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May’s the Month for Protest. Daniel Berrigan Would Agree



"May is historically a month for protests."

Yes, and there have been so many here recently that the trend has gone interplanetary:


I haven't said much about the death of Daniel Berrigan becasue it is hard to express properly in words the contributions of a man of such spirituality as Father Berrigan. I'm not surprised to hear Father Berrigan quoted Gerard Manley Hopkins, a great poet. So in honor of Father Berrigan, I'm sure Father Berrigan knew well Hopkins' great, great ecological materpiece, written long before the word existed, Binsey Poplars. Here's to you Daniel Berrigan:

Binsey Poplars
felled 1879
My aspens dear, whose airy cages quelled,
Quelled or quenched in leaves the leaping sun,
All felled, felled, are all felled;
Of a fresh and following folded rank
Not spared, not one
That dandled a sandalled
Shadow that swam or sank
On meadow & river & wind-wandering weed-winding bank.

O if we but knew what we do
When we delve or hew —
Hack and rack the growing green!
Since country is so tender
To touch, her being só slender,
That, like this sleek and seeing ball
But a prick will make no eye at all,
Where we, even where we mean
To mend her we end her,
When we hew or delve:
After-comers cannot guess the beauty been.
Ten or twelve, only ten or twelve
Strokes of havoc unselve
The sweet especial scene,
Rural scene, a rural scene,
Sweet especial rural scene.


I want to believe! :O)


May Rev. Berrigan's heart live on in us forever.


Thank you Michael for this homage to Father Daniel Berrigan and his endless struggle for justice. We need such courageous leadership now more than ever. WE need to emulate his moral actions even in the face of opposition, violence and overwhelming corruption. Sadly and infuriatingly, our "leaders", with very rare exceptions, have become agents of greed, war, financial usury and wage/interest slavery that put the 1%, self-interest, and profits above all else first. Those with moral compass and integrity are marginalized and silenced by the corruption built over time by the 1% and their sycophants.

WE must continue or take-on the mantle of the struggle - never accept the "lesser-evil" as somehow acceptable, to Rise and Rise again, Until lambs Become Lions