers.
Imagine the book is similar – and in my experience usually requires a good bit of note

Repeating your link for anyone else who wants to look into this – http://www.spingola.com/Bush_Family_Project.htm

We still have a chat to finish in regard to our discussion re your membership in
Freemasons – and have since noticed that you will acknowledge long lists of systems by
which we are all controlled, but in your replies to me you refuse to accept the system of
patriarchal control which has had the longest negative impact on the majority of Nature’s
creation – females – and certainly turned the world upside down. This was the original
oppression with many more to follow.

Will eventually get back to that discussion, I trust – but at the moment other things to do.