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May the Screams and Tears and Protests Shake the Very Conscience of This Nation

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/31/may-screams-and-tears-and-protests-shake-very-conscience-nation


Weak and unacceptable charges have been brought against the officer whose knee choked George Floyd, staying on his neck for three minutes after he went unconscious, but no charges have been filed against the other officers who stood by and watched.

It’s too bad Barber makes the mistake above (my emphasis). In the first tape released, two officers holding down Floyd’s legs, behind the cruiser, cannot be seen.

Wretches like me owe Barber the utmost respect, imho, but I wish good writers and speakers could lose the hackneyed euphemism “police brutality” – perhaps connoting excessive zeal in discharging their difficult duties. Sometimes traditional terms are such a whitewash, you have to recognize they’re outright lies and opt for something less deliberately vague. We all know why the police brutalize some of us, same as always: to make a point (duh!) Clearly, we’re dealing with politically motivated violence, otherwise known as terrorism. So please call it by its proper name: police terror.


“No one wants the fires” ?

Trump wants as much fire as possible. The fires enable him to add more enemies to the ever growing list of enemies he and every other dictator compile that is tantamount to a steady supply of raw meat to feed to their cults.

The GOP’s May boogeyman of the month is “antifa”. Even GOP operatives at the local level have recently been accusing their opponents of associating with antifa. Hell, they have even been accusing non-partisan electeds of antifa association.

There IS more and more evidence that the violence, fires, looting are the work of Trump allies. Just as Hitler blamed the commies for burning the Reichstag in 1933 despite his Nazis actually burning it, Trump will blame everybody except his allies for the fires.


There was an extremely suspicious shooting of two entrance guards (federal employees) at the federal courthouse in Oakland last night, killing one. A white van pulls up, entirely apart from a simultaneous demo, the side door swings open and someone shoots before the van speeds away. Like a professional job. The whole point of jobs like this is to set-up this blackish concoction antifa as a pretext for martial law: US military patrolling our streets. At which point we’ll have been fully thirdworldized.


Do you know if any vid’s or print stories have been released about this event (guard deaths) yet?


Is it even possible for a capitalist nation to have a conscience?


The Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II ROCKS!
“Tune in [today!] This Sun., 5/31 at 1pm ET/10am PT to watch live … from Greenleaf Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Goldsboro, NC, & Bishop Yvette Flunder, from Oakland, CA, worship together ONLINE for Pentecost Sunday!”

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If there a conscience in a Capitalist nation , it comes from the people at the bottom of the socio-economic latter and not those at the top.

You can not become one of the 1 percent if you have a Conscience .


One thing most people in the USA do not know is that Abraham Lincoln did not free the slaves. He only announced the freedom for Slaves in the South. Slaves in the Northern States that remained inside the Union remained slaves.


Indeed he does. Since the software does not allow for citations from other links go to Youtube and enter in the search engine “All the times Trump as called for violence.” Obviously the army of right wing trolls who haunt this forum disguised as leftists to reframe Trump by attacking Democrats owned by Wall Street. I use to post here years ago when the same fake leftists were not too concerned about pretending what their ideological bias was; but now, they are more sophisticated in how they disseminate their propaganda, memes, and hatred.

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With a great deal of respect, Reverend, the US of Abuse is a sociopath. It has never had and does currently not have a conscience, which is the DSM 5 definition of sociopathy. And it’s class and culture wide. By our silence, we show our approval and that we are complicit with every unjust action.
The more research I’m doing on my book Sociopath Nation, the evidence is growing that, unless other countries crack down on each and every violation of international law committed by the US, whether by the military, corporate, or individual citizens, their national identity will cease to exist and they’ll be just another division of USA, Inc.
Call out unjust actions, whether at the family level or national level. Speak truth to power. Form power-within, that can link with others and form a circle of joined power-with.
Above all, do not allow despair into your hearts. It will be like a rattlesnake in your home. Unless it’s crushed, it will return because it knows the way. And will bring others with it.


Police terror, fueled by the #1 terrorist on the planet, evil rump!


A reign of terror, indeed !

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So, to take one example of 1%er, SuspiraDeProfundis says that billionaire Oprah Winfrey has no conscience.
& from earlier posts, Oprah had to commit crimes against the rest of us in order to become a billionaire.
– Is that really what SuspiraDeProfundis and others on this forum believe?

A stronger statement is true. In those parts of the south that the Union occupied, at the time western Tennessee and parts of northern Virginia, the slaves remained enslaved.

Many Americans have been told all that in its subtleties. It is part of the English language, perhaps of everybody’s need to simplify and abstract, that they say “Lincoln freed the slaves.”

Anyway, he set it in motion. Six months after the Emancipation proclamation Maryland (Border state, in the Union) freed its slaves, and within a year after the war ended the 13th Amendment was adopted abolishing slavery (exceptions, which permitted prison chain gangs for another 100 years).


While we whites have no claim to racism, i encourage you to notice we’re getting more poor all the time, our rights, access to education, housing, healthcare, safety, political representation, and union wages, are all consistently diminishing. When all is gone, slavery is what’s left, and that’s where we’re headed. In the world of capitalism, the desire to dominate, oppress, and control, has no regard for race; the oligarchs want us all, and everything we’ve ever had. The protesting we see happening right now is about a system that targets, affects, and needs to concern anyone without unlimited riches or power. To define it as the result of, or in opposition to, racism, is too narrow. The overarching enemy is inequality on any level, and that is not confined to people of any color. We share a common enemy and unless we defend ourselves against it in unity, we will suffer a common fate. The only thing wrong with the pictures we’re seeing today, is the lack of white people in them. The enemy of my enemy, is my friend. The end game of our current economic and political policies, is not to rebuild a strong middle class for anyone.

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No one wants the fires – even activists on the ground have said this. But they have also shared how their non-violent pleas and protests have gone unnoticed

I am not a person that condones violence; but having said that I certainly can understand it because of the anger and rage of too many years of police lynchings and violence against blacks. The police have proved over and over again ad nauseum!


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Authorities looking for white van in Oakland killing of federal officer

Allow me to re-emphasize that the officers shot, one of whom was slain, are more entrance-guards than police. They’ve worked that courthouse front door for many years, and won a million friends.


While it’s hard to judge another’s conscience, probably I agree, as I agree with Bernie: “Billionaires should not exist.” Those in the top 1% certainly give us reasons to question their devotion to their wealth.

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I do not think that just because a Billionaire many times over gives to Charities that it means they have a Conscience. Were that the case even Bezos would qualify.

I just do not think someone living in a home with 17 bathrooms the cost of which is more then 100 people can make in a lifetime is a sign they have a conscience(This is one of several homes which she owns).


Yeah, but its not a healthy one. Its shaped like the wall street bull.