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May Your Mercy Be Upon Us


May Your Mercy Be Upon Us

Despite the thanklessness of the times, we offer Gerald Fleming's Thanksgiving Prayer For America, which he wrote in the name of unity after last year's election. Though it insists "we were not put on Your earth for metaphor" - so "let the stuffing we scoop (not) be thought of as (the) mendacities fed to the gullible" - he gives thanks for "the food on this table...the table itself, the weight it bears - in this year of all years."


I love flash mobs! It is fun to watch and listen to. It is fun to watch the crowd suddenly come alive, and the kids mark time, and conduct along with the Maestro.
*By the time the music or the play has completed, everyone seems happy and all are closer for the shared experience.
*Perhaps flash mobs may be a cure for hate and terror for they end with love.
*In this country, I’m not sure if it would work, for the cops might come in, kettling them and using pepper spray, then hauling them off for (Unlawful assembly?) (Illegal demonstration?) (Interfering with trade?) (Blocking a street or square?) (Violating a noise ordinance?), with their instruments left in the street or being kicked around or stomped on.
*But, in most countries, they are a joy, and are appreciated as such.


Exactly, an impromptu symphony and choir trying this in the USA - in the only sort-of public spaces where most of them have they have ever been to - shopping malls (they are afraid to go to cities - Fox and Sinclair tell them there are only only scary dangerous black people, homosexuals and lib’rals there…) would immediately call out the mall security and cops, head would be cracked, handcuffs would go out and everybody would be arrested for “criminal trespassing on private property”.

Do you all know that the USA is almost the only place in the world where “trespassing” on “private property” is an actual criminal offense where a person can be imprisoned, rather than just a civil tort?

I’m sure glad that I live in an urban space where real public space exists - for actual people and not just cars too!


A wonderful piece from a former mentor, colleague and great poet. A prayer too be said every year until there is change for the better in the country.


A Respite for the Soul

Witness the Human Spirit

This Good will Triumph


Brought me to tears. Still crying. Listening again as I write, but back to those images of joy. Thanks, Abby.


Actually, they happen all the time here. Check this one out from Times Sqare:


This crappy poem brings no tears to my eyes. The jerk who wrote it seems hell bent on eating this tortured bird despite knowing the horrors he or she went through. Surely a so-called progressive website can come up with poetry better than this.